Internet Business Resources for Hearty Beginners

Access internet business resources that works for you like the sun! Here’s a systematic approach to firing up your online money, without burning out.

We’ll take it through a four-part process…

  • Idea Research Resources

  • Content Resources

  • Traffic Resources

  • PREselling Resources

  • Monetization Resources

This keeps things instant and practical for you…

There are loads of free resources you can use as well. Dive right in here to access them – they are absolutely free. No signing in to or signing up for anything… just grab your resources, free.

Research Resources

What you want to do here is to identify and understand internet business resources – tools – for gathering and analyzing information… hey, this is information business – call this the heart-tools.

They focus here…

  • Finding an idea that’s drawn from your passions, for your business

  • Researching demand and supply for your idea

  • Analyzing the money making potentials of your business

  • Research the “backgrounds and backyards”

You can easily do all of these using Wordtracker, a hi-tech software service that help you perform all three functions above. However, there are turnkey systems that are both cheaper than and equally as effective as Wordtracker.

If you plan on branding your work online… do some brand research and avoid legal troubles. Find out what names you can’t use and what you can use.

Of course, find the domain names available before you register any domain name. My best recommendation is Bestwhois.

Content Resources

This is information business, I said that already, remember?

You’re ONLY going to succeed with provision of quality information in quantity. Internet business resources that help you with content do so with this in mind – quality information delivered in quantity.

Content resources are basically “value varnishes”. They help you in varnishing your experiences, skills, knowledge, even ignorance into goldmines.

As you may already know, the most important of this content resource is your brain!

Thinking of your internet business in terms of your audience helps you craft your content uniquely to them.

Here’s a simple process for doing this successfully.

  1. Type in your idea’s keyword into Google (or any search engine’s) search box, and hit “search” (of course, this assumes you’re done with the Research Resources above, which is the stage one).

    For example if your research reveals that your best, passion based, internet business is going to be centered on Fiji, then you simply to enter Fiji into the search engine… and then hit “search”.

  2. Take the top 3 to 5 sites and analyze their visitor stats… using Quantcast. Having a firm understanding of your visitors helps you write content that suits them – stuff that hits orgasm for them.

  3. Now, carefully read through those top 3 to 5 sites – or more sites from the search results if you can – and then identify pockets of knowledge that are poorly addressed, or knowledge gaps and fill them. This is yourcontent… videos, audios, photos and texts all make up your content.

  4. You can use Yahoo! Answers and/or and other open forums like these, which are great internet business resources for you, to find out what questions people are asking… your content is their answer – of course posted on your site.

  5. Use research resources like Wikipedia, and registered membership information sites can be of value here too…

What you simply want to use these content based internet business resources for are…

  • Getting a hang at who you are talking to – your audience of ONE. Yes, you’ll have to write as if you’re talking to one person. And this IS a specific kinda person… a teen girl, a mom, college boy, Medical doctor… that’s what the point (2) above help you actualize.

  • Having a grasp at their concerns and worries: What knowledge, solution, results… do they seek to have? What are they asking for?

  • Knowing the gaps in the knowledge/solutions that exist already… if these gaps don’t exist already, these people won’t be searching… the gaps provide your opportunities!

Traffic Resources

Now… once you have your research done, you provide sought-after information, next you want to make your gem available to people who need it…

That’s what traffic is all about – people who need it… otherwise called targeted traffic.

Here is a simplified step by step method to doing that, once your content is done with…

  • Submit your site at directories (for your niche and for bigger directories). Generally, if you have great content of value you should get listed.

    But this is by no means a guarantee… the directories will have to review your site and decide for themselves if you’re fit... and decisions at times can be subjective!

  • Exchange links with other valuable websites… you may take advantage of SiteSell’s value exchange program – the best link exchange program online.

  • Identify and comment on related blogs and forums.

  • Join majesticseo and use their resources.

Obviously, this can be a lot of work… but hey, you are talking business here, and this is one core part of your internet business resources, it makes success happen – if you work it.

Do the work now and let the dividends follow even years after you’re done doing the hard part!

PREselling as one of your Internet Business Resources

You’re here to create healthy business relationships, and you had better not lose sight of that reality. The goal here is to interact with your visitors appropriately.

Technology already makes this very easy for you…

All these can be amazing internet business resources for you. These helps you build relationship – simple.

Of course, your brains will always be needed.

Monetization resources

This part of internet business resources is what you had been aiming for all along… and rightly so. No one is in business for sightseeing.

You’ve shown honest interest in people. You’ve work hard, provided quality information and all that.

Your visitors and subscribers are seriously into you and traffic is building up…

..Pull the trigger – monetize!

Already this site has some Free internet business give-aways to this effect, and it wouldn’t be of much use to spend time getting and using them. Google adsense passive income is a great starter for most new web entrepreneurs…


I’m fully aware of the gazillion software and programs out there claiming to be the magical Midas of internet business resources. And I know there are some fine ones amongst the heap of rubbish, but as a rule of thumb, NEVER get a program that promises you quick money or that says…

…that you do not have to do any work on any of the levels, whether content, traffic, relationships building or monetization of your audience. You’ll have to work at EACH of them, but the rewards more than compensates for your most daring contributions and efforts.

I already developed a method to help you find what you love (that makes money) and how to get to it – at once! Most successful small business ideas online utilize what the internet business resources in there avails to you.

See you there!

Enjoy the internet business resources here...

loves from Nic

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