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…the internet, needless to say, is God’s gift to man – and just like every gift, there are controversial views that whirl up around it – some people say it’s the sign of the end of time others say it’s not…

Well, I think each view point has some valid thought to be considered… but the fact remains that we’re not sure what it is just yet – whether end-time or not.

But for all we can see, people – even kids, are becoming rich leveraging on the internet!

Twenty-five year olds have become BILLIONAIRES – all thanks to the internet.

IMO, regardless of the arguments, the gospel will ONLY spread faster if you’ll turn your back the crowd hop online and kick start a genuine Christian internet business…

…and I’ll share deeper on this in just a moment.

Me, Christianity and the Internet

I was born to Christian parents and have since… being Pentecostal… been born again and started speaking in tongues since the early age of 11 or there about…

…I really can’t place when I fully took on the fanatic side of Christianity since I’ve had to rededicate my life a couple of times after the first salvation experience.

Well, I still rededicate my life once in a while whenever I get around to it these days – much because my foster mum won’t want to live with the reality of my choices… and I love her.

I’ve read the bible (from over 8 translations) Genesis through Revelation – and the New Testament several times over, studied with the Hebrew and Greek texts.

But I wasn’t blind!

The same folks who taught me these sorts of things rarely practiced them. I count myself fortunate to know that truth – 'most all regular church people simply live in delusion!

Used all the References, Concordances, read and studied comparative religion materials in the context of the various “sects” or “cults” that surround Christianity, talking of Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Christian Science, Roman Catholics and the list goes on…

…I never personally attended bible school, but I regularly used lots of resources from correspondence bible schools. I even memorized Proverbs Chapter 1 through 18, in my early twenties…

I was head, brains, hands, legs deep into the whole thing – until I began to notice the pattern of nothingness that was emerging overtime.

I saw that there was no real value anyone else in the whole system, safe for the theologians who preached these, for the most part, unfounded claims.

Having lived around this religion (or faith or “way of life”, like some people rebrand it to be) I quickly discovered that it was all bunkum for me – B.S to the core – so I decided to graduate from Christianity all together.

Yes, today I’m no longer a Christian and I’m so glad I took that step of faith.

Matthew Inman’s

How to Suck at Your Religion

is a great, fun way to get what I mean

However I do understand that some value did exist in the lessons I was taught in church...

...and while these were great lessons – of which, for the most part I learned how NOT to live a boring, superstitious life – I was never taught how to do self-empowering things like building a “Christian internet business”… if any existed at all.

Instead I was taught to sacrifice my happiness for “the greater good”, I was taught that self-denial is God’s way to “holiness”.

I was taught that sex is sin… or that I needed to be in marriage relationship, whether I was happy or not, before I can enjoy sex – even then, oral sex is sin!

But I wasn’t blind!

The same folks who taught me these sorts of things rarely practiced them. I count myself fortunate to know that truth – most regular church people simply live in delusion!

And some do practice them… to the point it puts them in a “more righteous than thou state of pseudo-authority. I have relations and many other people I know personally, who are in the “ministry” – but they are all less than you know them to be if you get close enough.

I think searching for Christian Internet Business is kind of suboptimal, go for GOLD…

These days I enjoy a lot more sex with my girlfriends, and I know God is pleased… because he made me with the feelings in the first place!

Engaging the NATURAL Abundance of the Universe

Building a genuine, hearty, income stream leveraging on the internet is for the most part…

…more growth stimulating than anything else.

Giving Christian internet business the middle finger is not the purpose of this article – although it unintentionally did that, though – and I have no apologies left to give to anyone…

…I’m here to show you that you can REALLY make money righteously online, doing stuff you love, which is likely NOT going to be scriptural, but certainly spiritual.

"Running a business tests you in so many ways — your self-discipline, your intelligence, your communication skills, your focus, etc. If you’re lacking in any of these areas, your business results will reflect it."

Steve Pavlina

The FREE materials I exposed you to earlier have so many helpful stuff that can get you right underway to realizing a deeply fulfilling passion, without undue hassle.


...I’m sorry to disappoint you, but all there is to Christian internet business is B.S – offer value that people and God truly care for, that’s what really matters!

And just in case you’re not already furiously pissed with me…

…I’d really love to hook up with you at airports around the world!

loves from Nic

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