Internet Business Startup for Virgins

Are you considering earning money online? Here’re internet business startups info for that beginners like you NEED. Gain the Grip on Online Success with ease.

Don’t get nervous, don’t rush and don’t stop until you finish this page. If you’re a virgin, you’re only where every veteran started from… so you’re on course – you should be proud of that.

But, like most veterans, you might make some gruesome mistakes. It’s all part of it, so don’t get discouraged when you do – many people give up and wonder why the rest are successful… well you should know that by now. They NEVER gave up.

I Think that…

Yours is special, honestly, I consider you fortunate – you’ve made effort and found this great resource, behind this website is a guide… and a friend – Nicholas. And I’ve consciously worked to make sure you gain value THAT WORKS… so you should expect that having found me, your internet business future is secure…

…especially if you exercise the discipline of not turning to GRQ (Get-Rich-Quick) schemes for lazy money (there is no lazy money anywhere, don’t get fooled by fools).

I’ll show you internet business startups that really yield money – if you work them. However, don't expect too much too soon. It won't work that way.

Be warned, money don't rain online – I can’t overemphasis that there's no lazy money anywhere… Don’t fall for the "latest money spinner", because there is none actually (those who promote those kinds of stuff only want to spin your money off you).

So pace yourself, learn... do what you need to do, and gradually, the money beginnings snowballing. Your confidence begins building up, as you earn the cents... then the bits and pieces of dollars up until the hundreds... and on it goes.

And then you quit your ugly job... now you're off to holiday with the smartest of your numerous girlfriends, for six lazy months on the unforgettable laps of luxury – far away in fabulous Fiji!

Where to Start?

Two things are involved…

your heart (speaking of your conscience and strength of character) and your passions (speaking of what you know and love to do…).

Yes, I’ve not even mentioned money. And rightly so.

Money is the end, not the beginning. Once you got your HEART and PASSION straight, you’re 100% sure to command the money – in months.

My very first internet business took roughly four months to arrive at $26.76 USD. That was not bad for a start.

Overtime the digits got fatter, though. Had days I made as good as $153.30 USD at once. Once you learn how to make the money happen, you can always make it happen.

Successful internets business startups begin – always begin – from the Heart and Passion part.

Of course failure is an option, just ignore these two and go straight for the money – simple. That’s, in fact, way easier to do… may be not as easy to live with though.

And maybe you shouldn't be considering doing that, since “doing” is short term and “living” is long term. You don't want to live the rest of your life groping with an ugly thing.

How to start…

If you didn’t read all I wrote about internet business startup above, don’t bother with this place – it’s a waste of your time. Everything here flows in unison.

Like I said – HEART and PASSION, here’s how they work…


Answer these questions, and do these seriously:

  • Why am I doing this at all? Why do I want to earn money online?

It’s OK if your answer here reveals to you that you’re selfish. Maybe it shows you that you just want money, and that’s all… Whether selfish or liberal, the goal here is TRUTH. Tell yourself the truth.

  • What will change about my life if I have this result I desire?

Maybe more virgin girls would like to make you their first. Maybe more happiness, more freedom to explore new things, more feeling of joy and fulfillment… describe to yourself what you want to see happening as a result of this desirable outcome you want above.

  • What would my world be like if everyone desired this sort of thing? Better, Worse or Just so so?

Once again, be truthful to yourself, your answer here doesn’t matter as much as your clarity and truthfulness to yourself.

  • If by some other means I have what I want I ultimately want, would I still be considering internet business startup?

Now this is where stuff hits the fan. If your answer here is NO, I strongly suggest you drop this idea of internet business startup now, because you will waste your time, and eventually drop the ball in the middle of nowhere. Save your time and money – find something else.

The point here is that no matter you want, if you do not have that desire of working online… in itself, regardless of the internet business Idea I give you, you’ll fall flat to your face – that desire of sitting and working from behind your computer screen has to be firmly there…

…so much that you’d still do it even if you inherited Google today. This has to be joy in itself or you’ll be unhappy in the end, even if you pushed yourself through the thistle of emotional drain, trying to make money online.


Now, I’m assuming you had carefully thought about the heart part. That is crucial or you’ll be crushed eventually.

Passion is appropriately addressed on the page where I wrote on the best internet business to start. So read that to gain a grasp on the passion part. This is very crucial to your success. Having an internet business startup afford you the good you desire, it must be from your passion.

Yes, I said MUST – it's sink or swim, Do or DIE... online.

What is your passion? And how does it become a business online? Those points I addressed in detail on that page. So read it for your own good, friend.

You really don’t have to make the same mistakes others have made before you make it online. You can ignore my advice on this one, but don’t complain when the consequences show up – hint: it’s usually very severely painful.

You honestly deserve better, and that’s why I’m doing this job in the first place… I sincerely think you deserve better. Else you wouldn’t be on this website now, reading this page, and read it to this point… ahh, I think the Universe knows you deserve better, so please don’t resort to self-sabotage.

Attend to your Heart and Passion, with care.

Taking Your Virgin to Veteran Baby Steps…

First thing to do is read the page I recommended above.

Internet business startups that win do so because they CHOOSE to. You too can… but first, find your passion, that’s where the stardom lies.

Having found your passion, you may go right ahead to use a method I outlined in Internet home business ideas to kick your ideas to life.

You may also want to check out some successful online business Ideas I had cataloged, just to give yours a spark… a good way to see what’s possible for you.

There you’ll find a guy I talked about who had used his hobby of watching horror films to start an online business that not only got him interview sessions at CNBC and MSNBC, but landed him a major book publishing deal… of course on horror films too!

Nope! Those are not the only benefits he’s enjoyed so far.

Believe me when I say anything works online. In case you have any issues about internet business startup you’d want to let me know of, or questions you want to attend to, reach me via my contact form – I’ll be very glad to attend to your concerns.

So now let’s get to work. Find your passion first, remember.

Hook up with you at airports around the world.

loves from Nic

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