Lean Linear Income Leaning On Lean Walls

Peel to the skin of linear income, find out why passive income and active income must work together, or you’ll have neither! Here’s pure truth.

First, what is linear income?

Straight up – it is income that you earn from your regular work. You don’t earn it if you do not WORK for it. They may also be called non-passive income, or active income.

Some of the means by which you earn this sort of income are…

  • Speaking Engagements. If you speak at events… and this IS your job, then you earn actively.

  • You earn from contractual deals, and get paid once off.

  • You’re a professional and get paid hourly, weekly or monthly wages or paychecks for job done.

  • You repair computers in your garage… and get paid by your clients.

  • You work for Facebook or Wells Fargo, or Starbucks and earn monthly salaries…

…you get the idea… money that you have to offer value at that moment to earn for that moment, but not set on any turnkey systems.

In short, it’s the opposite of how passive income comes. NOT the opposite of passive income.

It’s important you note that difference.

I’ve seen, read, heard and interacted with loads of materials that seem to give you the impression that earning money that is not coming passively or residually is bunkum.

But, it's not so.

Active income is not just here for a reason, it’s darn IMPORTANT to creating and sustaining passive income systems…

…although with time some passive income systems would become self-sustaining, but for now, we need paycheck jobs – even then, money earned by paycheck would not be totally done away with.

IMO, we need them. And they’ll be here – some people, no matter what you do want active income not passive income.

Some Things Will Have to Go, Though…

...Things like earning paycheck IN pains.

Let's face it, isn’t that downright dumb?

Do you really have to sacrifice your happiness for money? Is it really worthy of you?

Of course you'll have to work, but not from a place of neediness... but bliss.

I think we can have happiness and money together in one piece.

We are NOT slaves of the system we created!

We’re masters of it...

...and to play as though we are slaves of the system is just not going to get anyone anywhere

So the “sacrificing” will have to go… we are NOT slaves of the system we created! We’re masters of it, and to play as though we are slaves of the system is just not going to get anyone anywhere.

So the earlier we step away from the restrictive walls surrounding linear income the better for us.

The purpose of part time internet business in the first place – or for the most part – is to help us come out of the clutches of the brutal unfairness buried deep in our corporate and academic systems.

What’s the Difference between Active and Passive Incomes?

Like I said already, this is NOT the opposite of passive income. The opposite of passive income is scam – gamed income.

This is a compliment of passive income.

They’re friends. Much like Eminem’s line in How Come, with D12, reads 9taalking of him and his friend)…

“You ran the streets and I nine-to-fived it…”

Passive income is running the street. Linear income is nine-to-fiving it… they work together to create balance.

For every income you earn passively, someone had to get a job to make it possible. Quitting your job is fine, but don’t hate jobs… they just need to be adjusted for current realities.

Passive Income Creates Active Income Work and Vice Versa... they Always Work Together

One does the job. The other provides it.

Passive income is not that romantic… you know. You need some thick skin to make it work.

It’s kind of more “in the flow” to get a job…

But the pleasure passive income brings is light years ahead of what you get from your paycheck… much like masturbating with your bear hands compared to hitting orgasm working in the big O.

You Can’t Do this Forever… and You Know It

It’s perfectly OK, if all you do now is stuff that needs your presence before you can make money – most people, even the uber-successful mostly started that way…

They did something more than that, though – they quit!

They stopped that cycle of exchanging their most precious resources – energy and time – for cash that, at best, only solved their most pressing needs and left them needing to work even harder, afterwards.

Shift from passionless money to money that deeply fulfills you – something that makes you wonder in excitement…

“Wow, I’m really being paid for this! For something I love and would do anyways… this is beautiful”

You deserve that life believe me.

Start now. Find something you’re passionate about, build it up using the best leverage in the world – the internet – and begin mining the money. Let work-for-income become a past reality.

Step into passive income… and then you can do the sort of work that is more out of love for it – even for free – than for the money.

“the rich work for FREE, The poor work for money.”

Rich Dad

Plan up your linear income exit, and do something about it, NOW. Answer this question, first, what do you love? By clicking here.

I even provided some resources that will help you uncover some FREE internet business opportunities hidden in plain sight. So you can instantly swing into action.

Linear income have had its time, time to get the passive one… walk away from lean linear income leaning on lean walls – it’s at the breaking point!

Walk away… run!!!

See you around the world…

loves from Nic

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