Sound Internet Business Tools for Hearty Virgins

Hit orgasm on a regular with these internet business tools. Do without these hammers and chisels of web money ONLY if failure is an option for you.

Every results-oriented person seeking to start and run successful internet business almost always ask this question, whether by words or actions…

“Based on what I know here and now, what proven internet business tools do I most need to SUCCEED?”

And like someone once said “questions are – by themselves – proofs that answers exist”. And thank goodness, you can get your answers today… so you don’t have wait ‘til we meet Sherlock Holms next century!

And that? By looking in the right places. Simple.

Accessing your internet business tools are as simple as masturbating…

…you don’t need anyone else to get to it – grab the lube, in this case that’ll be the internet, and get right to it – no hassles.

In this article I’ll keep things practical…

… I’ll take you from…

  1. Research Tools

  2. To Value or Content Creation Tools

  3. To Tools for putting your value in the hands of your audience, visitors or traffic

  4. To Relationship Building Tools – for getting to interact with and know your audience

  5. And then the MONEY making tools – I call them the engines of your “money machines”

I’ll be focusing on these five aspects – wholly.

Now, let’s get to them – quick!

Research Tools

Here, research tools form the skeleton that provides support and structure to your internet venture. If you mess around with this one you’d have messed with your business really bad.

You get it?

I mean REALLY bad.

Here’re TWO things search tools help you accomplish… and you can be sure there’re more, may be lots more, but let’s keep it short – two.

  • They help you FIRSTLY and most importantly to get into the right business.

    Let me ask you a personal question…

    … ever had a boil in your butts – I mean that painful, pus-filled swelling – ever had it?

    Well, that’s a glimpse into what starting the wrong online business could be and feel like.

    What internet business tools help you do here is to get past that kind of messy situation.

    This way you wouldn’t be doing stuff you don’t have any passion for – most people do this…

    …and it shows up in their results – BROKE!

  • Research tools help you weigh up the MONEY…

    uh-uh, you don’t wanna get into something that doesn’t pull in cash. Here, if you ever ignore those cutie research tools be rest sure you’re right up to a mess…

    …OK, long story short. Frankly, you WILL NOT make money if you DO NOT research… and research WELL, FIRST!

    You bet, I could shout this out from the roof tops.

    I’ll be spending sometime here, on research – fleshing out internet business tools you need the most and the reasons why you need them.

    These tools have a THREE-part GOAL…

Discover a PASSION that has in-demand VALUE and that best fits YOUR interests

You could sum this up in three words...

“Your Valuable Passion”

Find your passions

What you want to know here are the answers to one or more of these questions…

“What do I love so much that I’d go all the way to be, do or have.”

“What engages me so much that time just flies by whenever I’m on to it?”

“What do I hate so much that I’d go all the way to change it”

“What stirs my emotions to action? What make me want to do something?”

The goal here is to find those things that MOVE you…

The ONE tool I recommend here is…


...This cool tool helps you arrive at an answer by following a no-brainer process...

…When you get there, scroll down, and simply type in the question you want to get an answer to and this could be one or all of the four questions above… and then follow the process.

Deeply analyze your passions for VALUE

This is a step ahead of the “passion discovery stage”.

Your goal?


That way you can choose the best of your passions with ease.

And here are the facts to look out for…

  1. How deep are these niches, individually?

    …Now I’ll refer to your passions as niches. By dept here, I mean how much content can you really create around this niche – are there enough substances to chew on?

  2. How much competition do you have to deal with in order to win your niche?

    Winning your niche here means you have become a top authority at your passion…

    …not that you have become an Einstein, if your passion is physics, it’s just that you can see…

    a. More and more visitors coming to your site, and staying longer…

    b. More links to your site and your articles…

    c. Higher rankings at the search engines

    d. Of course, more commissions and conversions, etc

    …all these are measurable growths and you don’t need to be clairvoyant to see them.

  3. How much demand is available – how many people are searching for stuff on that niche?

    This is like solving an all important cash-cow puzzle, by asking yourself:

“How many people share my passion enough to put their money where their hearts are?”

If only a very small number of people give a hoot about your soup, I think you’d be better off pursuing another passion... with cash-attraction powers. How about that?

Time to choose what’s best fitting for you…

Now, WAIT a minute!

What does “best fitting” mean?

You see… at the end of the day you’re in this to make money and be happy doing that.

Don’t jump into the pool before you learn how to swim. So here are points to think through before you make up your mind…

  1. Profitability of the niche

    If the demand is higher than the supply (and of course, it’s a topic you’re passionate about) then you have a possible winner.

    …A POSSIBLE winner – not a winner just yet. Seriously consider the next two points before you decide – it’s not a hundred meter dash race.

  2. Largeness of the competition

    If the competition is very large, you have two options – work at the business part time for as long as it’ll take for you to win your niche, or work at it full time, say 60 hours or more, every week.

    On the other hand, you can choose a niche with very small competition – that is easily winnable for you – and hit it.

  3. Knowledge part

    You REALLY need to your niche – if you’re passionate enough, you may as well know a lot. But this is not a barrier.

    If you know only so little, but you’re passionate about this stuff anyways, you can always learn along the way – your business can even become a learning experience for you…

    …that is assuming it’s no high-level technical stuff like heart-surgery or aerospace engineering!

    Generally, your passion will drive you to learn more and more until you become an authority. Most authorities in any niche today were NOT even in that niche before!


Here are internet business tools that help you accomplish these things with very minimal stress…

Google Zeitgeist

Google AdWord Tool


Site Build It!

I’m intentionally avoiding the urge to give you specific usage instructions for these internet business tools, and that’s for a very good reason – they change from time to time, and their functionality improve too.

I suggest you follow their instructions when you’re ready to use them…

…excellent user guidance is usually provided. So you don’t have to worry about such specifics here. Simply understand the underlying principles that control their usage and you’re safe to fly with them.

Based on your research report, you’re ready to work on the Content, Traffic, Relationship and Money-making parts…


Internet business tools used for content creation do ONE thing – and the most important thing of all – create VALUE for your visitors.
Internet business tools that are for content creation are in THREE parts:

  1. Keyword research tools – for finding out what your audience are searching for.

    a. WordTracker and

    b. Site Build It!

  2. Ideas generation tools for uncovering content ideas that your audience might like… although they may not be searching for it just yet.

    a. Your own knowledge, mind and intuition

    b. Search It!

    c. E-bay Pulse

    d. Forums (relating to your niche)… Search It! can also help you with this as well.

  3. Ideas EXECUTION tools…

    Now while the reality is that you’ll be executing your ideas on your website, the fact remains that some internet business tools works at helping you make this a reality – you reach your audience better. Here are some of them…

    a. Evernote

    b. Videos, for example, YouTube Video Channel

    c. ForShared

    d. PDF creation tools. For example Adobe PDF converter

    e. Podcasting equipmets


Now, when we talk traffic, we are actually referring to real human beings who visit your site.

Traffic-based internet business tools have two major uses…

  1. …PULL IN the kinds of people who want your stuff…

    what we generally call TARGETED traffic, and keep that traffic GROWING in NUMBER… in ways that makes you, the search-engines (by that I mean Google, Bing, Yahoo!… etc – that’s how most people search for things online) and your visitors happy.

    Yes, you’ll have to satisfy all three – yourself, search engines and visitors… or it’s all broken records.


    First, PULL in the traffic…

    a. Value Exchange

    b. Search Engines (Like Yahoo!, Bing, Google and the rest)… NOT Search Engine Optimization – that, for the most part, is a doomed course – obviously not for virgins like you and me.

    c. Word of mouth. If you have great stuff on your niche – like I have here – you should get lots and lots of WOM going around about you…

    Most of your valuable visitors will come via the search engines, and your job – as far as traffic is concerned is to hit the top of the search engines.

    "Top" here means first page of SERP (Search Engines Results Page). First three pages at most.

  2. …Measure your traffic activities (like “how many people came from what country?”) and your visitors’ behavior (like “how long did they stay on your site? What

    pages did they visit, and what money-making activities did they do there?”).


    a. The most common tool for this function is the awesome Google Analytics

    ...SBI! also has inbuilt Tracking and Analytics tools you can use – and are a lot simpler to understand and use than GAT.

    b. The Page Rank Tool Helps you measure the page rank for sites – measures on a scale of 1 – 10… and this sort of shows Google’s opinion of the quality of materials on the site.

    But hey, this is subjective, and depends on the age of the site too… so great, but young sites are often out of favor here.

Relationship Building...

This is for relationship building (the goal here is to build trust and respect)

Relationship building is far beyond what technological tools can do – you NEED human brains and intuition here...

Tools for this purpose…

1. Web-content writing skills

2. Newsletter/ezine software

3. Contact form... just like mine.

4. Contact/mailing address and phone number (depending on your niche and size of your business)

5. A Guide…

Since I use a turnkey internet business system, I wouldn’t be your best guide for the many over-priced or wacky services out there – I do know, however, that SBI! has all you’ll ever need with respect to the PREselling part…

…frankly, and I’m not being cynical, nothing else works better than the integrated system it offers. Relationship building is far beyond what technological internet business tools can do – you NEED human brains and intuition here.

For example, technology won’t teach you how to write professional web-content that helps you build relationship your visitors like the Action Guide would.


Here we’re talking about the engines that drive your money machines.

And right in here are internet business models or money machines you don’t want to go without!

PayPal is by far the most used payment processing service online…

...and can be great for your business. Others that work great are…

  • Payza

  • Moneybookers

  • Liberty Reserve

  • Webmoney

Your end goal is to have your cash flowing in even while you sleep.

So I’ve shared some awesome passive income ideas on some other pages to help you realize that.

And in case you’d want to take advantage of Google adsense passive income, I covered that too…

…my point? Money-making internet business tools are MORE than you can ever use. So focus on value creation – FIRST…

…if you do? The cash comes chasing at you, naturally.

Farewell buddy. I hope this page's equipped you with viable internet business tools that help you hit orgasm on the regular.

Hook up with you at the airports…

loves from Nic

So, let’s go straight up from Internet Business Tools

to Internet business Ease

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