Orgasmic Online Business Dictionary for Virgins

Strip to the core. Use this online business dictionary to uncover word meanings, abbreviations and all the jargon of web biz that leave you hanging.

…so, get off the hanger or hangar – hit the ground and get moving or simply fly.

Just like in any country, there are languages that only the locals know. In cyberspace, there are terminologies you MUST understand before you can make any meaning out of this world.

To make life easy for you, I’ve managed to fashion out this online business dictionary containing the most relevant words you’ll need to MAKE money…

…yup, we’d cut the crappy-fancy ones so that we can put our energy where it works best – in the making of money… online.

Off We Go!

Online business dictionary words for Content

  1. Content: Value delivering texts, videos, audios and illustrations that satisfy the needs and curiosity of a targeted traffic

  2. Podcast: Audio content that address what searchers want, based on a specific keyword

  3. KFCP (Keyword Focused Content Page): I call this “the food”… Yes it is.

    It’s a nice looking sculpture – that web page you intelligently chisel out – around a specific keyword and then feed it to the search engines and your human visitors.

  4. Keyword: You can say that this is that MAGIC word… a specific word or group of words being used by searchers to find information online, and upon which a KFCP is made

  5. Keyword Research: Using software, and your BRAINS – a coach may be of help too – to find the keywords searchers use to search for information online, with the intention to create a KFCP around that keyword

  6. Keyword Saturation: A measure of the demand to supply ratio used to know the profitability of a keyword

Online Business Dictionary words for Traffic

  1. Traffic: Human visitors to your website or web content like videos, audios, slide shows etc

  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): An attempt at making search engines, like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, to Spider contents fast and rank them high in the SERP in record time and it’s also a way of making your website search-engine-friendly.

  3. SERP (Search Engine Results Page): Pages containing suggested websites and web-contents that are relevant to a web search made using a Search Engine’s search box.

  4. Search Engine: A software that finds, documents and searches the internet for specific and related information on the web. Such services are offered by companies like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

  5. Analytics: Software for collecting and analyzing traffic statistics, based on traffics’ behavior, geography, and use of technology.

    Analytics should give online business owners more control over their business or web presence. A popular example is Google Analytics.

  6. PR (Page Rank): A scale 0 to 10 upon which Google subjectively ranks a web page, based on their opinion on the value of the web page.

  7. Targeted Traffic: Niche-specific traffic.

  8. Niche: A specialized demand on the internet around a product, service, or common interest, of which a webmaster can build a web business on.

  9. Social Media Marketing: You know Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the likes? Aha, you know what this is all about… except that you haven’t set things up yourself.

    This is all about setting up these social channels as marketing instruments.

  10. Social Bookmarking: StumbleUpon… and all the rest are examples of social bookmarking sites. They are great ways of building “social signals” or “social vote”… from your visitors. Hence, more traffic to your site.

Online Business Dictionary Words for Relationship Building

  1. eZine/Newsletter: OK, just like you subscribe to your favorite mags, journals and Newsletters… ezines or newsletters are subscribed to by visitors who’ve read your content and loved it.

    They’ve come to trust and respect you based on the value you’re giving them – so they want more of your stuff… they subscribe to your newsletter.

  2. RSS (Really Simple Syndication): Call him the paper boy. This is a way through which content from your site is distributed…

    …to people who are subscribed to using this technology called RSS for receiving your content whenever you publish fresh content on your site.

  3. Autoresponders: I prefer to define this as “a legally lazy way to answering questions or emails that you get all the time and is beginning to get you pissed.”

…Yes, that’s one way to see this. But another way to see this is “a way of putting repetitive work on autopilot”.

For example, a course you offer on your website could be set up as an auto responder course. You get an autoresponder email immediately you sign up for my ezine or ask me a question using my contact form.

Online Business Dictionary Words for Monetization

  1. Click Through: If you’re into affiliate programs, or let’s say Google AdSense, or just about anything else you want people clicking on, you sure want to know how many people are following your command. So you measure the “click through”, which shows you…

    …how many people actually act on your most wanted response?

  2. Conversion Rate: Are you concerned about how many visitors are actually making you money whenever you set up a money-making thingy on your site? This is the terminology for that.

    …Like, how many people are actually doing what you want – money-wise…

  3. Affiliate Commissions: The money your affiliates or sponsors pay you periodically for sa,es made through you or your website.

Hey... I could go on and on with "money related online business dictionary words", but choose... the money or the words that describe them?

I bet you'd chose the money. Who wouldn't?

...I alraedy dealt extensively with money on other pages... from internet business models to Google AdSense passive income, all covered.

Turn this online business dictionary REAL by finding your best internet business to start right now.

…You probably already know that nothing of worth can happen unless you ACT on the information at your disposal – so ACT.

That's it 'til we hook up again at airports around the world!

loves from Nic

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