SEO for Small Business Virgins

Jump start and hit orgasm with traffic-pulling SEO for small business virgins like you. Become eternally relevant and hearty to the engines…

…Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Just in case you don’t know already, SEO is simply short for Search Engine Optimization.

And the whole idea didn’t always exist until Google showed up on the scene, as a major search engine – and became an easy, nifty way for you and me to find information on the internet without breaking a sweat.

…well, it’s getting better these days, but in the start it was pretty much bitter, especially when SEOers realized they could game the algorithms used by Google.

Not anymore.

For you, the internet business owner, SEO is a way to drive targeted traffic to your website.

For the search engines, SEO is simply a way webmasters align their web contents so that they can be found by searchers… as they may be relevant.

You need to strike an orgasmic balance between those two view points, utilizing sound SEO for small business methods. Or die… online.

The Search Engines’ two word mission that describes their ONE goal – recognize reality – has driven them to developing near-Artificial-Intelligence-Level algorithms.

Successful SEO for small business works best in a mix of high quality, in-demand CONTENT… which is most likely what your visitors seek in the first place

Right now, gaming the search engines only breeds hurts – long term hurts.

The release of algorithms like the Panda… meant to wipeout nonsensical content from search engines’ search results or what we call SERP, and the Penguin… meant to deal with spammy, sploggy or worthless link building, is another one.

My point?

Pretty simple. Doing SEO for small business of any kind is worthless if the business’s website, in the first place, has no real value to offer… on its own.

Did you get that? I said… On Its Own.

NOT the value your business offers offline, but online.

Value, on the internet, means something quite different from what you’re offering offline. Your job is to know that difference and leverage on that knowledge.

And for the most part that difference will be “Valuable Information”.

Getting a Handle at This

Sure there are SEO tools. And I’ll share some of the most potent ones with you, in a moment.

And there are even SEO agencies that have gained strong reputation for great SEO, and I’ll show you some too.

…But, hey, if you do not have REAL valuable information for visitors to your site… and by that I do not mean product or service description…

...if you don’t offer real solutions right off those pages, I strongly suggest you forget about it – it won’t work.

Successful SEO for small business works best with an in-demand CONTENT… which is most likely what your visitor seeks in the first place – not a sales pitch.

So even if you get found at the search engines, but have nothing else to offer beyond your sales pages, you run to ruin.

You MUST give value right off the pages of your site first! FIRST!! FirSt!!!

Orgasmic SEO Engineering Tools

1. Your Website Layout:

SEO for small business starts with your website layout. And this MUST be a simple one for search engines and humans to navigate.

The easiest example I can use is the layout of this website. Just take a look at how I’ve laid it out. Search engines find it easy to navigate, and I sure know you find it easy to get around too.

Of course, not all website will do fine with this EXACT same layout.

But the principles are the same:

  • Visible and easy-to-follow navigation bar

  • Top and bottom navigation links

  • Header

  • Footer

  • Body

  • Either two column or three column web pages

2. Your Written Content:

SEO for small business, like I said earlier is NOT going to work if your material is thin or fluff. You MUST give value right off the pages of your site first.

And… yup! That goes without you making a dime from all that work in the beginning. It comes paying off later – and in fact, sometimes much later than you think.

But that doesn’t go without reminding you: the pay off comes rushing in big, if you do it right through and through.

The best ways really, especially if you’re new here, are…

3. Utilizing the power of web-videos:

A simple three step method to improve your traffic and enjoy the benefits of SEO for small business, your way, is using web videos.

And here’s how:

  1. Get pictures of trips you made to the Grand Canyon, for example…

    …assuming that your website is based on the Grand Canyon Tourism/Travel (so, apply this with relevance to your website’s or business’s focus)

    And then make a video-slide with them. So first thing, get the pictures together.

  2. Get free domain music to use for your video’s background music.

  3. Use any program for making videos to put yours together. Any of these two would do… Muvee AutoProducer, or Window Live Movie Maker. It’s FREE to use.

  4. Upload the video… YouTube , Vimeo, Break, Revver and MetaCafe… are great sites you can upload your videos on.

This should take anything from 10 to 15 or maximum 20 minutes from creation to upload. And have visitors coming to your site within days of uploading the video on these video sites…

…Just don’t forget to include your site’s URL before, during and after the video-slide show.

Work with the search engines, NOT against them. That’s the surest way to a win-win-win uh-huh... orgasm!

4. Ping the Search Engines:

Well, to be honest with you, I enjoy an automated system that does this for me while I focus on business.

…now, talk SEO for small business.

Just in case you don’t plan on using a turnkey internet business system, you can always use webmaster forums to learn what to do.

But I strongly advise you take advantage of automation.

And, hey, this is NOT optional!

It’s a MUST do… or you won’t get found by anyone – there are over 200 Million websites on the internet today and less and 2% of those sites are actually getting meaningful traffic, talk less profitable.

5. Ethical Link Building:

Yup! You need links… OK, you know that already. Well, hope you also know that you need to be ethical.

Ethical SEO for small business demands that you DO NOT get links just for the sake of the links themselves.

Links MUST deliver value. There are various types of links, and link sources.

General and niche directories, forums/blogs/other sites, ethical link exchange programs, are great link sources.

Social signals from Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc, count too… and are, in fact, becoming more and more relevant now than ever.

The One RULE You Can’t Afford to Break

No matter what you do, keep it natural.

Don’t try to beat the search engines – and don’t listen to those who make such ambiguous claims that they can.

Think about it for a moment, how can an individual or a small group of techies beat a grand, multi-billion dollar, best-brains-in-the-world teams of search engine algorithm developers at Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others?...

Think about it.

…like, really, beat them all?!

How can that possibly happen?

Keep it real.

No debating this.

Work with the search engines, NOT against them. That’s the surest way to win… and that’s the very BEST way to go about SEO for small business.

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