Google AdSense Passive Income for Hearty Virgins

You already know – Google adsense passive income is one way to prime your internet money pump, hit orgasm and get it flowing. Now let’s break the jinx behind the Google money surprises.

AdSense are ads placed by Google on your site to promote products or services related to your topic for that page. The ads are usually placed by small or large organizations, or individuals, who pay Google to make these ads available on your site.

Google shares their profit with you, based on the money they earn from the clicks your visitors make on the ads. However, you MUST never click on the ads yourself – they’d find out, so don’t even try.

There’re a number of other dot-com companies offering these sorts of ads program, for example AdBrite Exchange, another is Chitika. Google’s just happen to be more popular due to their influence here.

Getting Started at Google AdSense Passive Income

This method of earning passive income leverages heavily on your site’s traffic. You should generally be fit for AdSense passive income if your site gets a minimum of 50 visitors per day, on the average… at least, that’s OK to start with.

But before you begin earning from Google, you’ll first get approved. You’ll submit your site at Google, and have it evaluated. If they feel that your site is worth their ads, you get approved, and their ad code will be made available to you to embed in your site.

Some sites do get rejected, though.

What’ll make yours float? Easy…

…just remain a virgin – care about people, and do so from the heart. Provide them with a content-rich site. That’s the way to Google adsense passive income success, and of course, keeping rejection far from you.

Working AdSense with Sense

Just focus on these two things and you’ll be fine – creating content-rich pages that really focuses on solving your audiences’ needs and desires. Secondly, building traffic to your website.

With these two in place, you should generally have Google approve of your site.

And talking CONTENT and TRAFFIC… here’s what works:

  • One Keyword per Page: Have each page of your site focus on one keyword. A Keyword is a single word or phrase that searchers use at the Search Engines (Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo…) to look for information on the internet.

    Your duty is to provide what they’re looking for.Focus on one keyword for a page – don’t write on more than one…

    For example, this page focuses on “Google adsense passive income”. Do your research, however, to find out what is worth your time… Use Wordtracker for keyword research. There’s the free version, and the paid – the paid is better.

  • In the first place… you shouldn’t build a website that’s beyond what you’re capable of working on or one that doesn’t deeply excite you. Your happiness matters, especially where passive income is concerned. To do otherwise is self-sabotage. Here’s a FREE tool to help you make a meaningful decision in this area.

  • Don’t build sales pages! Build real solutions that people can take advantage of. Caring from the heart MUST be original…

    Google evaluates this too.

  • Get around… build links. With some quality inbound links to your site you should generally set the traffic snowball rolling – well on your way to 50 visitors a day. Click here to access this ethical links program to help you get a head start at this.

Of course, you’ll need to do way more than these simple points, but these are pointers to get you off to building what works. With common sense you should know when what you’re providing is solid or not – on the content end.

One important thing though: don't copy anyone else's work. This is the internet, not your classroom. You'll get caught, easily.

Traffic will come mainly because your content is worth their time… though some bit of effort will be required in this area too. But majorly Google adsense passive income follows only when you’ve built a content-rich site.

Content is KING! And virgins attend to him with care.

How Much AdSense Money You’ll Make?

Well, unless you want to hear bubbles… truth is I can’t give you how much for sure, any more than you can tell me how much “a job” will earn Bingo. Moreover, Google says to keep figures out of the tabloids.

The spectrum varies per niche, even per site on the same niche – sometimes even on the same topic! But generally, traffic is what determines your fate ultimately.

I’ll give you a short formula for calculating your Google adsense passive income. The goal here is to give you an estimate, not concrete figures – so don’t cry or get excited about these sample calculations.

Here’s it:


Relax, this isn't Einstein's equation of life and death. No complex math.

  • PRC = Performance Report Criteria

There are four PRCs and you may use any one of them in your calculations, here

(1) Page Views, when using this criterion in your calculation you’re only concerned with the number of pages with adsense on them that visitors to your site viewed. To use this formula simply rewrite the formula above like this, PV x CTR x CPC = E.

For example, if your site had 2000 visitors, and each visitor on average, viewed 3 pages, that’ll be 3 pages multiplied by 2000 visitors, making 6000 pages viewed by visitors. But let’s say that of all the pages viewed only half of them had Google Ads on them, which means you’ll have 3000 Google Ad Page Views reported.

Other Criteria for Performance Report Measurements are…

(2) Ad Requests (AR), which is the total number of advertising blocks across all your pages.

(3) Matched Requests (MR), which is the total number of blocks Google fills with ads, rather than leaves blank because they have nothing suitable to show…

(4) Individual Ad Impressions (IAI), this caters to situations where an ad block might contain 4 separate ads, for example.
In other to keep things simple, let this sample calculations be based on PV (Page Views) only.

Ahh… hope I’m not becoming encyclopedic (oops… that’s rather a big word to use). I mean, hope you’re making sense of this at all? I really don’t want Google adsense passive income looking passive to you anymore.

Use the contact form if you feel you need me. I’ll be right to your rescue.

But for now, let’s finish up with what we started.

  • CTR = Click Through Rate

This is number of pages in every 100 pages for which an ad was clicked by your visitor. In the case we have above, let’s say 30 pages were clicked of the 3000 pages, this means you have 1 out of every 100 pages clicked – that is 1% CTR.

  • CPC = Cost Per Click

This is simply how much each click earns you… on the average. For example, if your cost per click earns you $0.50 per click, that means you have $15 in total earnings (i.e. 30 Click x $0.50).

  • E = Earnings… well, obvious right? So no need to explain anything.

Well, that’s about it with AdSense…

The money?

Oh… almost forgot that.

You’re paid after Google’s monthly audit, which is their way of ensuring they are as close to reality as possible. Dud clicks are discounted, and the money deducted from the estimates...

...So you get paid 68% of what advertisers pay Google, and Google keeps the remainder 32% for themselves.

Checks come monthly, so you get to earn every month, if every month your site generates $100 USD and above. If in a particular month you’re short of $100 USD in earnings Google holds it ‘til the month it reaches that mark.

Application of Knowledge

Build a business that fits your style.

Do you already hold a day job and wondering how to manage that already hectic job with an extra source of income? Dive right in here to find out how to build a truly time flexible internet business.

Now it’s OK to be confused, but only if you’re going to be doing something about that confusion, find out what the best internet business to start may be for you.

Remember, adsense only makes sense if you make it make sense.
Now, that’s it. Merry Google AdSense Passive Income!

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