Internet Business Education for Practical People

Get the right internet business education that leads you where the money is, without hype and hearsays. Learn what works and work yours to orgasm!

If you’re reading this then you’re one of the few persons remaining who have a heart for WHAT REALLY WORKS… long term. You’re not a get-rich-quick, quick-fix-it-brainer.

…but that is not to say you do not want to get rich quick.
Who wouldn’t?

Just that you TRUTHFULLY want to get rich faster, which sure enough starts here – internet business education. Something most people (who ironically, desperately desire to make money online) don’t really give much of a hoot about.

And this isn’t one of my most profitable topics, as you may already see – it’s got a ridiculously low demand, just that I find it extremely important that I write about it… just as you find it important to read it too…

But not too many people share our passion…

…as you can see.

A reality that shows up in the mass failure rate of internet entrepreneurs… only about 2 persons out of every 100 persons actually end up making money. The rest are completely ignorant of what works!

…I call them club-98. They are the remaining 98 persons who flunk out of Cyberspace.

So, why give a Hoot about Internet Business Education?

I think this is almost not necessary to answer, as the answers are all naked and bear, in plain sight.

However, let me bring this point out of the woodworks.

In the absence of a thousand other reasons for getting an education on internet business before you get into it, I think you should agree with me that this is about the most important one, that…

Money is made ONLY when you know where and how to make it. And that “where” and “how” are hidden inside appropriate internet business education, and in there ONLY

So ignoring the education part is to practically ignore the proverbial key on the table… You’re pushing to break the door open by brute force.

And you know… it’s a lot easier to use the key than break the door…

…right education is grease to your bones. It eases you the pains of ignorance.

Getting Enlightenment

You want to do this and you want to have fun. Right?


Now, you should start with getting to know about internet business, join the successful, leave the 98 behind for good… now, bring it on with the FREE business resources I’ve made available in this site.

This website is entirely devoted to providing you with information of what really works, and is working, and will work years from now (if not forever).

You WON’T see “lazy-fast-easy money” ideas here… they DON’T exist. Money goes where value is, and ONLY goes there. You want money right?

…Give value. Solve problems, and bring solutions to people… especially in ways that align with you deep on the inside.

Getting Educated… On What Exactly?

Well, that’s simple to know…

…but only few follow through until success, and that’s why only few succeed!

Caveat: the value you give MUST align with you deep on the inside, else it’s NO value. Proving solution is essentially worthless if it takes happiness away from you.

1. Start FROM yourself!

I’ve read far too many web resources that tell you to start by researching profitable niches, and then choose one. I’ve even gone through some of these programs myself.

A major problem with this “research-profitable-niche-first” method is that it focuses outside of you.

And my dear, you CAN’T succeed online by focusing on the money FIRST. The idea of profitable niche research as a first course of action is “find-where-the-money-at-first”, and that has not worked, ‘til date!

..that’s not to say some people do not succeed this way, by in my experience, starting from me first provided SOLID ground for me to commit to MY course… something that is way beyond the moment.

Starting with a profitable niche might sound exciting, but in practice most people fail!
But when you start from YOU…

…the commitment is an indulgence. It’s habit – an addiction. It’s something you enjoy without external attachments!

Start by finding out the things you love on a very deep level.

What is it that you do that makes hours fly by like seconds whenever you’re engaged in it?

A simple Method Guiding Method that Works!

Here is a tool to help you do that quickly…

…click on the link, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and enter this question:

What are my truest Passions?

Hit “Enter”, and then follow the instructions…

You’ll sure find it revealing…

2. Now research even more, find your “REAL NICHE”

This is the point you can now find out your niche within your passion.
I made a detailed process available in another page of this site.

Don’t rush out and register a domain name! Or start out a blog just yet… there is actually a gulf between building a web business and blogging.

3. Engage technology

Now depending on your preferences, you might want to use a turnkey system or you bootstrap your way there.

I personal prefer to put technology in the hands that know it best, while I focus my attention on business…

4. Provide unmatched value FOR people… filled with passion, and useful information for HUMAN BEINGS… don’t do fluff!

This is the ONE thing that marks the failures from the winners… I think this is so important that I’m providing free material for you to FULLY understand this.

Go here to download Netwriting Masters Course for FREE.

You’ll find it immensely useful.

5. Pull in the People!

The course above also highlights the need for people to see you. I also shared a bit more on traffic in another page.

People IS traffic, your job is to provide them with REAL solutions… and you can’t be real if you are not coming from your passions in the first place – you see it?

6. Build relationships, and win their trust.

Be available for your visitors to access, ask questions, get clarifications, and deepen their understanding. Build more trust through periodic newsletters… by providing even more information.

No matter what you read here, ensure you get the...

FREE Netwriting Masters Course

...You NEED it. I’d say your internet business education is very incomplete without it. It’s revealing…

7. Now call the shots! Make money…

Do you see why starting your internet business education with the money first, is a big mistake? It’s the bottom of the rung… not the top.

And for your information, there’re money machines online than you can handle!

So why start wrong?

Putting your Internet Business Education to Work for You

Take the steps above one at a time… until you finish them all up.

By the time you’re done you’d be hip and ready to owning a working online business, drawn from your passions, based on sound internet business education. Not too many people will do this – the choice is yours!

Success is much a decision as failure is.

Where you’d want to belong is right in your hands – choose it!

See you there – airports around the globe!

loves from Nic

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