Affordable Internet Business Opportunity

Thinking affordable internet business opportunity with a heart for your location, time and money? I’ll share them all with you now.

No long theories. Nothing trumps hands-on-ness… you know what I mean. Would you rather talk about a good sex or have a good sex?

I suppose you want to do the latter, except you’re Nicola Tesla.

For this topic I really want you hitting orgasm, so I’ve shaved it all off to core… showing how you may start off on this path with less than you averagely spend on your daily beverage – or weed. Yes, less than Starbucks coffee…

Ready? Let’s go.

Three Dimensions of an Affordable Internet Business Opportunity

1. Money

2. Time

3. Location

Let's get deeper with these...

1. Financially affordable internet business opportunity:

The obvious one.

When you think “affordability” the financial angle quickly jumps to mind.

In fact there is a good chance that this is the only reason you actually searched this out in the first place… and that’s perfectly OK. What’s not fine is if that’s all I give you on arriving here.

Ugh… no greater injustice.

Internet business opportunities abound and you’re at best if you generate yours! Yes, you can have your own, self-styled, internet business opportunities running, and making you money. There’s even an opportunity as low as $1 daily for every 30-day period, to start and run – online. I use that myself… and it’s pretty easy get it started, and to keep it running.

You don’t need technical skills to use it. You get all the training and tools you need in one place. It’s called Site Build It!

---- “Reasonably” affordable opportunities? ---

Caveat: Don’t think GRQ (get-rich-quick). The Law of Authenticity makes it clear, that things of worth always come by focused, committed effort and never happens by chance and slackness.

It’s perfectly OK to want affordable internet business opportunities, just NEVER think of “something for nothing” though… you’ll end up with nothing.

“Reasonably” Affordable internet business opportunity, involves having the BAD out and the GOOD in... as much as possible.


1. It’s not expensive to start, and maintain, until it actually begins to yield money

2. It’s proven its worth for sometime… with a track record YOU can measure.

3. It solves REAL problem that has REAL demand, by REAL people

4. It’s LEGAL…

5. It’s not here for the moment. You can clearly see that it’s going tobe here for at least another 100 years!

6. It stimulates your passions and ingenuity to life – it’s not just all about the money

7. You are not forced to do things you’d rather not be doing – you have your freedom intact

8. You can proudly talk about your business with anyone, anywhere, anytime – you’re absolutely comfortable with it – as is.

9. It stimulates you to see possibilities beyond the immediate

10. It delivers on its claims


1. It’s cheap to enter and borders on scam (ex., invest only $2 and become financially free)

2. It breaks the privacy and terms of use of other people’s businesses, in order to run

3. It’s promising you QUICK money with little or no work (ex., work only 2Hrs per week. My advice? Don’t walk away, RUN!)

4. Owners are hiding their identity – so you don’t know them

5. It’s asking you to reveal your password or PIN of any kind

6. It says you’ve won or inherited some gas-bingo from PayPal, Liberty Reserve or any other company… double your escape speed!That’s scam, not business

7. It’s asking you to keep its identity secret (companies with real stuff want publicity, and encourage it)

8. It’s asking you to bring your grandmother’s left arm tonight!

2. Time-Based affordable internet business opportunity:

If you are currently holding a job, you’re in school or your time is busied up with something, your approach to internet business will obviously be different from someone who’s got time on his hands… who probably has all 24 hours, 7 days a week to work on his business (like me).

Here – online – love it or hate it, time is money.

More time on your hands means more money (assuming you don’t spend that time seeing your favorite TV show). Some otherwise affordable internet business opportunity may not be open to you, in spite of their being financially affordable, if you won’t be having the time to make them work.

For example, unless you have a strong handle on HTML and already understand the internet very deeply, trying to earn income from a WordPress blog (just because it’s easy to have one) may not be the sort of thing you want to do.

3. Location-based affordable internet business opportunity:

Not many online opportunities work without PayPal, so if you live in non-PayPal regions you’re doomed to tears whenever you come across money makers that demand PayPal account. Some people do get around it, and of course, it’s against PayPal’s rules… but rules are for the adherents.

The city you live in and people you interact with matter – a lot!

Here’s my advice: if you live in a location where your honesty is muddled up in a sea of dishonest, criminal minded-heads, let go. Find a place more worthy of you.

Frankly, some places are not well adapted to internet business opportunities, and may never be… at least not in the foreseeable future. So why lend your loyalty to harassments.

--- Gauging for Great Internet Business Locations ---

1. Availability and Speed of internet. Sure you don't want pages loading like forever, dial-up connections are bad for internet business, find out about broadband for your area.

2. Cost of internet – If you're planning on moving to a new city,this is DOUBLE important... for example, I heard that Internet is rather expensive in parts of Europe, like France.

3. Access to widely acceptable internet payment solutions (PayPal, Payza, Liberty Reserve, MoneyBookers, etc)

4. Good Electricity (availability and cost). You don’t want to drain your accounts just to charge your computer.

5. Webmaster services – Some places are great for this, for example, you should have little or no problem with getting great webmaster services for your business if you live in India, my friends who live there tell me it’s a dime a dozen.

Using elance is another great option…

Safe for the fact that you don't want to be the lab rat for a new webmaster’s experiments. I use them though, when I need them… I go for the best – it’s usually the best rout.

Tying all three strings up in a Knot

These three dimensions, just like in graphics, are just dimensions of the same thing – in this case, affordable internet business opportunities. Like the width, height, and length of any object, in 3D (3-Dimensions).

Location, money and time must smoothly mix together for you to own and enjoy any affordable internet business opportunities. Don’t even start thinking of any online money streams if these are not WELL attended to – first!

While those three guys are important for your gig to really hit, you MUST – first of all – have a clear picture of what your true passions are… anything can actually make money online. Just that that “anything” must be something you love and you’re more than averagely passionate about.

Take that passion part away and failure become inevitable.

Who is Me, Anyway?

I loved travel, and that was honestly what brought about my first internet business – selling packaged vacations and other retail travel products. I still love travel… but the mere fascination of enjoying my business no matter where I go got me to starting this site. Mainly to help people who’ve never had this sort of freedom to have it.

The freedom the internet gives still amuses me… Why hang on to boredom? Affordable internet business opportunities make fun, adventure and personal fulfillment a snap... especially now.

Haven't you noticed lately?

"Affordable internet business opportunity" hypes burgeoning at an alarming rate... the problem however is that 98% of them are not going to succeed!


Many of them tell you you'll make money OVERNIGHT. They start at the end of the trail! They make the money the focus... never attending to the business!

Don't go their path bro... you deserve better.

And talking about your girlfriend...

Get Her Laid Here and NOW!

Have more time with your girlfriend… she’s just not telling you. She’s sick and tired of being a virgin – she wants laid – like NOW!

Heck, your 9 to 5 is taking all that away… if you’re not going to do anything about it soon enough, your best friend may be forced to help relief her of your insensitivity. Sorry...

Getting started (with the affordable internet business opportunity I pointed out earlier) will cost you much less than a cup at Starbucks – so why wait?

Get that virgin part of you laid without delay!

loves from Nic

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