Passive Income Ideas for Virgins and Beginners

Hit orgasm with these passive income ideas, even if you’ve been a virgin all your life – discover the best money sources online as we speak! Or take it even further – discover YOUR own best sources, now.

For clarity you may want to start by understanding what passive income is. First of all, there is NO passive income salary anywhere – so you can’t 9-to-5 it. But the good news is that you can have it!


Simple… begin by knowing what this is all about. You can’t have what you don’t even know in the first place – no assumptions here. I mean KNOW it for what it is.

Passive income ideas come from value you created (authoring a book, for example) and leveraged on a system (like the internet, maybe via Amazon books), that yields you recurring profits.

Did you notice the “recurring profits”?

If the source of the income demands your attention and money often – to keep running – it’s NOT passive income.

PASSIVE means you can do other things with your time and money… like smooching your girlfriend on the beach in far away Fiji, while the money keeps flowing in.

To fully grasp this, let’s take a moment to explore this passive income thingy…

  • We’ll start by laying a solid foundation... understanding everything about what passive income is,

  • And then we can go right ahead generating and working your passive income ideas into money earners.

Cool? Now, let’s know…

…What it’s NOT

Passive income ideas are not necessarily those ones that generate you quick money.

Let’s get this. There is the good quick money… from deals/contracts... and there is the bad quick money… from GRQs (get-rich-quick) schemes – promises that never see the light of day.

The unfortunate reality is that GRQs are easier to come by than deals. So it’s important you don’t jump on every glittering stone you see here, they might just be hot coals… tread carefully – especially online!

Now if passive income is something you hope to realize on a hit-and-get basis, you might want to think again. DEALS are made, passive income sources are built. Dresses are made, mansions are built.

…core differences?

Passive income ideas run ONLY on pre-set systems.

These systems are designed to make money come to you without need for your attention or extra resources, and the value you’re offering, on the other hand, (in a downloadable file format, DVD, or using any of the various internet business models available) goes to the person who needs your value offering. And this could go on without you being aware of the exchange, in time.

Deals, or contracts… like is done at Freelancer, Elance, Amazon Mechanical Turk and others, however, run on systems that demand your active presence. You don’t get the money unless you work on new projects and each project demands your full presence and attention per time.

Types of Passive Income

You may well decide the type of passive income you earn.
Do you want it online or offline, or both?

The beautiful thing about working your passive income ideas is that you have control over how you earn from them. And this holds true even if originally you had thought that your ideas can only work within a small group of people, within your locality.

The internet can change all of that for you.

And this is also true for you if you had thought that your ideas are only great online. There are ways to leverage your passive income ideas offline to generate income with little stress.

The type of passive income you eventually go with will depend on a number of factors, for example, if freedom is all too important to you, and you’d want to do lots of travelling, you might consider either focusing all your effort online or minimizing your offline involvement.

But if you already live in a place you feel emotionally connected to – like beautiful San Marino – you may want to put away the idea of having all your work online. You want to build more connectedness with your current location.

Online. Offline. Both. Choose your style of passive income.

Get Yours Ready – Strategies for Passive Income Ideas

Are you on a job, in school, or just stuck in limbo…? These could be extremes, maybe you’re somewhere in the middle. A strategy is necessary for accessing the life you want or admire. Here’s the point…

…you must be clear on how to manage your present reality while in pursuit for your passive income dreams. This is DOUBLE important if you are in a situation or place that may be limiting you in some way – typically, a job can be limiting. School too. Other limiting situations may include a stressful relationship.

A strategy does THREE important things here…

Generating Ideas That Make Money

There are five primary sources of passive income and each has its own way of making money. All five can be leveraged online or made to work offline… you bet, they’re better leveraged online. Don't even think of a using blog, there's a golf between that and building a business!

Talking of these five…

1. Real Estate – Rents

2. Portfolio – Dividends

3. Intellectual Property – Royalties

4. Business – Director Bonuses

5. and Affiliate and Direct Marketing – Residual Income

I developed a way for you to generate ideas and get them working in less 30 minutes. You may check it out by following the link.

But if you’d simply want to check out what other people have done, get your brains horny and hit orgasm with your own original stuff, hit this link now to see online business ideas that work. In there you’ll find examples of passive income ideas you might love.

Overtime I’ll be revealing more and more passive income opportunities you can actually leverage on. But for now I strongly suggest you take some 30 short minutes to generate your own original ideas and get them running.

See you there.

loves from Nic

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