Purposeful Internet Business for Hearty Virgins

Spark up your creative brains to a purposeful internet business drawn from your orgasmic core. Balance means and meaning, while staying fly.

With several thousands of decades behind us as humans, it’s been proven that two things remain as important as – if not even more important than – the very air we breathe…

  1. Means

  2. Meanings

Meaning happens in our heads and hearts.

Means happens in our hands and hearts.

In both case the heart is a common denominator as you can clearly observe.

“Means” is how we survive. “Meaning” is why we survive. A purposeful internet business is a conscious combination of both.

“Means” is the body. “Meaning” is the soul. Without one the other cannot fully experience existence.

You NEED both of them working together.

The Missing Piece

Want to make money online?...

…Then doing a purposeful internet business is NOT optional, it’s either you’re doing internet business purposefully or you’re… umm… well, finished.

There is no middle ground. I really wish there was one actually.

It’s not uncommon to see quick-fix options everywhere. Offerings of “fastest, cutest and latest money makers” are a dime a dozen.

Of course, once a while, in all that rubble you find some sense…

…but that’s the exception, NOT the rule.

Most fast money makers are NOT anything more than guises of hot-button marketers who want your money.

...most people are trying way too hard building what doesn’t align with them deep on the inside...

They want the body without the soul.

Purposeful internet business starts with you digging deep into yourself to find your heart’s desire – that orgasmic core.

This is what Jim Collins in his book, Good to Great, calls “your hedgehog concept”.

What in the world can you be the best in? What could drive the most cash into your pocket in harmony with your heart?

You need that balance between your means and the meanings you’re giving things.

Steve Pavlina once said “your most important relationship isn’t one with yourself, but the one you have with this reality”. By “this reality”, he means how you see the world – the meanings you give life.

If life’s meaning to you is any bit different from how you earn your means, or the way you go about money…

…not only are you out of alignment with building purposeful internet business – that is, in fact, trivial, the more serious one – you’re breeding your own unhappiness and eternal hurt.

The missing piece is that most people are trying way too hard building what doesn’t align with them deep on the inside. They’re after the means, but without a deep seated meaning – beyond the money.

They want the body without the soul.

My Experience with Reality

Ever been at cross roads? No I don’t want to assume you’ve been there – and that’s no big deal. This is a bit beyond talking purposeful internet business.

However, if you’ve been there or you’re just being curious...

…What you’re about reading is for those of us who need clarity as to our purpose… so, in a nutshell this focuses on your purpose – life purpose – as it relates to internet business.

I wasn’t that kind of person.

As for the “why am I here?” question, I’ve almost always been crystal clear about the answer. Since about my mid-teenage years, I’ve been clear about the course I want my life to go… I tend to believe a large portion of this clarity was drawn from my profuse, lengthy meditations at the time.

That clarity swung me into action.

That action was short lived. I did so much and either got little results or no results at all.

I began questioning myself – literally talking out loud – with that sort of ruthless, straight-face frankness you’d put up when questioning a witness before the jury…

“Now, Nicholas isn’t this shooting yourself in the foot? Allowing the sweetness of trivia rob you of your deepest happiness –not living your life by your own conscious design? ”

My concern got even deeper as those words slowly, but surely, sank in. Beginning to realize what’s what – as if scales fell off my eyes…

…that I was the ONE… and the ONLY one for that matter… standing in the way of my own myself… allowing trivia choke my true passions to death.

I love to work online, but building a purposeful internet business didn’t come to me as a natural option – blogging did come to heart first, but it took some time before I knew what I was actually doing.

Delay was NEVER necessary in the first place.

Yes, it was hard to admit the truth.

But with that realization I began seeing that I could really do without Facebook and doing that won’t mean bleeding to death before daybreak. All those unnecessary web surfing, mindless talks, and the thousand other viable excuses flickering all over the place in my head, had to go too.

They were sucking the fun out of me in exchange for that false feeling of instant gratification. Going on with a purposeful internet business was beginning to slip through my fingers.

At this point I was all too tired of being broke and lazy.

Broke is broke – flat out of money.

But it’s not that kind of laziness. It’s an ironic one. This laziness is a special breed for hard working people. It embraces what would otherwise pass for rational thinking.

Have you noticed that really hard working people, with poor results often say things like...

“I’ve never done that before”

“I'll get to it at the right time…” or “I’m not good at things like that”.

“I’ve tried that several times before… and I know too many people who fail in these kinds of things”

“Things like this DON’T work”, “When I have the money I’ll get to it”, etc.

That epiphany made is crystal clear – I was obstructing myself.

I realized that I wasn’t getting my desired results, NOT because I wasn’t working hard enough, but because I allowed too much weed… unnecessary work… starve attention off the cash crops…

…More action was NOT the answer.

Reversing my order of work was the trigger for my purposeful internet business.

I simply had to stop some things I’d usually be busied up with and start pouring in more attention to others I wasn’t paying enough attention to.

Finish line…

Intelligent people know that means is important. They also know that meanings are as important. They make money, but they have their purpose and happiness in place.

These materials – offering you free internet business opportunities – sparks you up in the right direction. Start with them.

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See you at airports around the world.

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