Interview: Internet Business Idea from Car Values

Here, I get personal with a friend’s internet business idea built on his love for cars. He is turning a long standing interest in cars to cash, a step at a time.

I asked him questions and he answered them here – but I suggest you use the contact form to get any questions you might have across to him, through me.

It’s important you note that as at the time of this interview, the person being interviewed have not started making any cash from his site…

…but the point here is to get an idea on how he overcame the resistance holding him back from working on the best internet business idea for him… and then going straight ahead to ACTION.

His site is a young one as you can easily see, car values vault, copyright 2012. But behind what you see as simple are loads of hours of hard work… of course, the dividends are right underway.

Curtains please…


Why internet business in the first place, as against getting a well paying job or offline business?


I’ve always done several things online, so I’m pretty conversant with the net.

It steals a large part of my life.

So that made me conclude that developing my internet business idea rather than working offline would be ideal for me based on the following…

  1. Leverage on technology to get more done as regards doing a lot and achieving a little on the offline side.

  2. Time freedom: The idea of being able to work at your own pace, time, place and choose when to relax, socialize, learn a new skill etc…

    …the whole idea of living your dream is made possible when you have your freedom to yourself and don’t have to take permission from your boss to be at your friend’s bach eve party!

    All that freedom was seated in an internet business idea.

  3. Being an Entrepreneur rather than an employee. (rich people leverage systems, you can never be richer than your boss!)

  4. The choice to be happy: I noticed a lot of people work just because they need the money and to a large extent hate what they do. So at the end of the day, they have the money but live a miserable life.

The rich leverage on proven systems. Not secure, high-paying jobs.

So I decided to do what I enjoy doing and make money doing it. I choose to be happy, can’t trade that for anything.


Did you register a domain name first before anything else, and why?


No I didn’t.

I first researched the Niche I wanted to create content on to see its profitability, created site content blueprint before registering my domain name and I must say, I’m glad I did that.

So when I registered my domain name, I already had a step by step approach on how to forge ahead with my internet business idea.


How do you choose what contents to put up on your site?


First I do my research (using relevant tools) based on my keywords and relevance to my site concept and Niche, then I put into consideration what value the content I’m about to create would add to my audience.


What other viable options did you let go to focus on car values?


Apart from the love for cars, I’m passionate about music and I wanted to create content around it but after researching, I noticed music was a very wide niche to build my internet business idea on, and it might take me years of hard work to have the desired results.

I brainstormed and researched other topics I’m passionate about. And that made me discover the niche “car-values”.


What particularly made “car values” win?


Car values won after I researched and found it very profitable – and it was still within what I love – cars.

I noticed a lot of people work for money and hate what they do… So I decided to do what I love and make money doing it


What's the “Vault” doing in your domain name?


“Vault” is more of my Valuable PREselling Preposition (or VPP for short) that gives my audience an idea of what I’m offering.

A vault is a safe house where valuables are stored, so relating that to my site, I’ll say my site is a vault where you can find various car values.


What were your challenges to kick starting your internet business idea to life, and how did you manage them?


That was raising funds to pay for the turnkey model I use (SBI). So instead of waiting for the bulk sum to pay for a year, I seized the monthly offer and I was able to get started immediately with relatively very little funds. Less than $30 actually.


What challenges are you faced with right now as you build, and how do you manage them?


I face challenges like not being able to achieve as much as I intend to/ or meet up with deadlines I set for myself but I’ve found out that breaking my activities into various steps and doing them step by step keeps me organized, focused and in the long run achieve more.

This is so because rather than trying to do everything at once, I focus on what needs to be done now. I leave what needs to be done tomorrow until I’m done with the day’s goal.


What's your path, bootstrapping, or using turnkey business systems?


Using turnkey systems. The SBI module which I use has all the technicalities sorted out so I can focus more on content creation… and building the business.


Do you have any difficulty thinking that this is actually a business?


No I don’t. But sometimes I get distracted online doing other things rather than building my business. Though these “other things” could add value to me but they rob me of the time for developing my internet business idea right at that moment as they come…

…and achieving results within the designated deadline (set by me of course!)


How do you intend to make money from this business?


I intend to be a part of the SBI! Affiliate Program, have the A2W on it, do Google AdSense, sell e-books etc (but it’ll all be a step at a time).

The primary motivation is adding value to my audience with my internet business idea – and that comes first… as you can see on my site now.

First, I checked for the profitability of my site concept and assessed various monetization plans… Why register a company if you’re not sure it would make you money?


Was there a way for you to know upfront that this business would actually make money for you?

Wale: Yes, there was.

First, I checked for the profitability of my site concept and assessed various monetization plans. This was part of the research and brainstorming process I did before I registered my domain name.

Why register a company if you’re not sure it would make you money? It’s d same in this case.


What would you do with your earnings as your internet business idea begins generating money?


I’ll invest my earnings and pursue my bigger dreams.


What would you not do with your earnings?


I won’t squander my earnings on unnecessary extravagance. There’s a lot to be achieved. I’ll just move to the next level instead.


Are you nursing any intentions of developing another internet business idea?


Sure, I intend to build another internet business idea after this is successful and can be on auto-pilot. The net is the largest market possible. I can always leverage on it for any internet business idea inspirations I get.


In your opinion, how could a beginner relate successfully with developing an original internet business idea?


I'll say as a beginner, you need to empty your cup and be open minded to learn new things because you’ll learn a lot ( that’s not to say it’s difficult, but that’s not to say it’s just as simple as A,B,C). You’ll learn, you’ll grow, and you’ll evolve.

  • First! Choose a niche you’re naturally passionate about, this will fuel your success engines to keep moving when you hit certain road blocks. It makes the journey exciting through and through. Your passion keeps you going against all odds.

  • Perseverance: There’s no Get Rich Quick business anywhere. You can’t start a business and become a millionaire over night. But the net gives your internet business idea the leverage of making you a millionaire with hard work, in a far shorter time, and with less stress than working offline.

In Closing…

If you look deep within yourself you’ll find your bliss. But not many people will even try.

Most people make… literally MAKE (create)… excuses that stand between them and their loftiest dreams. The only problem though is that they usually don’t even know what they’re doing.

Excuses won’t save you from the truth – you ignored your dreams and embraced your fears.

Step out today – put up your own internet business idea, and see the world blessed.

Get hold of the FREE downloadable courses on this site and begin making the most out of them.

Meet you at airports around the world!

loves from Nic

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