Internet Business Models at Work

Internet Business models are the money machines that drive online business. And don’t confuse them for offline business models, that’s a whole different animal.

It’s like “well, that’s pretty obvious…” when you read it like this on your computer screen. But ol’ boy, reality reveals that most virgins – even many webmasters – don’t know what they’re doing when they do get around this reality…

Frankly, online business models greatly differ from offline business models. In fact, they only share two things in common:

1) Verbally shares the word “Business Model” and

2) Intellectually shares one purpose too – marketing…

And beyond these two?

Is a world of differences. What you want to glean from this page are profitable internet business models… let’s keep it there – for the name.

Marketing is fancy word for how value is promoted and distributed to people. Value could be products, services, ideas or any fine mix of these three. But no matter what, it MUST fulfill at least, one need.

Business at the Speed of thought

Nope. Not the Bill Gates book.

I mean internet business models make it possible for you and me to do business at the speed of thought…

…sealing deals at the click of a button.

Amazon has started selling more eBooks than hard copies – even though they have more hard copies in stock than their electronic mates.

And this is currently making a whole lot of buzz in the media, even in the USA. Click here to see for yourself.

This is not hard to see… with Kindle, iPads, Nexus, and other sleek gadgets selling out at alarming rates, more and more people are finding it more convenient having all their library volumes and favorite media handy on flight, in waiting rooms or just around the mall.

You can have a shopping spree in Paris… sitting at your veranda in Chattanooga. No qualms – sipping on your favorite beverage.

But be warned, when it comes to doing internet business that REALLY works…

Never, Never, Never, Never Start with the Money

If you do?

You’ll fail dismally – at least.

And if you’re like most people I know, you really don’t want to be fiddling with a failed course now… you’d rather have the success instead. All you have to do is KNOW your passions.

How you know them?


Know yourself!

…what you love, hate, your talents, strengths, weaknesses…

Do your best to answer the question “what is bliss to me?”

Internet Business Models

Once you gain a grasp at your truest passions, it’s there you begin KNOWING what you really would love to do. What comes natural to you?

Especially the crazy things… the more unique your answer reveals of you, the better.

To work internet business models successfully, you MUST start with your passion. Oh, of course it’s not necessary if failing still makes sense to you. Success is optional.

But if you seek success click here to use a nifty tool that helps you find your true cor. (by the way cor is Latin for heart…)

Don’t hurt yourself. Start with YOU.

10 Internet Business Models Making Money Now…

Still talking?

C’mon let’s go!

Just a quick one – Model Type (as you’ll see at the bottom of each model I explain) helps you know which of the internet business models are applicable to you if you decide to start an internet business Selling Something or if you want one that’s Selling Nothing... some even goes with a blend of both.

1. Make yours InterNETwork Marketing

Don’t spin your wheels. InterNETworking is potentially the most powerful of these models. And fortunately for you, not many people know how to build some decent income using this model…

…that's why I say potentially.

Model Type: Special Blend (Sell Something and/or Sell Nothing…)

2. AdSense… Only Makes Sense if Your Site Does

This is a great starter internet business model for most virgins… you can prime the money pump here, hit orgasm, wet yourself and then get going. But first, get your site right – or be left behind.

Make AdSense make sense. Click here to learn all you need to know!

Model Type: Sell NOTHING

3. Affiliate Marketing Success!

As one of the most popular internet business models, affiliate marketing is both great and grave… Many virgins quickly know this one, but few succeed because they really never know how to tame or control this animal… without ending up being its lunch.

Weigh this internet business model on the scales of truth...

click here to explore.

Model Type: Sell Nothing (You may choose to Sell NOTHING, Sell ANYTHING or Blend them)

4. Earning by Lead Generation/Finder’s Fee

This is one of the least used, though fairly popular, online business models… yet one of the BEST paying. Nori uses it, and says it’s one of her highest earners.

This HEAVILY depends on traffic to your site for success to happen. So… traffic first, please…

Model Type: Sell Nothing

5. Now, play big with JVPs

Joint Venture Partnerships are for websites with very high traffic… of all internet business models, this is where the big gals and guys play.

Model Type: Sell Nothing

6. Now do global Imports and Exports in your basement…

Nope! You don’t even need a basement. It’s called Drop-shipping, and you don’t need any licenses to do this (generally) either… What you do need is…

…here. The internet is your store! You don't need space, that is...

Model Type: Sell Nothing! (Or Sell Something or a Mix)

7. Deliver Electronically powered, RAW value

…with eGoods – electronic goods, such as downloadable/internet-streamed videos and audios, or ebooks are generally great ways of giving fast, accessible value without sacrificing quality… this is GOLD now – take my words for it!

Model Type: Sell Nothing (but makes a great blender if you wanna… sell something)

8. DVDs that yield DVDends…

…gets the power of DVDs working for you. This takes Intellectual properties to the next level – you can leverage on the internet, but NOT dependent on it for your sale!

Talk complete freedom.

Model Type: Sell Something (But can go for a blend or Sell Nothing)

9. Membership sites… turbo-charge the power of your knowledge

If what you know provides unmatched value… make it pay you unmatched earnings.

Ah… this is not for dabblers… and if you’re not one, of the internet business models I talked of here, this one pays big for rare knowledge.

Don't be afraid of this model. Quality information and sound uunderstanding of internet business systems is what you need.

Model Type: Sell Nothing

10. Do Internet Leveraged Real Estates

You DON’T even need to own a cubicle to do this one… that’s why it’s internet leveraged – you can even start with NO connections to any available properties!

Model Type: Sell Nothing (or Sell Something... if you wanna)

Nope! It doesn’t end there

Here’re even more internet business models…

11. Show your style with Custom-Made Stuff, while grabbing in the cash too…

Building a business around your passion can’t be any crazier – well, I should think so. Plainly, you can sell custom made shirts, mugs, stickers, posters, jackets… strip down to g-strings, bikinis and boxers!

…it’s really that crazy.

Click here to check this out.

Model Type: Starts with Selling Nothing… and then, Selling Something.

12. Service Selling… with authority and style

You can get both local and global clients banging-to-bust at your eDoor. Do you have any special service based skill, or a passion that solves a particular problem? Of the internet business modes here, I should think this is your nirvana…

Click right here to get in.

Model Type: Sell Something

13. Own your “eBay”. A real business with equity… called Net Auction

Always wanted to sell on eBay or own your online shop? The beautiful thing about internet business models is that they bring everything in one for you, you never have to bother about most what offline stores care about

And, obviously, this is better than owning a store in the heart of Manhattan…

This is Cyberspace, Virgie. It's in the heart of the world!

If you love this one... or just want to explore it, click here.

Model Type: Sell Something

14. Donations

Now if you really have what your visitors want… this money machine can do wonders – have your visitors paying you without you asking them to buy anything. This is raw monetization for raw value...

Just like the big players do it – Mozilla Firefox, Wikipedia, and a host of others. But you don't need to be like them at all to do it.

Model Type: Obviously… Sell Nothing

15. Ad Spaces... Turn Your High-Traffic Site into Highway Billboards

This internet Business Model can be a high earner – up to $5,000 USD or more, monthly. Just that... TRAFFIC... TRAFFIC... TRAFFIC, first!

Model Type: Sell NOTHING!

No Ending…

Virgie, as you can plainly see, I’m committed to your success here, but I really can’t do that without you permitting to do it. To permit me, simply subscribe to the RSS Feed of this site. (See the orange Boxes at the top left hand-side of your screen).

Ask me questions, leave comments and suggestions you have for me... I'll read them all. And answer your questions promptly... Use the Contact Form.

loves from Nic

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