Basics about Internet Business for Beginners

Breeze past the bulk, here’s all you need to know about internet business, whether you want to own one or just being curious.

Making money here in Cyberspace is as much hard work as making money offline. So you may want to keep that hype away…

…at least ‘til the end of this article – I bet by then they’d be all gone for good… or bad. Whatever.

The only real differences between the two are two things. And they make a heck of a difference.

  • Internet businesses are more flexible than offline business. You can run your thing from anywhere around the block or from around the globe. You’re absolutely in-charge.

  • You have less financial risk to deal with… researching profitable businesses and trends in your business is much of a breeze as compared to offline businesses.

A friend from Hult International Business School told me of occasions where they had made business plans for multinationals, spent millions of dollars, flying from research institutes in Singapore to labs in Boston, gathering, assembling and analyzing papers, having sleepless nights, for months… even up to 14 or so months – developing this one business plan…

…and then on first attempt at applying it in the real world – kaput – it fails dismally!

Yup! Everything goes under just like that – all that risk, money and effort are buried and forgotten. And that’s for multinationals with resources to pull such effects…

…you don’t want to know the misery and fate of small business startups. Research says that more than 90% of small businesses don’t survive their first 5 years, and that of the 10% that survives, 90% of them go under within their first decade- that’s a whopping 99% failure rate!

…and this stat sure includes the hard-nosed and devoted. Not only the dabblers.

Online, it’s a lot better.

But people fail too.


They mismanage the little things that count for success. They want money flowing in the very first moment they start their business, in spite of their next-to-nothing knowledge about internet business – so GRQ schemers take advantage of that. They get scammed, and then they hate the internet.

In fact the failure rate online is not any better – just that it has ready remedies. People come here with false expectations, that’s why they come crashing down when reality hits them on the head.

Two Essentials about Internet Business Success

1. First, you must fully grasp some basics about the technology.

This is not your TV. You can afford to toss the manual off to your couch, press a few buttons and get around to using the device – NOT the internet.

Well educated computer science professionals are still grappling with this animal. Have that at the back of your mind – always.
To make things a lot more difficult, the internet is changing way much faster than the real world. It’s becoming more intelligent, and aware…

So bye-bye to all those spammy, scammy schemes… all those “quick-money-promotions” , overtime will find their way out of this place. She becomes more of the virgin she is in her core.

The internet is also becoming all too important to our lives – see what Facebook has done!


Know the technology inside of this thing…

  1. RSS

  2. Databases

  3. Opt-in forms

  4. Pings

  5. Keyword research tool

  6. Digital Download

  7. Website templates


  9. Trackbacks

  10. Search Engines

  11. Page rank

  12. SSL

  13. SEO

  14. Scam Prevention

  15. Social Networking

  16. Tagging

  17. Traffic stats

  18. E-commerce software

  19. Email management

  20. etc

If you don’t know how these works, your best chance is getting someone who knows them to help you out. Alternatively, use a turnkey process that REALLY works to get past these complexities.

Fogeddaboutit, you can’t get go about internet business in a meaningful way without, at least a fair working knowledge of these things…

…you don’t have to be a geek or programmer, any more than you need to be a mechanic to drive a car. Basic working knowledge is what you need to get this flying…

I don’t use some of these processes myself. Even for most of what I use, I have the technology taken care of by a turnkey system. That method works best for me, so that I can free up time and focus on business… instead of fiddling with technology.

2. Internet Business itself

While technology is important because that’s the foundation upon which your business is built, you can’t live in the foundation – you’re not a mole. Foundation is only a platform. The real deal is the business.

And that is not to downplay the importance of technology. You can’t downplay the importance of a foundation, especially when it’s carrying the place you make money!

There is little about internet business we can relate with reasonably, if this business part is not handled with intelligence.

This part balances two things… making money – which is why you’re in business and helping people, which is also why you’re in business. If you’re not in business to help people you won’t make money.
This part of internet business focuses on…

  1. Providing quality, original, editorial content. Solution people that people seek.

  2. Draw visitors, otherwise called traffic, to your content. Mostly through link building efforts and social networks.

  3. Develop relationship with your visitors through more quality content, answering to their concerns via your newsletters, contact form, and other means you communicate with them… heartily open up to helping them find the solution they seek.

    This is one thing about internet business that most people who try to make money don’t do so well – connecting with visitors. You must, must, must LOVE your visitors from the heart – never put money first, losers do that.

  4. Converting your efforts to cash – monetization. You can then monetize by using one or more of the available internet business models, which best suits your value delivery.

Some people really come here and want to make money without a website. Well, some people have succeeded with it, and it’s cool for them, but my opinion on going about internet business like this is that you’re not building sustainability into your efforts.

I think doing that will utterly fade out with time. But even if this is a spur-of-the moment sort of thing, I still feel that doing business like this is similar to building a multinational without any office presence anywhere – you’ll greatly limit your potentials.

…and don’t go for the “put up your website in 15 minutes” sales dogs.

Like I said, the internet is not TV… owning a website that works requires some serious devotion to research and detail work. Small things… even as small as minor color changes… can have huge effect on your internet business.

To set about internet business that really works, is to take 100% responsibility for everything – even the little things. The hype around lazy-ease is not helping matters. There is ease… it’s just that it comes after the work, not before it.

Knowing More than about Internet Business

Right now, since you’ve been able to glean some meaningful info about internet business, I’d want to invite you to step beyond hearsay, and actually find out how to begin owning one.

loves from Nic

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