Non-Passive Income Realities

Unveil the realities behind non-passive income and hit orgasm using them to earn passive income, your own way. Yes, doing what you love, of course!

Now let’s take a look at this from the stand point of benefits you can enjoy using non-passive income sources – especially in creating your own passive income streams.

But, hey, what the heck is all about?

…I love R.T. Kiyosaki’s way of referring to it – “bad income”. Bad income is not passive… you gotta work your time for the dime…
For this sort of income your life would look like this...

Wake up in the morning, go to work, have a cup of coffee, work your duties, take lunch… return to work, work even harder… do some quick chitchat with Amy (…the gal you secretly admire, but can’t do nothing about because you might get fired! …huh), run a couple errands…

…go home exhausted, sleep. Start the cycle again…

Now, you can sense the direction, right?

OK. To make things clear, there is bad income and there is good income. And there are four broad classes when it comes to the kinds of people who earn income…

Kinds of people…



Systemized-Business Owner and


…ESBI, you call it. The E’s… the S’s… the B’s… the I’s…

Bad Income: Income that is NOT leveraged…

Any income that drains energy, time and fun from you is bad income.
Usually, employee-paychecks take so much from you and leave you with so little for yourself, so hold a reputation as bad income. But I don’t think paychecks are the issue. I think the issue is the structure set up for it…

…if you ask me, I’d tell you paychecks are set up to benefit the company, the customer… and enslave the worker.

This is not a page about paychecks and employee benefits – the point here is that bad income is basically ANY income that takes more from you that it gives you.

Think within that frame of reality.

Good Income: Leveraged Income!

Will you put in effort? Yes. Will you work for some time? Yes… could in fact be for a long time. Will you freak out once in a while? Yup… maybe more than once in a while...

…but you know what? You’ll eventually get there – you’ll enjoy the experience of having a lazy day out in the woods… or at the beach, maybe giving your girlfriend some orgasm…

…and then checking on your account for the day’s earnings… you’re like “hmm… cool, not bad for a day’s passive income”, you shutdown your laptop and then you’re out for some more drink and BBQ.

Yes, those moments exist and are ready for you, as soon as you’ll stand up to your dreams!

But on the other hand, non-passive income is not exactly cool… you can use it though to get going on your dream, but you MUST not be content with that reality – you deserve better!

So MOVE now.

All the Strides in One…

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loves from Nic

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