Part Time Internet Business for Starters

Now, begin your part time internet business in a way that balances out on your time, money, knowledge and other vital areas of your life. This will also lead you to finding and starting something you deeply feel good about…

Do you have up to 10 friends? Or maybe you know ten persons who really desire to have a more fulfilling life?

Well, generally, you should have these sorts of people around you. We’re everywhere.

Now, if you and your friends… say 9 of them join you to start a part time internet business – having seen this channel as a good way to realizing that much desired freedom from your…

…9 to 5. Schooool… or maybe a way to do something more meaningful then thinking of next week’s Friday night party… I'm not saying there’s anything bad with that though.

OK. Simply, you and 9 other friends set to start out your part time internet business – ten of you now.

Experiences have shown that only you will succeed!

Part time Internet business is all about the ATTENTION

Why only you, what happened to your 9 smart friends?

…Well, I don’t know for sure what happened to them, but the reality is that… only one of you will succeed – I want to assume you’re that one person – since, obviously, you’re making more efforts here(otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this page now).

Your friends are busy out there getting all giddy to party tonight. You’re here – paying attention… and just like Lil’ Wayne you’d end up saying, “I tried to pay attention, but attention paid me”.


…Is that 90% of folks who start part time internet businesses fail.

And they fail NOT just because they do not know what they’re doing – and of course, they do not know what they’re doing – they fail because they DO NOT pay enough attention to know what they’re doing!

Success online is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of attention you put to it.

I mustn’t deceive you friend, whether you run this part time or full time, ATTENTION is the ultimate determinant of success. The lack of it IS certainly going to be… you know… well, you know that already…

“Where’re all those Sweet-licking Juicy Berries?!”

Ah, they’re all in Cyberspace, dude!

Let’s have them now…

OK! Here are a number of reasons you might want to start your online business before next FNP (well, you should know that already, it’s the regular – Friday Night Party). Who wouldn’t want to have a business that provides all that s/he needs… so s/he can party all day long?

Not anyone I know or that knows me.

You want it… right? Now let’s do some juicy berry picking…

Tasty Juicy Berry 1: Part time internet business eventually gives you more FREE time to do things…

…that regular jobs, contract jobs, freelance works, and all those other permanently time-demanding pursuits would never allow you to enjoy… like going on a vacation at anytime of the year you choose.

All you have to do is choose. It’s done. Yes, that casual.

Tasty Juicy Berry 2: Ah… well… now, let’s face it – you downright feel used, right? That relationship sucks. Your job is hell! You’re practically

running out of patience… And your telomeres are rupturing really badly now…

…that’s shortening lifespan on the horizon, man!

Where’re the life-saving juicy berries? Voila – save yourself from drudgery. You certainly deserve better. Start a part time internet business that fits your

lifestyle and preferences… of course now!

Tasty Juicy Berry 3: I heard you’re darn growth oriented… welcome aboard, I am too!

And nothing makes for a greater hands-on experience like running an internet business… that’s part time (if you’re holding down a reg. job or in school, or in

service – like the army/police/Interpol – or charity… or simply have goofing around as number one priority).

So you can hold on to your priority while you build a part time internet business on the side. This can greatly improve your communication skills, leadership

skills, negotiation skills… name it!

This is Personal Development in a box.

Tasty Juicy Berry 4: You really don’t want to be in debt all your life, do you? So why not run this business and Have it Pay the Tuition and School Bills?

I really think this is very self-evident, ain’t it? Lotsa folks are doing this already… this is no news.

Tasty Juicy Berry 5: Experience money earned while you’re deep asleep… Having hit orgasm. It’s called Passive Income

Tasty Juicy Berry 6: Hit the freeway! Improve your work profile and put the odds in your favor for speedy raises…

Tasty Juicy Berry 7: Buy your favorite gadgets… yes, buy iPad 10 or at least have the money ready, all the while enjoying building your part time internet business… on the corner.

Speed Money for Part time Internet Business owners

Tasty Juicy Berry 8: Realize your Dreams without ever having to raise funds for it again! Enjoy Internet Business Systems that ROCK!

Tasty Juicy Berry 9: Become the REAL Santa… have more than enough to share with people you love… yes, even those you hate!

Tasty Juicy Berry 10: PLAY! Play with money and that sort of time freedom to do just about anything you want… simply experience what it’s like to… just play with money. Every day, evening or weekends...

Tasty Juicy Berry 11: Find the rest of the berries yourself… they’re everywhere

Greening Your Part Time Internet Business

Not the going green you know…

…this concerns the environment that surrounds you as an individual. It’s the energy that feeds your being.

How green is your social support? How green is your spatial support?

The people around you and the immediate orderliness or disorderliness around you will definitely affect you. The sooner you take charge here the better.

Don’t even think about it – leaving these to chance will leave you without a chance. So you’ve gotta be responsible all the way!


Connect ONLY with people who’ll drive you towards your goals. Don’t discuss your business with anyone whom you know for sure sees no future in what you’re doing. Protect your business from psychological attack…

…expose it to growth stimulators, not inhibitors.

She’s your brainchild. Don’t expose her bear to the cold winter out there. Surround her with warmth.


The place you do your work matters a great deal. In fact, your happiness and success SERIOUSLY depends on it… so this is not stuff to push to the corner.

If you’ll run a successful part time internet business, you’ll need a place that supports that success. This is so crucial that Cornell University has a special program for this purpose – work space.

Where you work must fit for maximum productivity. I think it’s commonsense, but not commonly observed.

Set apart a specific place for your business, and keep it spatially healthy… simply ask yourself “does this place I do my work reflect that I’m intelligent?” Of course, truth is of essence – so don’t even put your ego ahead of her, you’ll lose.

Financing Your Business

Generally speaking, since this is your first online business, I’ll advice you start small, and then increase your capacity over time. Don’t do too much in the beginning, for now. You’re learning the ropes…

…so learn it first. You may even work only weekends.

I’d dealt with affordability in another page. You’ll sure find it insightful.

Your Regular Job: Quit or Don’t Quit

In the start – if you’re absolutely new to the concept of making money online and if you’re just testing this means of earning money to see if it’ll suit your preferences – you might want to combine it with your regular job…

Of course, this won’t be forever.

There’re about three ways to go about deciding what to do with your part time internet business:

  • DO the two: Hold to your job while working at your part time business. This is advisable if you already love the job you do now

  • Go from job to business owner a step at a time: Work at your business until you are able to quit your regular job. And then quit your job at once.

  • Quit your job NOW and make this business a succeed-or-succeed adventure: Simply quit your job straight-up and go into business.

My opinion may not work for everyone, but in my experience, it’s the one with the most likelihood of success – quitting from the start – especially if you’re considering quitting your job down the road…

…why not now? Fear is your greatest enemy here. Rationalizing WON’T help you.

If you have an external paycheck to always fall back to, you may fall away, taking this part time internet business too part-time that it eventually dies with time. Attention is key here.

With everything at stake, success becomes the only option. For me and most other successful people I know, that’s how we all go – pig-style commitment.

No Time to Check time!

ACT now.

Find an idea that’ll fly for you… and then begin taking massive action on it right away. Every moment you wait makes it unlikely that you’ll get to it – so get to it…


Start with finding your passions, next you go on to plan your work and work your plan… OK. Get to the doing part now!

Get started with your part time internet business, and…

Meet you at the airports!

loves from Nic

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