Money Making Internet Business: A Guide for Virgins

Stop! Want REAL money making internet business? Then you MUST be guided. Reality knows that it’s easier to lose than make money online. Play smart!

Quick money is possible online – but you sure MUST do some quick and serious work too. To ignore or underestimate the work you’d need to do to make money online is to LOSE before you even got the chance to play.

Here, I’ll be guiding you through…

  1. First things you need to know

  2. First things you need to do

  3. Important landmines to avoid

First Things You Need To Know

I really don’t mean to sound like Anthony Robins or Brian Tracy here, but hey, just that this is stuff you need to KNOW…

…success happens first in the MIND

The first and most important place to succeed is in your mind – there’s no debating this.

And here’s what I mean:

  1. Accept 100% responsibility for your internet business success, NOT 99% – it must be total acceptance. You have to be fully involved or nothing happens.

  2. Accept that any money making internet business takes time to build. It’s not going to happen overnight…

…a lot of effort will go in, FIRST – value driven and value producing effort – and then the money follows afterwards.

To keep things simple for you, here’s a guideline for you…

1. First, learn the ropes…

A successful money making internet business starts with sound internet business education.

Stats show that in a group of any 100 persons, only about 2 to 5 persons succeed with online business.


Folks ignore this piece of REALITY – that need for a rock solid education. The ease that comes from making money online is a result of good internet business education.

Most people think there’s this magical shortcut to a money making internet business somewhere, and all they need do is find it.

Well, they try – trying really HARD – it just never comes by.

This is business. No enterprise succeeds by following shortcuts – there’s no shorter-cut than quality functional knowledge, actually.

2. Next, investigate everything you find.

DON’T just go with “the flow”, a sales page might be all charged up, but charged-up does NOT equal REAL value offering.

Most marketers will promise you the world, but barely deliver on a word.

AVOID “QUICK AND EASY”. It doesn’t happen here.

If a program promises you fast, easy and lazy-effort results don’t walk away, RUN away.

There are ways for verifying the authenticity of any program before you pure in your hard earned, or borrowed, money. All that is made available here for you, as well.

3. Proofs, Proofs, Proofs… or NOTHING!

Stick with rock-solid proofs, ONLY.

For example, if a marketer sends you an email, pitching

“JOIN NOW! 20,000 persons signed up already!”

Your question should be “and what percentage of these persons is deeply satisfied NOW? How many of them will be there a few years to come?”

…for most pitchers, you’d have busted their balls. Follow FACTS and FIGURES not claims…

…’cause, in business, PROOF rules.

4. Be Japanese: build for the LONG term… not for today only.

This cuts across every part of your business – the value you offer, the customer relationship you build and the money machines you put to work.

Create your value around lasting passions, ONLY.

Richard Branson was asked in an interview what his 3 secrets of business success are.

He answered “People, people, people”.

This is for the customer, absolutely. A money making internet business that will be here for the long term will not put money before PEOPLE.

And don’t leave any stone unturned – POUR in your very best!

Losing Your Virginity… First Acts


…I’m assuming you have absorbed – like a sponge – the four know-before-you-go-anywhere steps I outlined above.

Now, let’s go a little deeper.

Losing your virginity is not that complicated. It’s as simple as knowing what rod goes into what hole…

…the trouble comes when you don’t know the basics. That’s why the four points above are so crucial. Soon as you have a grasp at them, action just flows naturally.

But just to give your money making internet business some guiding steps… Here:

  • This is an ABSOLUTE must, find your passions first. Don’t even try building a money making internet business doing something you’re not totally passionate about…

    …to save words – you’d fail real bad!

  • Get BEST-OF-BREED, and results-oriented coaching from persons or person with a strong track record of success. You can gain a lot of advantage simply by talking to someone who’s been there and done that

So, make the move…. Click here to talk to an experienced money making internet business coach, now. So speak up, ask your questions.

  • What the heck are we waiting for?! C’mon, get STARTED!

DANGER! Keep Off these Landmines

...Hold it. Find more landmine-guidance in a page about internet business mistakes when you click here.

  1. Gauging yourself against other people in your niche……………Do your very best, work at your pace... but keep moving as fast as you can

  2. Entertaining disempowering thoughts and actions ……………...Engage the power of positive expectations and immersive engagement

  3. Distraction from all the trivia found online or offline…………….Put on your blinders and focus on business

  4. Putting in baby efforts and expecting giant results …………….Putting in giant efforts with realistic expectations

  5. Putting up fluffy content……………Provide only HIGH quality, in demand content, that OVERdelivers on desired results

  6. Copying other people’s content……………Keep EVERYTHING you do online original

  7. Using unethical SEO practices………………..Think like the search engines – think REALITY

  8. Lying…………………………………..Just be yourself. If you run your business alone, for example, don’t say “we/us”, say “me/I” – just be original, that’s all!

  9. Shutting out your subconscious, and thinking “this is strictly business”……………….Engage your higher self, bring your spirituality in, you’ll get more done that way – and better results too

  10. Shutting out fun and thinking “I need to be serious around here”…………………Well, you don’t need to be serious, what you need to do is to offer genuine solutions – and play

Hey, frankly speaking, any money making internet business that succeeds starts and runs right…

…while at the same time KEEPING off these landmines.

Hook up with you at airports around the world!

loves from Nic

Made? Good. Now let’s go from money making internet business

to Internet Business Ease for Conscious Virgins

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