Sources of Passive Income that work

Discover sources of passive income you can engage to work for you. Earning money that gives you freedom, fun and flexibility – your way.

Here I’ll show you how to mesh the power of the internet with the five basic forms of passive income. I basically haven’t found any resource to this regard anywhere online – I’m creating one to help you enjoy leveraged leverage

…think advanced freedom.

I know the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) of the US has a differing view on some of the sources I quoted here as passive income, but it's important you understand that they're coming from US tax laws point of view... and their view doesn't necessarily hold true in most other countries.

First let me share my experience with you on these five superstars – I think you’d relate better with whatever method I'd be giving you having read through these stories.

Next we zoom past the story telling, straight up to the “how-to” part of leveraging the internet to making each of them work for you.

Tears and Tiers of Earning Sweet-licking Money


In my late teens – probably 18 or so – a few friends and I founded an investment club where we gathered funds and invested in shares, mostly bank shares. I think we had a few thousand dollars in about three or four companies.

It felt good to enjoy this sort of privilege. Investing in the stock market was something of pride at the time – especially because companies where just beginning to give public offerings, for everyone who bought shares at the time, we all had our heads in the air…

…but then we lost it. Stocks crashed – we hadn’t the least idea on managing portfolio funds… and many self-acclaimed stock-brokers were just as broke; many knew next to nothing… apart from following open predictions, they couldn’t judge any better than a well educated lay investor.

And that was our case.

The heads in the air, you ask?

Of course all quickly bowed in dismay, and suddenly all the swagger corrected to a timid walk. You really could not tell anyone your money was in that crash – it was rather too disturbing an experience... some of us had everything in it.

For me, it was my first experience with investing in the stock market… my impression of the idea tanked. If anyone asked me, “want shares?” it would come through like “want sheared?” – I’d almost be on the verge of taking to my heels. I simply dreaded the experience. I swore never to be a part of it ever again.

Robert Kiyosaki reinforced it with his view on shares and the stock market. I think I still stick to that reality today even with the much I know now. In the US, however, dividend earnings get some tax advantages – well, that’s if you ever get to earn it in the first place.

For me it’s not worth the try. So of all sources of passive income, you wouldn’t be getting any more than this from me, on this one. It’s not just my fit.


Um… what got me here in the first place?

Aha! Starting my travel business was it. Good memories…

I got offers to sell property to some of my clients. It worked! That firsthand cash as a sales agent was a beautiful start for me. I began studying more and more about real estates.

Sure, I was aware of other sources of passive income, but knowing that most all super-wealthy people the world over held their assets in property hooked my interest like an eagle’s claw. Now, off for the flight – I got a property from my family (actually, I inherited it), worth about $12,500 USD… sold it. Then wound up losing over $7000 USD of that money, to a deal I knew neither the head nor the tail of it.

That lose was to become my greatest lesson on money management vs. relationship management. Some relationships are not just worth keeping. Growing up together or being born of the same parents is no grounds for partnership… I quickly learned another face of “discretion”.

Yeah, it was some tough, but good lesson – never to be forgotten.

Of course, losing that money had nothing to do with real estate in itself… so I’m not about stopping that source. Although I do very little of it now, I still have an eye for it… I intend moving my participation in it from deal-based real estate to making it one of my sources of passive income.

As you may already know, that will require some strong system to work – something I don’t total feel I’m ready for right now. I’m not backing down that much, though. Right now I’m gearing up for some sweet, burgeoning opportunities in South Africa (mainly in Pretoria) which some of my friends are already enjoying.


Yup! I’ve done this too.


Well… Me too!

Honestly, I’m really amazed at the diversity of my involvements as much as you are… having participated in just about all sources of passive income, at least, to some extent – and sure know a whole lot about them too. Had the good, bad and ugly… orphaned at 14 – now, leave the age thingy aside – been on the street awhile too.

My music band had won 10th place (16 bands/artistes where recognized, and awarded of thousands from across the globe) in a music contest judged by Audio Adrenaline, a Nashville, Tennessee based rock band and some Colorado Springs based judges too – cool door opener for us. But we soon shut it ourselves.

Got tour invitations and sold a few singles… but our parents (at the time I was already orphaned, but my band members’ parents) wanted us to finish school first – well, that was it – we screwed-up our dreams for school.

Some of our music friends and studio engineer friends had since moved on – one in the US (Baltimore), another in London (UK), and like that… scattered. Nothing of weight and worth held us together any more.

Just before we totally disbanded we had made this (very amateurish) video in Ilorin Nigeria, which eventually found its way into YouTube (click to watch) a friend of ours in the UK had it uploaded. Yes, we were that disoriented – couldn’t even upload our own video on a free internet video service! School just seemed the logical way to go.

My point here, you ask?

Talent is NEVER enough to walk the royalty paths of intellectual property – you may need to break a few norms… being devoted enough to take the steps required to actualize your dreams, is a commitment ONLY you can make, no one else – no matter how loving of you – will make for you.

People who screw-up their dreams for stuff (even as reasonable) as school – if care is not taken – almost always end up as mere tools for those who dared to stick with their passions.

Plato at Internet Business Ease

All that we needed to do was find a system that would carry us on… but we screwed it all up. Please don’t do the same – it’s not worthy of you, at all.


I’ve never been here very directly, on my own.

Yes, growing up my dad had my name and my siblings’ in his company-directors names list, but that was as far as I saw it – on paper. And I’ve never built or owned a big business. My experience here is very close to limited… or just head knowledge.

One thing for sure, however, is that systems rule in this kingdom as well… so find it, work it. Click here, you should find this resource helpful.


Yes, been here, done that and I’m still here.

A part of my travel business was actually designed to incorporate this system of earning. My current online business also incorporates it. I’ve earned this way online and offline… large and small. This is, of all sources of passive income, one that’s given me the greatest flexibility…

…it’s my preferred source based on that one thing – flexibility. The cost of starting out this our, compared to other sources of passive income, is fairly low. And for the fact that I can earn this kind of passive income leveraging on the other sources…

I mean I can earn residual income selling real estate. I could earn it via intellectual properties, mutual funds and other portfolio assets, even through businesses. It’s about the most flexible of these sources of passive income – and it’s all that with very minimal stress!

Brought In a Box

Making residual income, real estates, local businesses/a full-blown corporation, portfolio assets or intellectual property sources of passive income work online is not necessarily a breeze… but many people already do this today. So you can too – along as you're willing to do the work though.

But how, you wonder?

The internet brings it all in a box…

…Pick one of these income streams, the one you love best… and then, use a method I had outlined in a previous page to build it up into a business idea…

Be warned though, online business ideas could be really weird – like turning your hobby for horror movies into an online business, and earning some residual or passive income from it…

…and then diversifying by, maybe, earning royalties from some intellectual property work you got signed to do. This could be so flexibly rewarding that you could almost afford to swing the sword in just about any direction and still make a killing. This is my chief reason for using the internet as my system (outlet).

In a box, don’t delay… it’s an abomination of the soul, and you know that already. ACTION is the only way to unleashing the powers of these sources of passive income, making them into your own sources of passives income. Act NOW.

With love and to your success now and always…

loves from Nic

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