Orgasmic Internet Business Plan for Hearty Virgins

Here's how you can whip up some smart internet business plan, within your time, money and skill level – especially if you're a newbie.

In big corporations and offline, “business plan” means making complex forecasts…

But for internet business owners – especially for folks like me whose businesses do not need complicated people management systems…

…life is a whole lot simpler.

Umm… well, that's "simple" until you begin weighing the best strategic blueprint to work with or build the business from.

It’s all "simple" until money – financial planning – and time management become parts of the equation.

Just about then, building a part time internet business becomes an option… or a question.

Ah! The more complex ones – technical and social skill development…

…social skills drive internet business.

Now, "social" doesn't mean Facebook, Twitter and the likes. "Social" is WORDS.

Grab this FREE downloadable course that helps you grow your Net-writting Skills... which is the social part of "skills".

You bet, social is the MOST important thing online... ask Zuckerberg.

Handling Money Matters in Your Internet Business Plan

This one is a matter of finding your level. This is REAL business.

Stats show that about 60% of successful home businesses need

Get that? "NEED", not "may need", but NEED…

...MORE than $5,000 USD initial investment to get started.

So come ready.

For most people it's a "putting 2 cents in and getting a dollar back" thing. That’s plain bull-crap. Stuff doesn’t work that way here.

You need to shop. Here are things to put in your internet-business-plan shopping cart…

  1. Domain name payment

  2. Website design

  3. Website hosting

  4. Auto-responder software

  5. Keyword Research tool, like WordTracker

  6. Invest some money in learning basic HTML

  7. Shopping Carts and online shopping software

  8. Social Media experts

  9. Virtual assistants for your customer support service

  10. Customer Data Management software like SalesForce

  11. Images for your site

  12. Professional site analysis and recommendations for your pages

  13. Data Storage, Like Amazon S3, for example

  14. Niche and competitor info research

  15. And others I may be missing out due to familiarity of use

Depending on the services you use – and you can find a heck of a lot of them if you run a Google search for them.

You may find the prices differing greatly too.

And hey, with all these in place, isn't it boring to know that you've not started talking of marketing costs at PPC programs, and banners costs.

Even more disheartening is that ALL that money goes in without any hopes of visitors... talk less of customers... to your website!

The point here is simple – you MUST spend some money.

Don’t buy into those “start your business with nothing” pitches…

…Hey, it’s called business, remember?

Ok. Here's Why I think I'm a Star

I'm part of the 40% who started with LESS than $5,000… in fact I started… with less than $300.

Oh, yea... that's NOT a typo. It's LESS than 3-0-0 US dollars.

I can even show you how to get started with as little as $30 USD... even if you're not sure what you want to do online, just yet.

There’s ONLY one way to draw an internet business plan that’s as efficient and even MORE effective than those who’ve spent thousands of dollars getting started…

…It’s called Site Build It!

It's helped thousands of everyday people across the globe and students in more than 30 North American, Middle Eastern and European Universities and institutes build turnkey internet businesses centered on their passions.

Click here now to get ALL your questions answered about writing an educated internet business plan.

Measuring Your Technology-o-meter

How proficient are you with the internet and computers?

If internet or computers in general are all too geeky for you...

click here to download a FREE 15-page eBook, E-commerce Primer for Newbies, and have a grasp at this animal.

You’re in either one or a mix of these levels. Knowing where you are NOW is crucial to success:

  1. Absolute Newbie? Computers and the internet are geeky – you love them, but you don’t understand them. Download the eBook I provided above.

  2. You use the internet regularly but you don’t quite understand how it can be used for business talk less of drawing an internet business plan!

  3. You’ve lost some money trying a few things online.

  4. You know bits and pieces about internet business, but you pretty much can’t bring them together to form a whole.

Knowing where you are at helps you gain clarity on what you need to learn or what you need to unlearn.

Ironically, it's the more experienced people that have more to unlearn!

...They generally find a coach or action guide tough to follow…

And can be a bit lousy about using guided internet business plan.

Time… the ONE Commodity

They say “Time is money”. But since this is heavily disputed...

...Maybe we’d all agree that “Time is Life”.

You live by time, in time and for time. So… for obvious reasons your life becomes what your time is used for.

To use your time intelligently, you need a strong, but NOT for-an-android sort of plan. A plan may not play out as scripted, but it gives FLOW to your actions.

And you NEED flow.

Drawing a plan that works for you…

…Start by asking and answering yourself these questions…

  1. How much time does my current value activities… like school time, work time, commuting time, family time, etcetera… take in a typical week?

  2. How much time do I waste on very low value activities… like doing anything I’m really not passionate about or generally wastes my time, for example process emails or Facebooking?

  3. If I could discipline myself, how much time can I really glean out for this business? Can I come up with some extra 1, 2 or 3 hours a day that goes into this business?

  4. How do I control the environment? How do I ensure I really commit myself to doing my internet business, not just surfing the web or chatting up on Facebook, or messing around generally?

    How do I keep friends from stopping by to say hello?

    How do I keep my ever-ringing cell phone from being a nuisance?

    How do I keep my mind from wandering?

  5. What time is best for me… considering my unique situations – if I have any “unique situations”?

    Do I get home late from work?

    Does my girlfriend like hitting orgasm frequently? Meaning that I’d be creating time for smooching pretty often… Now, that’s a unique situation down there…

Get the idea right?

Think through the whole process and know what you’re in for. And then draw up a commonsense plan based on these realities.

If you’re using a turnkey system, a more strategic blueprint will be required of you… but in that case you WILL be guided.

The internet business plan in this case, is your guide…

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Ciao… Hook up in Italy! …Malpensa, at Milan.

loves from Nic

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