Internet Business Mistakes That Might Kill You

These internet business mistakes almost had me killed, have killed many and are killing MORE than 100 Million web businesses right NOW.

No long notes…

  1. Starting an internet business in a field I was ONLY passionate about, but had very limited knowledge in…

  2. Assuming I’d make it online by purely working HARD… I quickly realized there was more – and it was not the over-pitched “work smart” cliché.

    No matter what you do, DON’T register a domain name first, until you have done proper keyword research… check out some of the best internet business research tools here.

  3. Thinking I could go full time on meager income… hehehe… I was DEAD wrong. You NEEEEED that darn dirty, boring job, or whatever survival source you’re hanging unto now, until the cash flow bag busts large all over you.

  4. Blocking out my friends. Now, these were the same folks that showed me love through the years… now my “error infested” eBusiness was becoming a barrier to the love we’ve shared.

  5. Starting out online in an area that you ONLY know so much about, but you hate or have NO sufficient passion to drive the dream. I didn’t do this, but some people do. I’d have made this mistake too…

    …like building a web biz about Christianity – I know a heck of a lot about it, but frankly, a Christian internet business won’t work for me. Uh that would have probably been the worst of the internet business mistakes.

  6. Expecting too much too soon… for some people I’d say “expecting anything at all is foolish”, yup! ‘Cause these sorts of folks don’t put in anything of worth, they want to milk a cow they never nursed.

  7. Copying others and NOT being original and creative with your content. Well… I think this one is downright dumb – and the search engines agree.

    Google have succeeded in finding a way of flinging content-copy-jerks out of their search results.

  8. Being selfish… SHARE your best. Go the extra mile… there are no blocks on the extra mile… Well, I had to learn this one for a bit… I honored it more in the disobedience than in the observance of it.

  9. Not using commonsense. Well… you know what I mean, right? Just do a quick search online on anything – internet business mistakes like this one are pretty much everywhere.

Over to the House of Remedies…

Now, I’m assuming you haven’t made these mistakes, but just in case you made them already, I managed to come up with some solutions you can apply. They are actually some of the ones that redeemed me from those pity-riddled internet business mistakes.

  1. In the passionate fool’s camp?

    Stop. Quit the business and re-calibrate… find an online venture you both FEEL hearty about and KNOW a heck of a lot about the topic.

    You must leave that camp behind… or end up just like them – broke.

    An alternative… educate your mind on this topic and keep it working until your cash box busts open. This will take some time, but hey…

    …I don’t think 5 to 10 years is much of a deal, especially when you compare it to the reality of building any business, anywhere or that’s of taking up a regular job…

  2. HARD work can become HARD knocks if you don’t understand the dynamics of the internet.

    You can handle this either of these two ways:

    a. Leverage an all-in-one guidance and technology system to build a turnkey internet business. More than 50% of people who go this route succeed.

    b. Bootstrap your way through it by learning every bit and piece of the process. More than 98% of people who go this way crumble and fail.

  3. Survival must be honored… or you WON’T survive. Keep your money ways alive… or find one.

  4. Social life keeps things in perspective.

    Keep your girlfriend’s orgasmic experiences up to date… but hey, keep free of detractors – you need support and focus in a blend.

  5. Wikipedia-malady… Knowledge and NO passion?

    Two ways out of pain-in-the-butt internet business mistakes like this one:

    a. Grow your passion for this topic. Find the beauties of it, and get romantic with them.

    b. Drop the darn thing and find that passion-based best internet business to start for you.

  6. Healing Day Dreamers’ and Castle-In-The-Air sickness.

    Face the facts – if you don’t work HARD and well on this thing you’d expect much out of it – simple.

  7. Originality- Deprivation Syndrome (ODS)… internet business mistakes like this one has ONE cure – offenders simply need to grow up.

  8. Selfish-Mindedness-Disorder (SMD)… the same remedy as ODS above.

  9. Commonsense? You simply need to just for this one – you have it already… I should assume, right?

More Resources to Help You

Ok, let’s assume that you’ve been so attentive and won’t make these mistakes or would remedy them if you already made them…

…I’m absolutely assuming you’re that into all these. Now, here’s the way forward.

Avoid internet business mistakes by utilizing these free resources.

Engage the best internet business tools winners use to win.

Before the cash... Learn truths about SEO for small Businesses, first.

Au revoir… hook up with you at airports around the world!

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