Turnkey Internet Business for Beginners

Turnkey internet business systems give organization to your online venture, if you’re a beginner, here’s virgin truth to guide you.

I’m aware – many programs here claiming to be THE turnkey internet business. And you might even have fallen for some (like I have fallen in the past), and quickly found out they are turkey internet nonsense.

And because of all these noise and no substance you see everywhere, I’ll understand if your first approach to this page is “what new magic system is this one about offering now” – well, it’s nothing.

That’s it.

I have NOTHING to offer you…

…but useful information on how to successfully choose a turnkey internet business system that REALLY delivers on its promises… because most TIBS don’t.

I’ll ask you to drop your guards, first, and then come and let’s explore what this is really all about.

Most all websites marketing TIBS, calling you to “come have a turnkey internet business that works!” are really asking you to “bring your money and come get a kick-in-the-ass”. They just don’t know how to confront you with the truth.

I’d bet that, as a conscious human being, you wouldn’t do what these guys do – you seek to give real value, not a shadow of it. And certainly NOT a “kickass” system.

I hope we meet someday… preferably at the airport or on board the same flight, first class…

…and I’d like to hear you say “Nic your suggestions made all the beautiful difference in my life today. Look at that car I got, that home I bought …that chic was a virgin when we met now she is far from that!”

This sort of testimony, more than anything else, fulfills me deep on the inside.

What’s Turnkey Internet Business System?

READY-FOR-USE Internet Business systems – that’s it.
Yes, that simple.

Alternatively you may want to define it as plug-and-play system for earning internet money.

What a functioning organogram is to a physical business is what TIBS is to online business – it divides the operations in the business, making work flow efficiently… with minimal stress. Just that, online, most duties are leveraged on technology – not humans, as it is with offline businesses.

Honest people like you want this plug-and-play system to make work flow better – not because they’re lazy or want quick money flowing into their wallets without raising a finger. And that’s perfectly OK – they’re in tune with reality… and wouldn’t be getting an undue reality check.

However, some people think of turnkey internet business systems as means to avoiding work, and making fast-lazy-money. Well, experience shows that these kinds of people, more often than not, get in trouble with reality – their expectations breed frustrations for them.

Haughtiness doesn’t work…

Things of worth are “things of worth” because they’re worth your effort…
…so it’s worthless denying them that part, and greedily wanting the good they bring anyway

…especially if you want the cash, not the crash.

People who hope for this sort of lazy-money -system are regulars for GRQ (get-rich-quick) scammers… they mess things up for themselves, then turn around to blame the internet, and brandishing it for being a medium for scams. But scam is everywhere. You simply need your wits on to get past them.

However, there’re some cool, ready-to-use systems that serve the rest of us who would put forth the effort needed to make them work. The fact that it’s a turnkey internet business system doesn’t mean it’ll make the money come rolling down your street finding its way into your pocket.

Average intelligence already suggests that you can’t get something for nothing – especially if it’s something of worth. Things of worth are “things of worth” because they’re worth your effort…

…so it’s worthless denying them that part, and greedily wanting the good they bring anyway.

If you want money, give the service/product/idea to pull it in, in the most acceptable way possible. If you want value, give value in exchange.

If It’s “Ready for Use” Why Does It Need Me to Work It?

Any realistic turnkey system (regardless of the purpose) that has produced desired RESULTS has only done so because a human being made it work.

A system is only a set-up that that eases your work. It can never eliminate your role.

It may appear cool and OK from the outside looking in to have your role eliminated, so that you simply goof around, leaving the system to print out those Green Benjamins for you. But reality is that you’ll soon get bored.

The sooner you realize that your role makes the journey fun, the better.

So stop trying to eliminate your role.

Play your scripts.

Most turkeys rely on brands and external endorsements to prove their worth. Turnkeys have SOLID results to show you

“Why is my role that important?” You may ask…

Simple: The system is only a “machine” set-up to assist you in doing what ONLY you can do, which is applying the intelligence needed to make the results come through.

Systems are dumb, you’re NOT. Dumb stuff can’t make money… intelligence is king when money is servant.

A venture on the internet only uses a turnkey internet business because it eases you to focus on more intelligent parts of the work – what machines or systems can’t do – making intelligent decisions on your own.

The system is ready to be used. You are the one to do the using.

Turnkey Internet Business VS Turkey Internet Nonsense

I dealt with this a little deeper on another page.

But one MARKED difference between these two is this: Turnkeys have RESULTS you can see, feel and touch… turkeys rely on everything else but results – heck they don’t even talk about them!

Most turkeys rely on brands and external endorsements to prove their worth. Turnkeys have SOLID results to show you.

Of course there’s so much more to their differences… it could serve to both save you a fortune and make you a fortune. You should make better decisions when faced with choosing between a turkey internet nonsense and turnkey internet business, after gulping up the insights revealed on that page.

Finding the Real Deal

Of course, as Lincoln said in his letter to his son’s teacher, “…teach him also that for every scoundrel there is a hero”. NOT every turnkey internet business is set to your ruin… honesty still lives amidst the rubbish we see everywhere.

Just that you need more than a push to reach it.

One thing about a real deal that makes it REAL is that you’ll know from start that you’ll have to work… but you’ll also know that your work period is terminal – has an end to it. Or has a point where you simply keep up with the growth of the business.

The best turnkey internet business is one that makes it possible for you to work hard and smart for some time – set up the system and get it going...

The best turnkey internet business is one that makes it possible for you to work hard and smart for some time – set up the system and get it going – and then either absolutely let the system run on autopilot or let it run on very low maintenance.

Low maintenance meaning that you’ll not need to put in so much effort to keep the cash flow rolling in for you… you can now partially – take that “partially” seriously – relax at this point and enjoy the fruit of your worthy effort.

This is NO pipedream, it happens every other time around the globe.

If finding what works is what you really want, I suggest you find out a bit more about internet business .

And don’t forget to see the turkey vs. turnkey page too...

...hook up with you at the airports!

loves from Nic

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