How to Start Online Business with Your Remote Control

Wondering how to start online business? Well, here’s how watching your favorite films can make you rich and famous. No jokes! Don Sumner did it…

I told Wale, my friend, that Don’s website gives me unexplainable oxymoronic feelings (hope your brains aren’t going kitties just yet… that’s just fancy way of saying I have confusing feelings) – like I love it, so it excites me. But it scares me at the same time… it makes me afraid in a way that excites me.

How better can one explain that?

Not that I love horror films, but this guy makes it cool. I checked the site out just before writing this page, and I saw he’d already got some other fear inducers on board with him… call them the scary team. He’s not paying me for this “review”, if you’d call it that – this is free-will love for good work.

Don Sumner

More importantly, it’s my answer to your request on how to start online business… now it’s going to be with your TV, remote control and best movies – great way to have fun and make money having fun…


Nope! That’s for Don…

…who solved his how to start online business puzzle with “a bad habit” he’d picked up as a kid – sneaking out of bed late at night to watch horror films on TV – you can invent yours. This is just to let you know that everything is possible online!

Talk about popcorn for dummies, it sells!

Who the Heck is Don Sumner?

Well, without school-day formalities, Don is simply that kick-ass guy he’s got the guts to do stuff he loves without giving a hoot what you think!

Oh, did I tell you that USA Today and ABC, nailed him down for interviews… and then Kraus Publishing trailed him with a book deal? Sorry, that was unjust of me – they did!

See them all for yourself here… USA Today did it first, then ABC next.

Today, Don is the Horror movie King.

Images are from his website.

But, honestly, that’s scary… especially for girls. Who’d want to date a potential Zombie? Or have blue stuff ejaculated into her… VAMPIRE!!! HELLLPPP!!!

…Like I said already, this guy don’t give a damn what you think. He loves scaring people, scary people, scary virgin vampires, and scary zombie dildos – not bad for the scary figures he earns too!
Now, to you – bro – watchya love doing?


"In October I was sought out, via my SBI! site, to be the horror movie expert for a feature in USA Today. Green Bay Press and ABC News picked up the story, too. As a result of the publicity, Kraus Publishing approached me about writing a book about horror movies. I'm giddy about the deal.

Just goes to show you, get your passion out there with a site that works, and the sky is the limit! It is truly remarkable and unbelievable what SBI! has enabled. Thanks to SiteSell!"

Don Sumner

I really don’t think there is anything to be said that’s left unsaid now…

…the onion is on you to take action. I even developed a way to help you unearth your passions, find how to start online business that suits your style… maybe about Ghost hunting or haunted castles in the woods… or your favorite sports team – whatever.

Maybe answer your own question of how to start online business by starting a site on How to Stop Being Virgin and Start…

Yes, SBI! is what I use as well, along with over 40,000 others across the globe.

The talk ends here. Go start yours… I’ve started mine already – you’re on it reading this line now!

Hook up with you... airports around the world!

loves from Nic

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