Acquiring Passive Income Your Way

Acquiring passive income from just about anything you know right now, using the power of the internet, has never been this easy. You’ll find all you need to know here – in a moment.

The mere thought of keeping a constant flow of income that’s hitch free, and not having to continuously sacrifice your time, health, sex life and other more meaningful things of life, feels like nirvana…

…doesn’t it?

Honestly, that very thought was what drove me out to the pursuit of passive income having read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant, years ago. And that same thought kept me going year after year, trumping the failures on the road and raising like a phoenix after every fall.

Nope! Far from easy… but acquiring passive income is not supposed to be easy, just that it MUST not lack fun. Ever played treasure hunt? How would you feel if you found the treasure just right on your first search? I suppose the pleasure of the game instantly disappears…

…the course will lack adventure and fun if it becomes too straight. Those bends, twists and sudden turns makes it all together a worthy try – even if one fails. Life is a dream. We’re all in a game.

Two Arms of Passive Income

  • What you know or have, and love

  • A lever

“Give me a lever and a place to stand, and I’ll move the entire Universe”


“Lever” here stands for an established system, and for the purpose of this article, that system is the internet (otherwise this could be your book publisher, the firm managing your real estate properties, or your companies, hotel or restaurant chain, record company you’re signed with, etcetera).

“Place” here, is the value you’re offering – what you know and love, and can easily talk about enthusiastically – your favorite genre of music or your favorite films or sports, or just about anything else you love.

Acquiring passive income from anything you love and know about reduces the stress involved in the pursuit, and could even eliminate it entirely. That’s why passion comes first before anything else. To neglect it or pay minimal attention to it, is to fail before you even got started.


Plainly what does a lever do?

Yeah – reduces the effort required to accomplish a task or lift a heavy weight (lever actually comes from the Latin word levare, meaning light, in terms of weight).

Lever is those nice words you'd say that got your ex-girlfriend blushing… and telling her friends how cute you were… until you burped it all – never got her laid!

By the way, she still holds that resentment – secretly.

But those words worked –wonders!

Just imagine we don’t have ways of letting those girls know what we feel on the inside… the outcome is such a scary thought!

Glaringly, words are the most powerful lever there is. I know that’s obvious, just wanted to emphasize it...

Back to acquiring passive income using the internet, the internet is the lever in this case. Leverage is power of getting things done. The internet gives you the power to get passive income done… I don’t know of any easier means.

Here are a few things you need to upload and have running at the back of your mind…

  • People are searching for information on the internet…

  • These people use the search engines to do this, almost all the time.

  • Losers try to game the search engines. They really think they can figure Google out. They call it SEO.

  • Winners keep it real. They offer information that are relevant to what people are searching for and do so with the genuine openness to helping these people find what they’re really looking for.

  • People trust only people who care enough about them to offer them what they’re looking for – relevant information… here, for example, “acquiring passive income via the internet”.

  • People who build sustainable wealth from the internet do so with all the above in mind, and also from a place of personal bliss. Yes, they help people the best way they can, doing ONLY what they love, naturally.

  • Winners know that winning is FIRST in the mind, so they giddy up their minds for both the work involved in acquiring passive income online, and the benefits that result…

    See, it’s a different thing to be work-oriented and quite another thing to be results-oriented, winners know the difference… losers make blind assumptions, and have good reasons for back up.

  • Every successful internet business owner knows that internet business models, and internet business ideas are VERY different. Losers don’t know this, so they ultimately fail…

    Affiliate marketing is NOT your business. It’s your business model. Just like models are NOT the clothing company they rep, heck they’re NOT the clothes!

    Clothe IS the business, the models are mental CHANNELS of getting the clothes sold. Stores are physical channels for getting the clothes sold… the business remains – CLOTHES.

    It’s crucial you draw the lines… especially if acquiring passive income from Cyber space is an experience you want to have… not just read about.

    Don’t mix it up: models vs ideas. Models are ways you make the money come to you. Ideas are raw value-offerings. The words in a book are the ideas, the paper containing the words is a model – eBooks make this true more than ever, right now.


…not the math place value you know. I mean the value of your place as an individual, independent human being.

First, what’s your place?

The word “place” comes from the Latin word platea, meaning “broad way”. In essence your place is your Broadway – yes… I do really mean Broadway… where you put up your own show.

Your show is the value you offer people. It’s your uniqueness, drawn from your passions. It’s what you give in exchange for acquiring passive income.

It’s really not that complex, really, this could be anything – from your best brand of sneakers to your best band for knickers. Yes, ANYTHING.

Remember, the world is searching… for everything that exists under the sun… and beyond. Provide just one solution, around your own interests and passions… and you’d be right on to acquiring passive income that may be way beyond your dreams.

…and living on easy street for the rest of your life.

This is NO pipedream, it happens around the globe every time. And funny enough this happens more often to people who never had the opportunity to be the A-students in school – they ONLY had the courage to accept their own desires as worthy pursuits to go after, and that changed everything else.

Hearty Lovers Way to Acquiring Passive Income

Since you give value in exchange for passive income, just like good sex, you and your significant order enjoy it best only when each person hits orgasm. I know how it works for the gals – I’ve been there myself – they have this sugar craving of you, if you always take them there.

…yeah, you sort of acquire their hearts… without intending to.
Frankly, if what you give is good – people will always find you out. Excellence cannot be ignored – never.

I strongly suggest you start with finding your passion, and then push right on to the deeper processes of acquiring passive income by finding an idea that works for you – and then get it working. Honestly, it’s not any more difficult than these three simple steps.

loves from Nic

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