MLM Passive Income for Conscious Virgins

Start earning MLM passive income building your own business, based on your own brand, your way. Build internet leveraged money network…

…the way the rich do!

Straight to the point, MLM or Network Marketing has the best residual income or passive income model in a way that more than compensates for your efforts years after you’re done building it.

More than anything, your goal for passive income is ONE thing – FREEDOM.

You’re not building passive income if you’re not free from the system you’re building…

…so it’s until you can live without it and still make profits – even more profits when you stop than when you were busy building it.

Hehe, Why is MLM Passive Income Better Than Others?

Oh! That’s pretty simple.

The other five sources of passive income need loads of money before you can start ever start thinking of scratching the surface of it. And then, that’s not to mention that you can kick start this method of passive income earning without all the money in the world!

Heck! Not even with half the money in your near-bankruptcy-prone bank account…

…with commitment and intelligence you’ll make this fly – that’s a given.

Really, what makes this different is that you can start from where you are NOW, build it up…

With as little as $0 to $1000, or more for some kinds of MLM passive income generators, you can get started building this method of passive income…

…however, it’s important you check out the compensation or commission plans of companies you are prospecting before signing on the dotted lines.

Other reasons why this is your best method…

  • Technical skills are very rarely needed. So you don’t need to learn complicated things to get your passive income coming in… the technicalities of paper assets can scare you out of your pants!

  • It’s for the most part global (based on your choice of company) and you can run your business even from your Las Nowhere village, New York metro or anywhere at any time… no qualms – contrast that against the backdrop of real estate dealing.

  • The crazy logistics and legalities of running an offline business (or franchise) is nothing to compare with a simple MLM system.

  • The high skill and intelligence… and LOADS of luck needed for intellectual property success is nothing to compare with the straightforward nature of network marketing… and when leveraged on the internet miracles happen.

  • And, like I said before, nothing to compare with the startup costs! The least you can do for these sources of passive income is in the higher thousands of dollars – not to talk of the lengthy learning curve.

Is this a Forever-Income?


No passive income… or any kind of income for that matter… is forever.

Really, what makes this different is that you can start from where you are NOW, build it up…

…and then, “poof! Poof!! Poof!!!” you hit orgasm thrice on a row!...

…Which in turn gets you screaming out loud, disturbing your entire neighborhood…

…“MLM free-flow passive income bey-bey!”

Well, let’s get stuff started.

You should explore other passive income ideas or sources. Being all too focused on this one can be blinding, to say the least.

See you there – airports around the world!

loves from Nic

Let’s move from MLM Passive Income for Conscious Virgins

to MLM Internet Business for Smart Virgins

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