Passive Income Businesses for Hearty Virgins

Explore internet passive income businesses that earn you more in less time and are extremely doable, so you can enjoy total personal freedom...

...whether freedom of location to go anywhere you want to go and do anything you want to do, or freedom from an abusive situation (like a dead end job or screwed up relationship).

This consideration is great for so many reasons. And here are some of the most crucial…

You’re N-O-W-H-E-R-E...

What did you read?

You're nowhere... or you are now here...

Well, online passive income earning makes your choices custom-made – life becomes how you see it. You're both present and absent... talk of complete freedom.

passive income businesses built online, like I said earlier on, makes it possible for you to earn money without being bound by the particular location that money comes from, nor the physical location where you are per time.

You can easily take a trip or vacation anywhere, anytime... rest assured that your business is fine. Most of the location problems of an offline business is nothing to you, because your business is now here… but nowhere...

Welcome to Cyberspace. For most online businesses you don't even need any licenses to make money! Let's not talk about tax havens just yet.

online passive income businesses are quite powerful, they make you almost an invincible and invisible creature...

...except for the unlike event that all the servers containing the program files of your online business go bust… and the backup files fail too… for most cases that’s like saying the sun went bust!

Facebook, Google, Amazon, eBay etc... have all been running for years, with no down moment! Never. So you should expect that you'll be just as fine.

As for my website, UN agrees that Canada is one of the best places to live on earth… so I should think I'm safe. :)

I can share new contents from anywhere I go, and you can enjoy these contents no matter where you are too.

Some of my most insightful topics should likely come along after having some “quality time” with Eunice. I particularly enjoy mixing business and pleasure… since, for me, business is pleasure.

My Rout to my Passive Income Businesses

This one particularly resonates with me on a very deep, personal level and for some serious reasons... too. I probably would not be as happy and fulfilled as I am today if there was no means to reach beyond my immediate surroundings.

No quality books to read. No personal development audios. No mails and post offices. No internet to glean insights from. My joy today, to a great degree came from the availability of these tools.

And I’m grateful to Nicola Tesla... his ray-weirdness paid off for me. And the world at large.

Saddled with the pain of being an orphan at age 14, losing Charles – my roommate and friend – who drowned in a swimming pool drunk, going through cold breakups with two girlfriends, enduring a number of abusive social connections, and then, dropping out of the University in my final year... life looked more hocus-pocused than bright.

My plugging into personal development materials early enough (about after mum died), and later on discovering the internet, were to me my saving graces.

Reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant showed me – for the fist time in my life – the power and importance of owning a passive income business.

...I couldn't quite place what it'll feel like to earn money continually without the drudgery, but that thought "money that kept flowing in long after the work is done...?" got me cranking on figures.

I was like, huh... this must be some cool thing to experience firsthand. Just in my nature, I dived right in, looking for a way to experience this autopilot money. Adventure begins...

May be you already know... of course, just like in treasure hunt games, I first of all dug up lots and lots of trash in the start.

Got scammed a number of times online and offline from schemes I took at face value to be great passive income businesses. But turned out to be booby traps.

I even lost borrowed money I had no way of paying back... and then, faced the music.

Not my favorite tune though. But maybe nice for my dream of building passive income businesses. When I ever I regain sight of that dream, I regain my courage to go yet another mile.

From what was left of me... (and nothing was left actually) I had to figure out a way forward for myself, by myself. It was both cold and cool to go that path.

I wasn't aware of all these amazon-survivor journeys in the start though – I probably would NEVER step foot on that path if I had a hint at the realities I'll be faced with. But I learned a whole lot more than I can remember now.

Moving forward sometimes meant going back to people, jobs and places I strongly disliked. This more than anything else made me sick.

I could easily have chosen death if I had the option – a concrete one like a pistol pointed to my head (by someone else). I also feared suicide... I didn't want to go to hell... (though not sure if it exists in the first place, but no trial version available to test with... so killing myself was not such a cool option).

I still hadn't lost sight of Kiyosaki's passive income businesses revelation... but, heck, I had no chances at a real-estate-investing white belt, even if I didn't have to spar to be given!

I could barely talk to most people I knew face-to-face... talk less of haggling prices with strangers – I'd be hanged!

But Kiyosaki did talk about Network Marketing as a viable starter for anyone who desired financial freedom. I needed money badly at the time and thought I was ready for anything that really worked…

I was wrong.

I failed dismally... up until I found a means to making mlm a great passive income business – online.

...but 'til then, my relationship sucked. I couldn’t afford basics. I was almost always in need... even for toothpaste!

Finding Nirvana...

…and just about then, voila! …all at once, came these three beautiful things that’d later define most things in my life – especially my fear-infested thinking and the way I responded to life in general.

A book written in the year 1910 the Science of Getting Rich (by Wallace D. Wattles) which I'd read months before I heard about the Secret (by Rhonda Byrne) – yes the Secret is the second wonder of my walls – third is a nice travel based passive income business, from Australia, which I drove to considerable success.

This business, at least, paid my living expenses and I began enjoying genuine friendships with mature, focused persons. Most of whom up ‘til now are pretty much a part of my social circle.

I even found and dated my second girlfriend doing this business… a nice incentive for following my gut feelings.:)

This travel business (which involved selling discounted travel deals over the internet) gave me my first taste of passive income. That very first real, seed money and playing Cashflow 101 severally, gradually opened – the mental, and then, eventually the physical – flood gates for me.

...of course, "flood gates" come in sizes too. Days where I’d check my online portal to see some nicely sitting $31.20 (USD), earned. As small as that figure looks right now I can vividly remember the mixed emotional rush of joy and trepidation… it felt like a million bucks in the hands of a beggar!

The Freedom to Live Life

Passive income businesses are not necessarily great because of the huge amount of money they make you, but more for the fact that you enjoy recurring income from an effort you had made in the past…

With the internet, that effect doubles.

At first it trickles, then it grows... overtime you’d be earning increasingly huge figures… with very low or no maintenance necessary. The money just keeps flowing in... and you don't have to stress over it. It just happens, like day follows night.

It gives you that opportunity... that freedom to live life. Not watching it on TV, or reading it in the news, or gossiping about it... or quite simply viewing it from your window pane, as it passes you by.

You don't want that, do you?

The power of online income is immensely rewarding and can be of some big, big, big favor to you if you’ve experienced intense resistance in your life’s journeys, or you’re currently in the middle of these challenging times…

…a failing or abusive relationship, bankruptcy, downsizing, or quite simply, you’re almost always not having enough to take care of yourself.

For the most part, I’ve had my piece of them all. And honestly, without mincing words, passive income business is way better than any other income source you might be nursing right now...

If you've never had it, you don't know it. It's like orgasm.

My suggestion to you is DECIDE. Decide to experientially know what earning head-dizzying money on a lazy day feels like.

Having tasted it, I bet you'll never want to go back to hauling buckets and grinding the mill. All I've lost is nothing compared to the gains it's brought me so far, in cash, empowering relationships, and a wealth of experiences to draw from.

In an unpleasant relationship? First accept the truth that you're dealing with a situation that's ABSOLUTELY not worthy of you. Now DECIDE: Stay, leave or find remedies?

But don't pretend everything is just fine if it's not.

I'm well aware that money may not answer all of your questions, but it does go a very long way, to providing that answer. Ask yourself if you'd still be in this relationship if you earned 5, 10, or 20 times what you earn now, without depending on this relationship for it? If you answered NO. Don't stay another day. Leave.

Stop perpetuating the life you don't want. Leave the dead alone.

If you can't leave this very moment, I suggest you start up an internet business with passive income prospects that can serve to cushion your reality in this moment, and provide you with a pivotal standpoint to changing what you dislike.

I'm recommending this because I'm a living proof of how this decision can be immensely liberating. It's like deliberately choosing happiness... especially when you being seeing the rewards show up (and usually in a matter of about three short months).

I enjoyed an article from a mentor I had adopted online and would want to share a part of that piece with you. I suggest you do some deep thinking with it.

I did. And I found it immensely valuable.

"...Consciously choosing to maintain the status quo isn't the same as having the status quo continue simply because you're in pause mode.

Consciously choosing to be in your current relationship is much different than merely allowing it to self-perpetuate when you're unsure about breaking up.

One of the great privileges of life is your freedom to choose. Don't surrender this gift just because you face some challenging decisions. If

you keep hitting pause, life will pass you by in the most boring and uninteresting ways, and you'll eventually wonder where all the time went.

Instead of being stuck in perpetual pause mode, un-pause these stuck areas of your life, and get moving forward again. Make a decision today, and start taking action on it.

What's the opposite of the pause button? It's the play button. When you're stuck in pause, you're missing out on so many playful, joyful, fulfilling moments that life has to offer. play."

Kick Starting one of the online passive income businesses makes a huge difference here, and could be the best play you ever pressed...

Make Money Anyhow…

Literally speaking, your earning strategy can range from selling whatever you love – dildos to prayer books – right up to selling nothing…

...yup! passive income businesses on the internet can go as good as selling nothing and still earns six (even seven) figure incomes, notwithstanding. That's many times over what 98% of online sales machines ever get to earn.

A cataloged, in-depth look at the various online earning models are explored extensively in money machines (click to open a new window or tab). I grouped them into Sell-Something and Sell-Nothing online revenue sources, but you may want to mix your income strategy a bit, and that’s perfectly OK… and is in fact, recommended.

But my best recommendation is what I call an Earner's Dream. This model is so simple that anyone who is willing to take the simple, guided steps will succeed at it.

Click here to explore more passive income ideas necessary to empowering your Passive Income Businesses.

loves from Nic

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