MLM Internet Business for Smart Virgins

Build your own money making network through MLM internet business, and become a part of the industry with the highest number of millionaires today!

Robert Kiyosaki… the Rich Dad, Poor Dad guy – remember? He’d usually say stuffs like…

“The rich build networks. The poor are made to work for money”

…and my favorite…

“Your network determines your net-worth”

On the internet it’s not difficult to see this reality everywhere, of course – well, unless you’ve been living in the moon since 1960.

Facebook. LinkedIn. Groupon. Twitter. Google… and all the other social networks everywhere live by this truth…

…and it doesn’t go without saying the FACT – they’re mostly billion-dollar corporations with tens… to hundreds of millions, even BILLION, active users.

The fastest, easiest, simplest, and most sustainable way to be rich is to build a network – I can’t overemphasize the importance of OWNING a network here.

Network Marketing is NOT a Pyramid Scheme or Ponzi/Madoff Scheme… there is MORE to this model than “money and networking”, and until you know that difference the struggle continues…

“Network”, that’s exactly the model that REAL Network Marketing or Multilevel marketing companies recognized, harnessed and are using today.

This industry is relatively young – less than 100 years old… Amway (American Way) is about the first to get this whole idea started in the form it is now.

Before the miracle word – “internet” – found its way into MLM business, the history of the industry have been a smoothie-mix of tears, joys and tantrums…

But today?

You’re either in MLM internet business or you’re a snail on the highway.

And I won’t be unrealistic by not telling you that offline… without this glorious internet, that model is herculean-tough to implement.

Network Marketing can ONLY be workable for everyone online, without bias – hence, MLM internet business.

The Kitty-worms of MLM Internet Business…

…are in its history - attracting lazy easy street lovers is a major.

And the second issue is the not-well-adapted-for-MLM-internet-business methods that many NM companies use – they force offline methods on the internet, and of course that gets NOWHERE.

All through the years – for the most part of the twentieth through this twenty-first century, the undoing of most Network Marketing companies have been their inability to move from offline to online.

And you know what?

Most of them are still as hardy…

…they bring a failed, pitch-to-everyone-five-meters-from you-approach to the internet. Heck! That doesn’t work here. This is cyberspace – not your regular hotel prospects-meeting, duh! So please…

Here are the plagues

  • People generally, don’t like being pitched at… but we enjoy honest recommendations from friends

  • We’re not all sales people, so not all of us will have that knack for meeting people we don’t know and introducing products they don’t know (and maybe have no use for, anyway).

  • Promoters of MLM businesses often times make ambiguous promises that they really can’t keep… some even promise you downlines and that all you have to do is signup.

  • Because Network Marketing doesn’t require any skills or qualifications, it’s also got more than its fair share of GRQ headhunters (Get-Rich-Quick folks, that is)

But, Hey, the Facts First!

Network Marketing started in the USA, and is a multibillion dollar industry, with the likes of Virgin Group, Amway, Citi Group and other successful companies adopting or wholly running on this model – globally.

And the sweet part…

…It’s has so far been the very best industry at turning otherwise unfortunate lower/middle class people into high earners – even millionaires!

I’ve seen this happen around me to people/families I know…
The system adopted by MLM is pretty simple…

1. It allows for mushroom-speed-kind-of growth (with the fancy name “Geometric Growth”)

And here’s how that works…

You… used a product or service and enjoyed it, and then you tell, say, 3 friends about this fantastic “miracle” product or service you just used to solve your gravest problem…

…now, since you get paid when people you shared your experience with the product/service eventually buys, your 3 friends’ purchases rewards you.

Now when you successfully use the internet to get this kind of thing going – tracking your income, marketing efforts and so on… you’re in MLM internet business!

And then your 3 friends do the same… and their friends do the same… and it goes on that way.

Let’s use numbers to illustrate what I just said. It should be clearer that way:

Stage 1: You (1 person) X Friends (3 persons) = 3 New persons in the Network, and 4 persons in the network altogether

Stage 2: Friends (3persons) X Their friends (3 persons each) = 9 new persons in the network… and 13 members of the network altogether

Stage 3: Friend’s-Friends (9 persons) X Their friends (3 persons each) = 27 New persons… and 40 persons in the Network

Stage 4: Friend’s-Friend’s-Friends (27 persons) X Their Friends (3 persons each) = 81 New Persons… 121 Members of the Network

Stage 5: Friend’s from Stage 4 (81 persons) X their friends (3 persons each) = 243 New Persons… 364 Members altogether…

And on it goes that way.

The 3 Essentials

1. Geometric Growth of the Network

2. Compounding Residual Income

3. distributes Value-delivering PRODUCTS/SERVICES…

2. Money grows like leaves on trees… and I’m not being metaphorical (some people decided to give that a name too, so they called it Compounding Residual Income…)

That means that as your network grows your money grows too, and the less you’ll have to work!

For example, you’ll be earning something like this, based on your network growth (as I showed you in the example above)

Assuming for every person that joins your Network you get to earn $25.00 USD…

Stage 1: 3 persons = $75.00 USD

Stage 2: 9 Persons = $225.00 USD

Stage 3: 27 Persons = $675.00 USD

Stage 4: 81 Persons = $2025.00 USD

Stage 5: 243 Persons = $6,075.00 USD

And these earnings are usually recurring, and are earned every year or every month or so, over again…

What you’re seeing here is an over simplified example, but should give you an idea of the potentials of building your own MLM internet business…

3. VALUE is at the heart of this whole thing. This is a Business Model set up to distribute PRODUCTS/SERVICES…

If the company doesn’t offer tangible value it’s NO MLM internet business – move on to the next one. Anything away from tangible products/services promotion is a Pyramid or Madoff/Ponzi scheme.

…Well, be warned!

What you DON’T do online is as important, if not even more important, than what you DO. Scrutinize every opportunity before you go in – here in Cyberspace, it’s a lot easier to lose money than make it.

You’re either in MLM internet business or you’re a snail on the highway.

Now, NM world have all been…

…So lovey-dovey if you had a way to talk to people who are honestly interested in your stuff, and not making enemies of your disinterested friends…

Many MLM distributors are in that serious dilemma, they’ve cried the tears, blamed the blames, distressed over every letter that spelt M-L-M, until…


With the internet, we can get targeted traffic of people (who are genuinely searching for that product or solution), and who really have the money to pay for it…

…hmmm, now that’s win-win for you and the searcher.

You’re not forcing the person to buy. Heck! You didn’t even go looking for this person, s/he came looking for you!

One other powerful thing about MLM internet business is that you and your upline are on the same turf! Same global markets… so where you live or you’re from don’t matter much, as long as there is internet access, a computer and electricity.

Some MLM companies are not well adapted to internet business, so it’ll be in your best interest to avoid them in the first place.

Find MLM internet business compliant companies that…

  • Fulfill orders without needing you to run the errands

  • Makes it possible for you to easily use the internet to monitor team progress and support your downlines or get support from your uplines

  • Offers real solutions and are not pyramid schemes

  • Are registered with appropriate regulatory authorities… for example, the DSA in the USA.

  • Is well leveraged for using the internet to pay for signups and/or products/services… without freaking you out

  • Has a trustworthy leadership with proven track records

In the absence of this sort of support, you mightn’t have a winner. And when it comes to building a network… you can’t compromise for less than a winner!

However, you DON’T want…

…to start what WON’T work.

So you might want to start by understanding how to use the internet to build YOUR business. Armed with that knowledge, building your own cash-generating MLM internet business is only next to… none!

Download this instantly available FREE course, Netwriting Masters Course, from SiteSell Inc. It’s the best place to start NOW.

…because many other successful MLM internet business owners started there – success is very predictable, simply become who the successful are, deep on the inside, and the results will show up for you too.

Meet you at airports around the world!

loves from Nic

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