101 Online Business Ideas and Stories that Work

Ok. Sit back. Pour your favorite beverage. Relax and enjoy online business ideas – insights and real people who live this reality every day.

This page has two parts – all proven ideas.

First are specific stories to spark your ideas to life. Second are 101 fresh-from-the-stock ideas you can choose from.

Hey, get it...

Affiliate marketing,


selling on eBay

and the likes

are NOT online business ideas.

Now, what's special about proven online business ideas?

You already know that… they work! Always… all-ways…

In business, a da-Vinci-standard idea without RESULTS is either carcass or over hyped crap.

No “latest gizmo” rants around here.

Let’s make idea generation for your business real yummy to your taste buds. Let’s interact with web business concepts that have worked… over time.

This brings success closer to you. Learn from reality – not plain theory.

 After all, it’s so freaking simpler to copy an idea than create one from scratch…

…and talking about copying ideas…

"Follow your dream as long as you live, do not lessen the time of following desire, for wasting time is an abomination of the spirit."


Do you know that most of Disney’s hit ideas were not Disney’s original creations?

Oh yea, they were NOT.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty… all come from public domain works! Disney simply knows how to copy successfully. You can learn that too, without losing your originality.

Sure, no doubt, you can be 100% original. If you’re horny-full with original stuff...

…Hit this spot NOW. Use a guided method to generate your own original internet home business ideas

Getting Personal With Online Business Ideas

Entertainment: WATCHING Horror Films Made Him Rich and Famous!

Did your mom ever scream at you, “Stop watching that darn TV and do something reasonable with your half-wasted life!”?

Well, show her this story next time she does.

Don’t be amazed when she begins to get worried that you’re doing too much schoolwork instead of watching Scary Movie 7 trailer.

Travel: At 14 She Struck Gold in a Far Away Island... Still Mines it Today

Nope! The era of the Queens are not out of date just yet, it’s only changed phase… from offline to online. But in Cyberspace, niches replace kingdoms.

Uh-uh, NO jokes, she’d long become a Google partner before webmasters were called “webmasters”.

You too can spin out some cool internet business ideas from your travel experiences.

Life Experiences: Lemonades out of Lemons… way of the smart

Very few people see the good in their pains – even fewer make money from those devastating experiences. But leveraging your bitter experiences can make you lots of cash…

…turning your debts to credits, demotion to elevation, pains to gains, problems to profits.

“If you grudge the crushing of the grapes, your grudge distills a poison in the wine.”

Khalil Gibran

I love how Steve Pavlina interprets that quote…

"If you resent the work you’re doing or the situation you’re in, you’re poisoning the outcome.”

There is nothing wrong with your bad experiences, except for your interpretations of them. Cut the whining and glean internet home based business ideas right off those walls of boredom that surround you.

It’s not for the bad moments only…

…So it goes for good experiences you’ve had too... turn cash-worthy good experiences into successful online business ideas.

Favorites!: You Love Cars that Much? Do Something About It…

That’s precisely what my friend did.

I told him about the turnkey internet business I use and how it’s an awesome piece… and voila! He is in with his passions leading the way.

Using the Niche-decision tools available, he tested a couple of his passions… music in general, hip-hop, automobile news… before going in on car values

…I decided to interview him. He’s just starting out – you can benefit from his early experiences just before he forgets what “newbie” felt like…

…successful people don’t quite remember what “no-yet-a-success” felt like. Memories of lack quickly fade away in the presence of abundance.

Get Even More Online Business Ideas...

…And get ‘em non-stop.

True stories – true love stories – they say, never end.

…I'll keep this site growing with real story-based ideas that work…

The goal of this website is ONE… and one alone… to make internet business work FOR you, so that you can live better as a human being.

The online business ideas here are set to help you live in the reality of that goal with ease.

Uh-uh, don't get me wrong. Ease doesn't mean you'll evade the work part...

…It only means you won't make undue mistakes. You'll succeed with less resistance.

Online Business Ideas WITHOUT Stories

Are you the left brained, no-story-telling, straight-up-to-practical type?…

…oh, well… you’re welcome. You should find this part more absorbing.

And hey – forget it – stuff like affiliate marketing, dropshipping, selling on eBay and the likes are NOT online business ideas. They are cash machines… click here for money machines.

Now to the 101 fresh-from-the-stock online business IDEAS…

Disney simply knows how to copy successfully. You can learn that too, without losing your originality

Oh! Pause.

Just before you start running down the list, grab a pen and piece of paper or open a text document – like Microsoft Word – make notes whenever something strikes a chord…

…DON’T second-guess this one. Do it.

Best-of-breed online business Ideas Unveiled…

1. What You Use Often

For example, blender, fridge etc.

2. Whatever You Buy Often

For example, tools/accessories used at your work place, anything else you buy often or put lots of time into costing or stuff like that.

3. Resume Writing…

…For specific professions/work category you know a heck of a lot about… help them… your audience… win that job!

4. Immigration Guide for Prospective Immigrants to Your Country…

If you work at an embassy, you’re an immigrations expert or attorney e.g. Lawyer Cohen, a Canadian Lawyer who helps immigrants make sense of their move to and stay in Canada.

5. Local Know-How.

This is NOT necessary a travel site because locals will use your info just as good as tourists will. 

This is a business focused on helping people at you City – guest or resident – eat good food for cheap, buy good clothes for cheap, make out for cheap, etc

6. Unofficial Fans Site for Your Favorite Sport Team.

This can be spun to focus on your region alone.

For example, if you love Manchester United FC, you may set up a fans site for Man. United fans in Detroit, USA. Or Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Or Shanghai, China, and on…

Take… this Chelsea FC fan for example maybe even as mentor. Online business ideas here can go in so many directions.

7. Tutorial Site for Your Favorite Course or Subject.

Physics, Math, whatever it is…

8. Guide On How to Use Specific Software 

Take this Microsoft XP Guy as mentor.

9. Guide On How to Play Specific Games

…Spin it around children’s games, educational games, picnic games etc

10. Guide On How to Register a Business…

…In your country/city.

11. Real Estate Dealership Guide…

…For your city/country.

12. Electronic Gadgets Purchase Guide…

…For your city/country, specifics kinds of people, maybe based on specific work-needs, play needs or the likes etc

13. Interior Decorations Guide…

…For a specific demographic e.g. college students, moms, LGBTs, 

14. Landscaping Guide or Expert

Spin it around Arid landscaping, or other form of landscaping.

15. Religious Enlightenment Info Expert or Advisor.

Help people who seek information on your religion find them from you… the credible source.

16. Sexual Orientation Info Enthusiast  or Advisor 

Help people who seek information on your sexual orientation find them. Whether LGBTs or straight.

17. Life Coach and Guide.

Help people live motivated, purposeful and accountable lives.

18. Vices or Guilty Pleasures Advisor.

Cigarette, weed, alcohol, and the likes… show them how to or how NOT to… weed is legal in Amsterdam… but not in the UAE.

Online business ideas here are wide and varied – spin to your fit.

19. Folklore, Legends and Fiction Stories Expert…

…Tell the world your stories, proverbs… we’re listening. African, European, Asian, Middle Eastern, Aborigine, Native American folktales, etc…

Monetize using eProducts – eBooks, for example, will go well with this one. But it's the ONLY one of the several options there is.

20. Share Your Traditional Life as an Expert/Coach/Enthusiast…

…Specific African, European, Asian, Native American, Middle Eastern traditions…

Traditional music, stories, beliefs, laws, history, medicine, poetry, dance, art, memories, language… etymology…, etc

21. Divorce and/or Marriage Counseling Expert.

You may focus on home violence, child abuse, or whatever feels good for you.

22. Become An Automobile Maintenance Guide.

You could go for specific automobile brands or types, or go for new auto-owners, experienced transporters, or physically challenged people.

23. Character Development Or Juvenile Delinquency Expert.

Help parents manage their “derailing” teenagers aright… or fix their own faulty approach to things.

24. Children’s Poetry Expert or Tutor.

You can get to this in various ways…

…become a guide for parents who want to teach their children good poetry. Or the children learning by themselves. Or for school teachers… the possibilities are wide open.

25. Become A Home-Made Beverages Expert Or Guide.

Healthy or adult beverages go well, here. It all depends on who you want to focus on.

26. Become A Canvas And Oil Paint Drawing Tutor.

Some people don’t just want to see da Vinci’s drawings… they want to draw like Leonardo himself. OK… maybe that’s not all that possible now. But you can help them try.

27. Sports or Athletics Advisor or Guide

Become a technical advisor or simply provide information for amateurs and hobby-level people in your favorite sport or athletic activity.

28. Consultancies and Professional Services Info Expert

Help professionals provide better legal, accounting, business consultancy to people around the block or around the globe.

29. Business Plan Drafting Expert or Guide.

Help startups, small or large businesses draft professional looking business plans or provide them with information to do this more efficiently themselves.

30. The Adventure-Loves Expert.

Your love for wild adventures can quickly become one of the best online business ideas you’d ever engage in. Make it to your fit.

31. Party-Lighting expert… advisor… or guide.

Help party freaks light their parties up… giving off color, class and flavor

32. Baby Care Advisor and Guide.

33. Pregnancy Care Guide and Conception Advisor… 

If you know this much about childbirth, help out. This could be one of the very best online business ideas…

…bringing people to life whilst sitting in your comfy couch, your iced beverage poured in a mug… and your laptop on your naked thighs.

34. Life/Work Balance Advisor.

This is self-evident… the world is overworked! Show them how to strike that sweet mid-spot where work is done and the worker remains strong.

35. In-Our-Homes Eco-Friendly Habits Advisor.

People want to become more environmentally friendly… they just don’t know how. Help them start from their homes… with your knowledge and love for the earth.

36. Pet Foods Expert or Guide.

You may want to focus on a particular pet type – dogs, cats or rabbits – or include all pet types… you may even want to go from Russian pet foods to English… to African! Whatever…

37. Career Decisions Guide for High School Seniors and Freshman College Students

Almost everyone at that spot in life will be confused on what career path to go after… your guidance can prove invaluable here.

You can spin out a number of online business ideas from this one… Be an advisor to guardians/parents on guiding their wards/children in making congruent career decisions.

You may focus on teachers. Academic counselors. Community club leaders.

38. Paper Arts Enthusiast or Guide

For example, Origami… share your knowledge and teach the world how to make exotic paper arts.

39. Public Speaking Online Coach

More people – based on actual research – fear public speaking than they fear death. You can help them overpower that public-speaking-monster…

…you may even focus on specific demographics, if you so wish. A number of online business ideas lie fallow here…

…focus on public speaking for children. Teenagers. Teachers. College Students. Curious people. Even for the speech-impaired.

40. Eco-Friendly Businesses Expert and Guide.

Help businesses make the move to eco-friendliness… or help green business grow.

Spin off in any direction – there’re loads of online business ideas in this one piece. You can become industry specific in your approach…

Say, for example… “The greening-your-plastics-production” business expert.

Or help businesses digitize all paper processes to reduce or stop deforestation. 

41. The Pastries Expert.

Help people seeking to learn how to make pastries gain a handle here. Like any of the other businesses, you can spin this in just about any direction.

42. Make Up and Cosmetics Application Guide or Expert.

Help people do great make up… and/or apply cosmetics aright.

Now, spin this idea. Squeeze out the many online business ideas in it.

Make up and cosmetics for teenagers… for college students… for moms… for grandmas… for LGBTs… for people of specific races and color… best make ups for specific regions/seasons/climates…

…And on it goes.

43. Handy Home-Repairs Guide.

People don’t always need to pay someone else just to have a screw or two fixed. They can do some of these things themselves. Teach them how.

Focus on specific types of people. Or specific types of home repairs. Or a mix of them.

44. Find, Keep Congruent and Quit Incongruent Relationships Coach

Help the world find love and do away with the excesses.

45. If You Already Have a Successful Website, Help Others Succeed.

Refer people to opportunities that pay you cash-sweet-cash while fulfilling your audience’s need for starting their own genuine online businesses.

46. Internet Search Expert.

Simplify life for others… help them cross out the excesses and focus on the core.

If you know your way around here that much, why not provide “only-essentials” information on and help people overpower the information overload of the internet?

An easy way to monetize online business ideas like this one is through memberships… see internet business models for details.

47. Romantic Skills Expert.

Not like you think – many lovers only wish they were actual lovers.

Yes, by heart they love their significant other. But by acts… um, well… they “act”. Teach them to love… show them romance – if you think you’re any lover.

48. Guide for People Living with…


Autism, HIV, Dyslexia, Orphan-hood, War, etc

People in situations or living with specific ailments and conditions are seeking information on how to live with these conditions without being conditioned the rest of their lives. 

Help people lead normal, happy lives.

A number of online business ideas can spin off from here too. Look closer.

49. Provide Professional and Career, But Unusual, Insights.

Help the world see your work from the inside.

Help students and people considering a carrier switch, and aspiring to be “obstetrician”, “Intellectual property attorney”, “automobile designs professional”, “real estate sales agent” etc… learn the life you live, as an insider.

50. Water Treatment and Conservation Techniques… Guide or Expert.

The world is more than 70% water, but clean water is one of the most hard-to-come-by resources around the world. Teach your audience how to clean up their water using easy, sustainable methods.

Anguilla for example collects rain water as source for clean water…

…Lima, in Peru, collects and converts dew and mist to water. It doesn’t rain in Lima.

Creatively carve out online business ideas from this one. There’s vast virgin ground to be tapped here.

51. Computer Aided Drawings Expert

Share your CAD knowledge, expertise and love. Spin this into a specific field…

…Architectural drawings for example, or other engineering drawings, could be great online business ideas – depending on your interests.

Think of drawing cartoons with Illustrator. Or using Photoshop. They go too.

52. Become a Collectors’ Guide…

…for just about any collector-type… arts connoisseurs is common example.

Vintage automobile collectors guide.

Old architectural drawings collectors guide… and on it goes.

53. Green Energy for Businesses and Homes

Help homes and businesses use the environment to generate their energy. Solar, wind… they all come natural… help your audience harness them right.

54. Alternative Vacations Guide…

…most people think vacation as tanning out at the beachside, surrounded by half-nude girls, looking at the roaring blue sea waves and chewing on their barbecued chicken.

Well… while that’s OK, some people are already bored with all that.

Provide something new.

Like an archaeological vacation to parts of Georgia, Kenya and the likes.

Culture-immersion-vacation for a creative and adventurous audience – they go to China and BECOME Chinese for a week or two…

…NOT to observe… but to immerse themselves in Chinese culture.

55. Quick and Healthy Lunch, Breakfast or Dinner Meals Expert Guide

You know it already – the world is in a hurry. You’ve gotta be fast or be left behind.

Help busy people reduce food time to minutes without reducing their life spans.

And you already know too… there are lots of online business ideas in this one.

56. The Live-Alone Guide

Now… like in every generation, young adults struggle with finding their footing when they begin living on their own.

Help young people make better life decisions and live better – even when parents’ and family’s help are miles away from them.

57. Smart Home Maintenance Guide

Not many people have all that time to clean up and set their homes in order… you can help them. Provide information to guide them in keeping a clean, healthy home in a snap.

58. Waste Management Expert

…For businesses, homes… or both homes and businesses. Spin off online business ideas from this one without spinning your pocket to drought. 

59. Clothing and Accessories Guide for Guys

Help the guys – LGBTs and/or straight – to find their fancy. Help them impress their dates or just fulfill their trendiness-thirst.

60. Trophies, Medallions and Plaques Expert

Championships, contests and competitions happen every day… every year across the globe…

…In local communities, amongst special interest groups, schools, churches, charities, national and international bodies – even states and countries…

…these people need trophies, medallions and/or plaques. Help them to both understand the use and significance, and to find the best deals.

61. Carvings, Stones and Woodwork Arts Coach

…If bringing out the David in the lump of wood or stone is your stuff, then helping people across the globe who share your passion might just be as exciting.

62. Expert Live Video Editing and Streaming Guide

Provide guidance and information on live video streaming and production… monetize it using various internet business models that work.

63. Guitar Tutor and Expert

OK. For this one, when you get started at it… lemme know… I might be your first student – provided that you teach well. I love fun.

…and we’re everywhere. I’m NOT alone in this desire. Online business ideas like this one can get really viral at a spark – so hit the road NOW.

Other musical instruments too – Grand Piano, Accordion, Electric Guitar, Drum Set, Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet, Bagpipes, Talking Drum… etc

64. Driving Signs and Driving Lessons Guide for Tutors

Provide great learning aides for driving school tutors. Help people make sense of the gazillion driving signs we have… 

65. Social Skills Advisor or Expert

Not so many of us are born-relationship-junkies. Inside, we love people… outside, we fear them – or what might happen if we initiate an interaction.

Help us learn your spark-fire methods for deeply satisfying relationships.

66. Etiquettes and Culture Shocks Advisor

You know that one greeting sign in Europe is an offensive one in China!...

…ah, not many of us know that.

Teach us all you know about ethics and etiquettes… from locally to globally accepted standards.

Online business ideas like this one can prove to be pretty insightful… and might even stand as deciding factor to make or break a business deal.

67. Metallic Rock Music Expert

You know all about adrenaline-filled-metallic rock… the world awaits your stuff. Teach us all you know.

This goes for any genre of music – Country, Bluegrass, Hip-Hip, Soul, Jazz, R&B, Folk Music, Yodeling… and on…

68. African Foods Expert

Oh! You know this much about African foods? Why are you not making a business off your knowledge, then?

Of course, there are so many other online business ideas you can spin off this one… Asian, European, American, Mexican… whatever meal it is, just teach us.

As they say, “…the next best time to plant a tree is NOW”, so c’mon in…

69. Green Construction Methods and Materials Expert

…Isn’t this planet ours?

Oh yea, it is!

So let’s make it safe and more habitable… starting with WHERE we live and work. Your expertise is NEEDED here – if you know and love this topic.

70. Garment Designs and Sketches Expert

Provide great intuitive garment drawings and showcase your stuff… provide the world with STYLE.

71. Celebrity Gossips Expert

You know so much about all those Hollywood, Bollywood, Broadway, Billboard, South Korean, Arabian, English, Mexican… world… stars right?

Hmm, great…

…Now, help the rest of the world get the latest gist and chitchats about them… and get paid doing it.

72. Expert Abs Guide for Guys

Whether for the guy who wants a healthier body or for the one who wants to impress his girlfriend… six-pack abs is a guys’ dream.

Oh, you have it and have the abs secrets too?

Nice one… let the guys in on them. They’ll pay you handsomely fine for being far too kind. 

73. The Spotless Skin Guide…

…For the gals. You already know… they love it.

Give ‘em and get a couple kisses and cash in exchange.

74. Energy Healing and Alternative Medicine Expert… or Guide

Now people want it… all the new methods and solutions… You have it? Give it. Extract more online business ideas from this one… look closer… open up your intuition.

75. Online School Teacher or Tutor…

You teach in a school down town right?

That’s fine… now, spinning off online business ideas from those lesson notes of yours is where the nutrient really is!

In fact if you’re not already doing this, I wonder why. Get online, use the internet to begin sharing your value. Give it time and effort. You’ll quit your day job…

…um, well, except you love it that much to stick around after all those bags of money…

76. Gadgets Repair Advisor.

Online business ideas like this one are self evident…

We all screw up these gadgets one or more times. Show us to fixing them. Get paid from around the world, and from around the block.

77. Circus Skills Expert…

…We’ve all wondered all our lives how you circus guys do your magic.

Now teach us the tricks… or tell us what really goes on in there. Show us to where we can learn the tricks too…

…and earn some sweet sizzling cash.

78. Medieval Life Info Expert

I used to wonder how ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians kept their teeth clean and free from plague… found out they used charcoal and salt!

How they kept historical records? Papyrus.

I’m sure I’m not alone.

Share your info on this much desired stuff… and earn. Online business ideas here go in various directions. You’ll love sharing as much as your audience will love getting.

79. Events and Groups Cooking Coach

80. Party DJ Advisor

Help party people have better blasts.

81. Nuts and Seeds Enthusiast

For food. Or for crop production. Or whatever your interest, you can provide sound information with a spin.

And, obviously, you can clearly see those online business ideas everywhere here…

82. The Meat and Fish Expert

Showcase the best of healthy meat and fish eating or the need for abstinence from them… in ways that your audience can’t resist.

Think grills. Consider barbecues. How about minced pies? Forty years after… what would eating them have done to or for you?

83. Vintage or Fresh Wine Enthusiast or Expert

From the production process to the rich tasting flavors of great wines… lead your audience in the way that best delivers your BEST value.

84. Milk, Yoghurt and Cheese Expert

Show your audience how to go from milking the cow to milking for gains. And keep some profits for yourself too.

85. Poultry Productions Guide for Newbies

Now you’ve been there and don that, it’s time to share your experience with the world… especially for people just starting out in business.

86. Games Reserve and Wildlife Management Expert

For people with love for the wild, this is going to be a gift of a life time… and that’s aside the fact that online business ideas can spin out of this one in so many ways.

87. The Sugar Expert or Advisor

With all that sugar has become to us… you sure have a big bang for the buck right here. Online business ideas go with various spins here too.

88. The Soups and Sauces Expert or Advisor

Bring those flavors on.

89. Teach Your Language to Non-Speakers or Non-Natives… Online.

90. Home Food Preservation Expert

Keeping food stuff fresh and/or nutritious is as important as having them… you can be the expert here – if you know and love this stuff.

91. Become an Expert in a Particular Movies Genre

I know of Don Sumner who converted his love for horror films to cash. Online business ideas abound here.

Here is one: build a business based on American or British Sitcoms. 

92. Make Your Favorite Gadget or Possession Your Business

My friend’s already done that with his passion for cars… if this topic is one of your hearty passions – having gone through the eyes of analysis – is sure one of the very internet business ideayou have on this plane of reality.

93. The Furniture Expert

Got passion for intelligently cut-wood? Make that passion pay the bills… while you give it your time.

94. Healthy Sleeping Advisor or Expert

95. Petroleum Products Expert

You can make yours specific to YOUR cash-friendly-passions... just like this Asphalt guy

96. Events Planner Advisor or Guide

You’ve got the hook on how event planning works… now help people figure thing out. Ah, online business ideas can go North-South-East-West around here… you simply choose your spin…

…for example, would you focus on helping other events planners, or on actual event makers/owners, or even the attendees…

97. Airports Info Expert

You’ve checked in and out of so many airports OR worked in them…

…Now, help travels or airport authorities or flight operators or whoever benefits in any way with good quality information.

Help improve their experiences or efficiencies.

98. Flight Carrier Info Expert or Advisor

Flown dozens of times, tens of carriers, night and day, economy through first class, winter through summer, conservative Southwestern through rock-star Virgin Atlantic, safe on-schedule through turbulent emergency landings, all in all…

…seen them all.

Now share.

Help your global audience make smarter choices. Convert your flying experiences to on-the-fly money.

99. Vocal Training Expert or Advisor

Help aspiring and amateur vocalist hit the high notes… while, at the same time, hitting the highs in your bank or PayPal account statements.

Beautiful thing here is that so many online business ideas can be spun out of this one – focus on vocals for sopranos, altos, and/or tenors…

…or for singers of particular kinds of music… or opera vocalists. You’re limited only by your imagination.

100. Politics Expert Advisor

Ok. We all know what voting is… but for most people NOT much beyond that.

Fill up that knowledge gap for them and help the everyday person, or aspiring politicians, gain a grip at this animal.

101. Carrier Switch Guide and Advisor

Numbers show that most people do one or more carrier switches in their lifetimes. Now… that’s a potential market in the centi-millions, even billions the world over.

You can easily become the expert around here. Help people make more intelligent carrier-switch decisions.

I Really Could Go On and On

…But we’re way stretched beyond normal. It’s already five or so words from four thousand, six hundred words for this article.

In case you’re wondering “Hey, where exactly is the money in these online business ideas?”... Um, relax… that’s the simple part actually.

I already covered the many internet business models there is – I call them money machines… these models convert WHATEVER you do online into cash returns.

Saves you all that me-too “Affiliate Marketer”, or “Google sniper” BS. You can build a real business that makes REAL cash, years… decades… after you’re done building it.

Forget gimmicks.

“How do I write… I’m not good at that”

Not to worry. I have you covered.

Hit this link now to download a FREE eMasters Course on Net-writing

You don’t have to leave your email or anything. It’s completely free.

Everything you need to know to spark your online business ideas to life are right in that course.


OK, maybe you’d have a couple of questions when you’re done reading it. Click here to talk to someone who’s done ALL you might be afraid of doing now.

Au revoir… hook up with you at airports around the world!

loves from Nic

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