Internet Business Ease for Hearty People

The easy path is to bombard you with information on internet business. But I won’t do that.

The heart of everything here is about 1 thing, and that 1 thing is this:

Taking 100... NOT 99, but 100... percent responsibility for your own happiness and freedom, leveraging on the most powerful invention of all time - Internet business.

Like most people are, you WON'T be rascally about this one. Yours goes with intelligent coordination. And you'll be guided.

Here, pal, it's all in your hands. My roll is to show you the way, give you the road map and ultimately guide you to tasting, touching, and feeling... firsthand... that ecstasy of naked freedom.

You'll Love It

Stuff here will excite you to orgasm if you're...

  • Flat-out broke… or near-broke…

  • At the verge of losing your job... or in a not-so-secure job

  • Never having enough time… for what you love and care about

  • You don’t know jack about computers – talk less of making money from them – or at least you don't know enough, but you'd really want to make money online.

  • It's for you, if you hold a job that you hate, or work with a boss you’d rather have fired. Or both.

  • You flunked right out of school… or on your way there… or just going through the motions to avoid the worst that could happen.

  • Maybe you run a business that’s more or less losing breathe to the competition, or one that’s running your life apart and all you know about “profit” is that it’s a six-letter word…

…Aha, if this description sounds to you like “something I can relate to at some level”…then this is for you.

Making Stuff Work

No matter where you fit… and I’ve been in each of those situations myself, read my story… you can easily identify what you most need and get right to it without all those long, old, sleep-inducing tales. Here’s what this website helps you achieve:

  1. First: Sound Education! Internet business education that is. One that puts you ahead of the pack.

    More than 98% of people who try to make money online DON’T have a clue what they’re doing. This website helps you know WAY better. And a majority of what you’ll find here are FREE… so you can begin now to KNOW, even before you have the cash to ACT.

  2. Second: Cash Capital to begin your business

    Yes. I’ll help you generate the money to start in case you don’t have the money to start. You’ll even have enough to keep you going before your business starts making money – so you may go part time or full time… all depends on what you want.

  3. Third: I'll guide you come up with original online business ideas that work like the sun!

    The beautiful thing about the internet is that almost ANYTHING you know and love can easily become an internet business… all you need to do, first, is to find what you know and love...

    ...because we often don’t even know that we know what we know the much we know them!

  4. Fourth: You'll also find tools and tutorials that work… all in here

    Or should I say that’s working right now in this moment for over 40 thousand online businesses, run by people just like you, across the globe.

    Entrepreneurs… Students… Professors… Professionals… Dropouts… going from web businesses based on horror films to those based on travel – anything.

    You’ll be guided... remember.

  5. Fifth: And to the Cash machine... Converting ANY web biz idea you eventually stick with into cash returns

    …Using the very many money machines there is.

    Remember, it could be ANYTHING... even "how to make vegetable soups for teenagers"... of course, you'll be guided to the best for you. But it could be anything.

Note however...

...that converting energy to cash is the simple part. Generating that energy is the WORK… and that’s what points 1, 2, 3 and 4 help you do in order. And that's the power the website gives to you.

You Won’t Find This Anywhere Else

While I’m not a fan of braggadocio, knowing this will save you time and money…

…You WON’T find the kind of value you’ll get here anywhere else. So don’t burn your time and money away looking around for what’s not lost. You’ve got them all here…

And… if it’s not here?

You don’t need it.


Most other websites will try to make money off you. This is NOT a money-making-purposed website. This is a value centered website. Of course, profits will be made or I’d soon be out of business. But that will be profits from REAL value you’d be more than glad you paid for – even years and years after.

Stepping Into the Waters…

…Whet your taste buds by finding out what the best internet business to start is for you.

Take a seat. Grab yourself your favorite beverage or snack or both. Tune out the noise out there and let’s get deeper with business.

This is the information super highway… or super byway – either way, you need an internet business road mapthe newsletter I send out every once in a month

…maybe twice… thrice… if I have anything really urgent and important to pass across to you.

Have this site delivered to you by RSS feed. Don’t know what RSS is? Oh, not anything complicated at all, hit the [?] on the "RSS" boxes on the sidebars to find out – you’ll love it... promise.

You know RSS? Great, c’mon in here now.

Say hello, get to know me – Nicholas Godwin – personally, ask me questions, and make suggestions by using the contact form.

See you on the other side of this monitor!

loves from Nic

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