Best Internet Business to Start Heartily

Gain crystal clarity as to the best internet business to start for you, as a person. No, you don’t need to sell anything, and you could sell anything too! Yes, both worlds work perfectly online.

Just read on, you’ll find everything you need to know in a moment. I answered them all – maybe not the way you might expect, though.

You probably already got loads of advice from several sources on what the best internet business to start is. I’m not about adding to your list…

…actually I’m about burning the paper.

This page is NOT about how to be a successful affiliate marketer or how to make money from Clickbank, Amazon and others – and there’s nothing wrong with them… up until a point.

“What point?” You ask…

The point where millions of people the world over who follow this claims to the letter never quite make the money promised by promoters of these “internet money secrets”… because there’re really no internet money secrets, what you need in reality are simply two things…

That very discovery of your passion… one that drives you to read everything, watch everything, listen to everything, go anywhere – even when you know you’ll be getting in to trouble – so long it’s about that thing… that passion…

…is your best internet business to start.

"Without love for your work, you can’t get good at it."
- Morty Lefkoe

Forget About the High Sounding Nonsense

All that hype about earning money from Clickbank, or becoming an affiliate marketer or whatever, is NOT going to get you anywhere – honestly. I’m yet to see any hype based success.

No, people do make it. I’m not saying there’re no success stories… just that if you ever get to chance to sit with any of these super-successes do yourself a favor…

…ask them

“What do you do differently from the millions on the boulevard of broken dreams?”

You may not like their answers, not because they’d come out arrogant, it’s rather the opposite – if you ever get the truth – they pretty much don’t know how

they made it. They just know they made it, and that it!
No product, service, or idea anywhere is in itself the best internet business to start. So don’t let anyone get in your head with “ten best internet businesses you can run while banging your girlfriend”.

There’s NONE!

One thing works online – personal passions. See real success stories, read them, and you’ll keep finding that one thing… they all absolutely love what they’re doing. They almost don’t do it for money.

I know Facebook, Google and other online giants make money through ads, and I know they make a heck of money – but I also know that they offer a lot more value than the money they make.

…apart from being the best way to go, they naturally love what they do. Read about them a bit more.

Most of what these folks call online business ideas to you are internet business models – HOW value is delivered and paid for… not WHAT value is provided.

The HOW is the model…. The WHAT is the value itself.

And it’s that WHAT that controls the HOW, not the other way around. It’s the WHAT that is the best internet business to start… not the HOW.

There is a lot of high sounding nonsense about HOW to succeed online… and very little attention to WHAT to succeed at. Leave the crap alone – you deserve better.

OK! So What’s Passion?

Guess I talked to you a bit of this already a few paragraphs up… but to clarify things, here’s it:

Passion is anything you hate so darn strongly that you wouldn’t mind going all the way to change it. Or something you love so much you wouldn’t mind going all the way to have it or nurse it.

Now, online, your passion must have demand enough to make you good money, else you mightn’t really love it anymore after grinding the mill for a while.

Yup! Money keeps passion alive.

Any human being is estimated to have at least 21 areas of strength – that’s at LEAST. So there could be more for you…

…your passions are wide enough, what you need is…

  • To find and recognize them… this is the first and most important.

  • Then analyze them for profit.

And I’ll show you how in a moment.

Someone’s about to start an argument…

We’re Talking Money, You’re Talking Passion. What the Heck!

Uh… money…

…sorry, money is currency (that flows) for exchanging value. So… No value, no money.

That’s it. The green stuff is tied to value. Your job is to offer value – money follows… yes, she follows you pants down, rod out!

She’d want no virginity no more if your substance is weighty.

…Find a real need that you’re excited about filling and fill it… yes of course, that excitement comes from the fact that the need is within your area of strength – your passion…

…that fact makes it easy breezy, even when you’re faced with tough realities down the road. Oh yeah, you’ll have down moments as you build your business. That makes passion all the more important.

Going after passion and leaving money behind…

…or leaving passion and going after money…

…breeds frustration.

You need both.

Balancing the Boat and Taking Action

Your job is to find your passion – the one that has the money in it. Answer the question…

“What do I hate so badly to go all the way to change? Or what do I love so heartily that I’d go all the way to have it…?"

…don’t take this personal. It could be anything… especially in relation to knowing the best internet business to start. Even watching horror films as a hobby could end up paying you big time.

I developed a simple four-step process for you to use to both know that best internet business to start for yourself, and get it stated in 30 minutes or less.

You should find it insightful and helpful… it’s the exact same method I use, it’s synthesized from what over 40,000 other successful internet businesses use today…

…yes, including Don Sumner.

loves from Nic

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