Sell Stuff that’s Custom-Made Online

Discover cool ways to sell stuff that’s custom-made for your site or business. Earn supercharged extra income. Find out all about cafepress, zazzle and others… and have fun doing your thing!

This is pretty simple and won’t require too much from you…

…of course you need the basics in place to make this work at all.

The Basics before You Start Selling Stuff

  • An existing web business is first and foremost: If you don’t already do business online, you might as well let this beautiful idea slide aside, while you discover your passions and creatively build your idea into a wonder

  • Great content for your visitors to use: You MUST provide real solutions to real problems that real people want to really solve!

    Yes, around here – in cyberspace – you must be real for things to work. You can’t even afford the cost of being unreal… I bet, you don’t even want to be anything less than real.

    It’s just way too expensive to be less than real, given the technology and atmosphere of knowingness that’s online now. REALITY is everything here.
  • Draw traffic… by that I mean make people who need your solution find you easily. This page offers some insight you should find useful in ways that hit the g-spot.

  • Build rock-solid relationship with your visitors

  • Now… sell stuff!

If all these are not followed in sequence…

…one thing, and only one thing, happens – dismal frustration.

The internet is for information, first before any other thing… and respecting that reality is crucial to success. Selling will only happen successfully if you’ve done the PREselling part successfully.

How this Works…

…assuming you’ve done all the steps before the 5th one right and all that remains is selling your stuff to visitors who love and respect you already. No qualms. Here’s the script.

Sign up with one or more customization companies that make it possible to souvenirs and other stuffs that bear your customization effects… logo, business name, tag line or whatever…

…for example, and you can begin selling your stuff.

Setting up a customized-goods/services shop online is pretty much intuitive. Doing the steps I’d identified above is about the hardest part.

Once you’re signed up, these guys handle…

  • Production of each item ordered for, using their print-on-demand technology

  • Payment processing

  • Shipping of the product straight up to the customer

  • Customer service issues

Your part?


Just deposit the checks every month!

Each item has a base price, all you do is add your profit on top of that base price... as let the money pile up!

It’s really that easy to sell stuff…

On cafépress, for example, you have options to upgrade your membership and enjoy some more flexibility and customization power for your shop. However, the free one is a great place to start… and then grow…

…unless, of course, you feel the need for a more personalized shop right from the start. You can sell stuff – whatever it is… cool t-shirts, hand-bands, hair-bands, hats, tracks, mugs, etc

This can create some strong brand effect for your site, and your business, and allow visitors who’ve been blessed by your work to have a memorabilia.

How to Get in the Game?

Obviously, you wouldn’t start your business by trying to sell stuff…

find your passions first. And then build it on with generating a genuine idea that’s yours.

The FREE resources I made available here can tremendously help you... especially Netwriting Masters Course.

Now, fly from there!

See you… airports around the world – private jets and first class only, please…

loves from Nic

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