Handy Guide for Passive Income

Begin earning internet money using this beginner’s guide for passive income. In here, you’ll learn what you need to know to open your internet cash flow, with ease.

Every day the world over, someone tries to make passive income from one or more means, but never quite succeeds 365 days later.

Why does this happen?

Most all these people have NO guide. They enter an uncharted territory without a road map.

The internet is an information super-high way, and if you are not led to success, the odds are really going to be against you – succeeding here becomes nearer to the Republic of Impossibilities, than that of Possibilities.

A guide, of course, must be one who knows the way – at least, who knows it more than you do, and can help you navigate it with some measurable level of ease.

In this case I’m going to be your guide for passive income, especially passive income from the internet. So if you’re new to making money online, I should generally do a great job at helping you jump start that course – now.

This website is also another guide for passive income you should use, as you’ll find lots of free articles, and even access to free software to help you begin moving from thought to action to realization. It’s designed to make your success infallible.

Know What You Want – FIRST!

This is a simple thing, but can greatly determine how far you go. No matter what I do or anyone else does to provide you a guide for passive income, without your personal commitment, all that will be pure B.S.

If you’re not going to find a reason – a strong one – to succeed, you might NEVER succeed with this… believe me, your success is important to me, and that’s why I’m here at all.

What is important to you?

  • - Freedom to do more of the things you love

  • - Happiness

  • - Better relationships

  • - More Money (extra income)

  • - Sex

  • - Adventure

  • - Travel

  • - Being a key contributor to humanity

  • - Family

  • - Friendships

  • - Better self-expression

  • - Mental development

  • - Holistic personal growth

  • - Spirituality… etc

Once you find your reason, the driving force behind your desires, your desires naturally crawl out of the woodwork – almost. If you’ll have to work, you’ll do the work almost effortlessly. You’d be in flow.
Set a goal for yourself. Motivating, time bound, specific, and personal goal… like:

“I’m so excited that by January 28, xxxx (add year), I earn a minimum of $200 USD, every month for the next 10 years from my internet business”

It’s generally advisable to start with a figure you feel comfortable with, one you really KNOW is possible for you.

…And Want It – HARD!

I know this guide for passive income is NOT for everyone.

If you’re not at the point where your desires are driving you to take unconventional actions, you’ll struggle for a very long time, at least. And frankly you might never have a chance at experiencing them at all.

Create social pressure by announcing your goals… tell your friends about them, and ask them to hold you accountable – ask them to take something important to you away from you if you don’t achieve the goal. Take it very seriously.

You really need to drive yourself hard here. Quit your job before you have anyone in hand… or quit school – I did both. See, you’ll NEVER get it for as long as you rationalize or negotiate your actions. It’s all in or all out.

…Announce the goal on Facebook, Twitter… ask your friends to unfriend you if you don’t achieve the goal, or to unfollow you.

Yes, dump your girl/boyfriend if s/he is being belligerent about this with you. This is your life, not anyone else’s, and the earlier you realize that the better for you.

Get sick and your boss replaces you. Die and s/he finds new love.
Why put your existence in some else’s hands? What sense does that make?

Act NOW!

It’s fine if you read this shove it off… may be even argue the rationale of my suggestions – that’s what most people will do anyways. Real virgins seek truth, they won’t join them blindly – I hope you don’t.

But the few who will act on this guide for passive income to the letter will surely have a far different reality – living their dreams. Yes, to them belong the keys to the kingdom, and they’ll take it without a doubt.

This page is NOT telling you what to do. No, if that’s it, then I’ve wasted precious time.

Wondering what it’s all about? Good to know you’re following…
…It’s about the one word upon which your two experiences of life hinge on – ACTION.

You’ll never truly experience the power of healthy self-respect and the supportive cheer of humanity if all you do is stand at the corridor of analysis, beating yourself down to paralysis.

Please read no further if you’ll do nothing with this – turn on the TV, you’re better off doing that. I’ve written this guide for passive income with the STRICT intention that you ACT – at once.

So, I’m cutting to the chase…

…Three Things

  1. Find your deepest passions… what’s most natural of you? You may even see what others have done to succeed online. DON’T copy them. Use their ideas to ignite yours to life.

  2. Polish your ideas to shape…

  3. ACT at once… even as you continue getting guidance and a constant flow of relevant information.
loves from Nic

Follow this guide for passive income and see you there…

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