Knowing Nicholas Godwin?

By now you should have known my name – Nicholas Godwin.

I'm the last of three sons and a daughter. My sister lives in Kenya with her husband and two sons.

I got my brothers convinced about this great opportunity I happened to discover... I could barely hold my excitement from overshadowing my words as I shared this wonderful opportunity with them.

How It All Began

Ignorance Kills FAST

A friend who was very good at computers had shown me what his friend was into online and how it makes his friend some cool thousands of dollars every month. I'm a skeptic by nature, but this guy – I know him – he would never come up with bubbles...

Moreover, merely assessing him... shiny cuff-links, fresh scent of some supposedly expensive perfume, TM Lewin limited edition shirt... and all that makes for cool...

...I could observe very plainly that he looked so much cuter than the last time we saw each other. Hmm, he seemed to be hiding something interesting (I knew he was making money too, but must be keeping it on the low, camouflaging with his friend I'd never met before. What nice humility)...

Well, I managed to shove the thought aside and focused (or tried my best to focus) on his long lecture on how this "glorious opportunity" really made his friend money enough to buy this and that, and how I could become a part of it if I wanted.

Ahh... who wouldn't? – I jump right in, enthusiastically.

He showed me to the treasure. My brain was almost going bust! I couldn't stop flipping figures in my head – ha! my head was getting hot now.

With that excitement I was off racing home to my siblings...

Now I'm sharing this same opportunity with my brothers... they're getting the wave too. It finally dawned on us – we're RICH!

I had no cash capital to get started at it, my immediate older brother easily provided that...

Oh, did I say "easily"? Well, he cleared his bank account to make that available. It's nothing. We're about solving our lives' worries once and for all.

Our oldest brother mustered what he could, and even gave me authority to manage the account. I was humbled.

Handling money is nothing new to me, I've always been the "money keeper" for just about every group and organization I joined...

...but this ONE... it's NOT another piggy penny savings...

It's an INVESTMENT account!

The Mail that Changed My Life

Now we're done. Response should get to us in a matter of days...

It's a week late now and we're yet to get the response. Well, you know it happens – delays. Let's wait 'til next week before making any distress contacts.

We were right, a week was just perfect. They responded, in my inbox was this nicely nestled email – "you've been scammed!"

No, you don't want to imagine what happened to me.

At the very least I wished I was dead, disappeared or just stopped existing. Facing my brothers was the last thing in the world I could do – no, the one thing I'd rather die than do.

This sort of reality check was way too hard for us to handle – especially me... but for reasons I still can't explain today, my siblings just laughed it off and let go – uh-uh, their wives didn't take it as lightly.

But those lighthearted "hey, c'mon Nic, don't blame it all on yourself, it could have been any of us, anyway", was more important than the air I was breathing at that moment... or let's say it kept air flowing through my nostrils.

Fruits of Experience

Now, this is just one, I've had many cases of online scams thrown at me, in the start of my quest to harnessing the internet for business or investment purposes, this happened pretty often up until I became smarter...

...and began knowing what was real from what was spoof. Gradually they faded away. I still meet them, but I recognize them for what they are.

Told you that story to help you understand that I've been hurt online... more than enough times.

I've lost my hard earned $6,500 (USD) at once!

So if you've been hurt, I sympathize with you... I've been there a couple more times than most people I know.

So I can help you leave those pains behind and guide you to what works here. People do make money online... and you can too. What you need is to know what works, and work it.

I Think I can Help You Because...

  • I’m a thoroughbred member of the 5P Affiliate Club… it’s free to join (but you are only a little more than a non-member until you have results. I have results)

  • I've lost lots and lots of money trying to do successful internet business... one time, I lost over $6,500 at once in a scam... before I found stability and truth. So I can feel your pains if you've been there too.

  • I use a system that’s proven successful for more than 40,000 internet businesses around the globe… and is even taught in some Universities in North America as a certified empowerment course.

  • I currently live off internet business, and have done so since 2009 – helping people leverage on the internet to realize their passions… most resent effort is my friend who just started a website on car values... based on his passion for cars.

  • My success has credence ONLY if you succeed… so I’m as committed to your success, at least, for as much as you are.

I've long gone ahead to quit my job to pursue my dreams... although I'm still on the road, but I've gone considerably ahead of any beginner... even a very sizable number of "pro-webmasters".

I've learned how to successfully start, grow and manage an internet business... and I practically live off this knowledge today. I've even helped friends start out businesses online (and I still do that now).

My parents are long dead. My dad when I was 10 and my mum when I was 14, so I've lived the larger portion of my life without them.

They were some of the most hard working, knowledge-devouring, persons I've ever known, and that's one gift they successfully passed on to me...

...and you don't want to know how that's made survival (and my eventual arrival at a comfortable equilibrium) possible for me all these years.

Take away that spirit of hard work, my insatiable quest for knowledge... and what I've gained through them, ...and, well you leave me carcass-and-bones.

In Quest for Excellence

Since 1999 I've deliberately exposed myself to well over 1000 business-on-purpose centered materials (Videos, audios, books, articles and courses, combined)...

...studying some of the finest ones very closely – even read some books, watched some videos and listened to some audios more than 15 times each...

...and of course, I regularly use websites (and recommendations) providing REAL value that smoothly meshes life-purpose centeredness with internet business, producing that rare blend of purpose-centered business.

Today IS your Future

And I continue to develop along these lines today.

Nowadays I'm raising my standards to only relating with, doing and advising on sustainable and enjoyable value-exchange practices – doing away with every incongruence and drudgery...

...becoming more of something like business that is pleasure to both the user and me, alike – late Dr. Covey calls it win-win. Well I think it's just commonsense.

I've only held a paying job for 14 months (May 2005 - July 2006), for which I climbed from Head of Accounts to Chief Operating Officer in just months, and then I quit after a deep soul searching, on my return from a 10-day short vacation to Accra and Cape Coast(of course, fully sponsored by the Hotel I worked for).

Ever since then, I've enjoyed a mix of passive income and active income earned from various ventures, activities and merit pays (one unusual one is the arrangement the company I'd retired from made. They deemed it fit to honor me with a specially arranged weekly merit pay, in cash...

...even years after I left the job. This not a regular arrangement, even for staff that's worked with them for years.)

The Road... Offline to Online

Yes, I was a virgin... up until I shed the blood off. Had my pains. For the most part I learned what worked the hard way, but not anymore...

...most of my learning come from trustworthy sources that's proven their worth for years - even decades - some have even been here for longer that I've been alive!

My deep interest in internet business led to my running of a partnership based online travel portal from which I sold retail travel packages (gotten from Travel Wholesalers within a global Network of Travel dealers).

Coupled with this, at the time, I consulted for an Australia based multinational Travel Network Company (leveraging on the Internet), and ended up winning two major awards with my team in Nigeria.

I started and ran a blog, in attempt to broaden my scope of reach, and go global with my online travel business... well, it failed - dismally.

Just in my nature, this sort of setback wouldn't deter me, but having tried very hard at this one, I felt the time investment was not being
justified by the results. Suspecting that the pattern might continue, I quite.

Quitting turned out to be the best decision, as...

I eventually found out that blogging was not the same with building a successful web business...

...In fact, it was a failed course, to start with... it was way too technical for me. I didn't know what I was doing!

Nicholas Godwin

I still sell travel whenever I get around to it, so it's for the most part on a low key now. I'm fully into building this website... sharing quality information that's focused on helping people who've consciously chosen to be "virgins", who are deliberately committed to NOT messing with reality as most other people who try to do internet business do...

...people whose consciences are fully alive, and guiding them as light. People who'll NEVER put a sale ahead of a life - who will not betray their own integrity for quick money.

I'm committed to helping these kinds of people make real money online... especially if they are not already doing that.

My Internet Business Philosophy

God IS Happiest!

What I share here are intentionally stripped off of all non-essentials so that you can get to their core as quickly as possible.

...Basically I think three things are important to online success, and these three make up everything else you'll find in this website...

  1. A congruent Purpose: My purpose as an individual... this is essentially simplified to

    "What hooks my interest, hold it unwaveringly and swings me to results-oriented ACTION?"

    What gets me talking, watching, squirming, excited, happy, sad... what awakens my strongest emotions?

    Identifying and clarifying what this is drew out the internet business in me.

  2. A PROVEN System: A system and a guide. Not many things in life need guides for them... failing forward just does it.

    Not online.

    If you're failing here, you're REALLY failing, the internet is all algorithms and protocols, this makes it mathematical in nature... and so is internet business success - find what REALLY works, a guide to help you work through it successfully... and (that leads me to the next point...)

  3. COMMITTED ACTION: Work it! There are no magic cash systems... you're your magic cash system. If you work hard and well following a PROVEN guide and System, you'll generally succeed.

    And that's precisely what I'm here for, help you find what works, work them myself - first - then show them to you.

    So essentially I use myself as the testing ground for whatever I recommend to you. It doesn't work, then it's not here.

There are no magic cash systems... you're your magic cash system

My philosophy is PSA - Purpose, System and Action.

Finding purpose to me, was more like coming into the awareness of what had long been on the inside of me. I say it pretty often, that the best internet business to start is your passion

And finding your passion? Not nearly as hard as you think.

If you click here now, you'll find this FREE and cool tool that helps make this passion discovery process, more or less a breeze for you.

Once you've found your passion, you need a REAL system backing you.

Today - after years of search for what works - I know of only one system in existence that makes it possible for ANY human being with ZERO web-business skills, no product to sell...

...heck, NO idea at all to start with!

And no previous business experiences, to build a thriving web business that WORKS. It's called SBI!. And that's what I use for this website.

Nope! This is not the regular hype you see around all over the internet. See the RESULTS here. It's already being taught in 25 reputable Colleges and Universities across North America...

...and talking about Universities, you DO NOT even need a degree to run this one. With some commonsense, willingness to learn and a motivation to succeed, you're good to fly.

Like I said already, you DON'T need any ideas to get this one started. Tens of Thousands of everyday people have been doing this since 2001 - students inclusive... even 14 year old Nori!

Bottom line? This system WORKS - always.

...But you'll have to work it. That's where the ACTION part comes in. The beautiful thing is that the SBI system guides you on how, where, when and what to take action on... and not take action on.

So you'll be doing just the right things, leaving the wrongs ones out.

Dig it? PSA is how the world works online.

And of course, I have...

...Life Beyond the Web

I enjoy being here - tremendously! But I love variety too... so I spice up my life with offline activities that directly or indirectly complement what I do online.

Our Favorite Game

I do lots of art work offline too - mostly painting and paper-work. I generally enjoy being creative and I find ways to express that creativity in the most original ways possible for me. Not necessarily for money.

I only get paid for one contractual art work I do on photography (and my contractor kind of lured me into doing this one, based on our long standing relationship).

I genuinely enjoy creative self-expression... and the joy of that, for me, is enough on it's own. Not that I throw the money through the window when it comes... just I don't pursue it consciously.

Usually my best ideas come when I'm at play-mode. So I'm nearly always in that state... yes I'm VERY playful.

So it goes... God is happiest when his children are at play.

You too can do whatever you love... and make money doing it. It's REALLY that simple.

Approaching Owu Water Fall

Now we approach Owu water fall... soldiering on. Whoa! That's the back of my head, guess I must be getting nervous by now...

Soaking up Owu Falls

Are we scared, excited or a mix of the two?... We're soaking it up anyway...

Walking Owu Falls

Now time to go home...

An amazing one-time adventure to the cascading rush of this water fall... a towering 120m high wonder... West Africa's most spectacular natural water fall (a pride the locals flaunt at every opportunity).

Walking Past the Veil...

Now you've walked past the introduction phase of who Nicholas is...

...but if for any reason you want to get to know anything about me, feel free to Contact Me.

Now, I'm inviting you to explore this site, get to know more and more about internet business in a way that truly empowers you... go beyond hearing "It makes money", to actually telling others "I made money". There is a world of difference between these two realities.

You may want to start by finding out what the best internet business to start based on your passions is. Anywhere else you deem fit to start from is just OK though.

Stay Connected

I invite you to stay connected with me via my Google+ and Twitter. Have fun... with ease!

loves from Nic

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