Hearty Ways to Generate Passive Income

Suckle on these tasty, hearty ways to generate passive income starting with what you have here and now, and of course, that you love too. No magic, just stuff you’ve over looked all these while…

If you’d want to learn about sources of passive income, like real estate, portfolio assets, Intellectual properties, affiliate/direct marketing and business… I’d done that already in another page. On this page it’s all about the down, dirty, and practical ways to generate passive income.

I’ll show you how you may begin earning money from all you’ve been taking for granted – maybe never even realized you took them for granted…

…showing you in very practical terms, ways to generate passive income, online from…


  • - your basic talents,

  • - where you live or lived,

  • - your childhood fantasies,

  • - your failures,

  • - your successes,

  • - your trainings,

  • - your best subjects in school,

  • - your experiences,

  • - Your field of specialization,

  • - Your knowledge of using any software, or any other thing for that matter

  • - Your craze for your favorite brands, sports clubs/teams, car, drinks

  • - Your love for iPhones, iPads, iTunes and Macs

  • - Your knowledge of Fedora, Linux or Windows

  • - Anything!


The idea generators are practically in exhaustible…

…but let me keep that simple. I’ll take you through a simple process, once you have a grasp of it you’ll easily spin anything you know into cash – no jokes – even if all you know is sneaking out late at night to watch horror films!

Paving Ways to Generate Passive Income

We’ll pave the ways to generate passive income using simple 3 Steps, and a cutie… Here are the goals of each step…

  1. Gauging Reality: Build a bridge that connects where you are now to where you want to be, by asking and answering some tough questions all by yourself.

  2. Developing a plan: Well, this is a continuation of the first part. Its purpose is to be the point you create your own personalized ways to generate passive income, by simply doing two things one of which is using FREE web-based software to test for your “loves”.

  3. Playing the Script: Now is time for ACTION… and NO turning back!

    *** Kiss this Pretty Model. She is a virgin: Here is a work through model for you to use in applying the three steps…

“A-R-E WE READDDYYYY???!!!!” …Now let’s fly, friend…

She's a Virgin Model...

Gauging Reality before Leaping off…

Nope! You don’t want to start out at this one without first considering the immediate world you’re faced with. Important decisions require crucial attention…

…now to plan your ways to generate passive income, grab your favorite garbage…

Oops, I mean… beverage… apologies please – you know… coffee.

…a pen and legal pad… or simply use your computer text document – whatever goes for you. Use journaling software if you have one.
Ask and answer these questions for yourself. Take notes…

  1. How do you earn money now? Job, your parents/guardian, charity funds/scholarships, etc. Do any of these already have ways to generate passive income you’re ignoring?

  2. Do you want to replace this primary source of income ultimately or you simply want to earn extra income on a part time basis?

  3. How much are you targeting, and when do you want to hit it? Make this using the regular goal setting module… personal, positive, specific. Something like “I’m so grateful and excited that I earn and enjoy $1500 USD every month by July 18, xxxx (put in the year) building my internet business”

  4. How many hours do you plan to have for your internet business, daily? …You really have to make it a daily affair if you want it to work. Except on the very rare occasion that your primary work takes the time

    .…and the higher you target to earn within a reasonably short period of time, the more time you need. Don’t expect to hit a $200,000 USD earning in one year working 10 hours a week – it won’t just work. So don’t try – be realistic. If you really want that money, then you MUST put up the time for it. With effort, you’ll create your own ways to generate passive income.

  5. How do you intend to tune out distraction? First, make a list of known and possible distractions you can remember… Yes, write them down. And then, clearly state how you’ll handle each of them.

    Not to do this will be like pouring water into a basket. No matter how hard you try at your business, if you’re grappling with distractions two things will result – poor work if you do any work at all, and never meeting up with set targets.

    So no matter how many ways to generate passive income there is, you’ll always come back to zero.

    Of course, friends calling you or visiting at your place while you’re supposed to be working on your business can be very serious distractions – at times even your girlfriend. Yes, those thoughts of smooching her can be distracting, so let them slide aside for now. Sex can wait.

  6. What EXACT date will you fire your boss? Make this point blank from the beginning. And this is NOT the day you intend to have achieved your goal… No, this one is the day to break away from your comfort zone. The day the young eagle learns to fly on his own.

    My suggestion is that this day should be half way to the time you’d set to realize your goal. NO adjusting of dates no matter what. Reason MUST stop at this juncture – passion takes over. The passion to live in freedom… even if that means paying some unconventional price. Believe me, it’s more than worth it.

  7. How do you keep all these CONSTANTLY in sight and in mind? I suggest you use a felt-tipped pen to write all these out on A-4 sized white pieces of paper or put them in a text document and print them out from your computer… this should take you less than 10 minutes. And then put them everywhere you regularly make eye contacts with.

    Post them at the left-hand side of your mirror in your bathroom/toilet…

    …Behind your closet doors, your room entrance door, your kitchen work tops….

    …Everywhere else you regularly make eye contacts with…

    Surround yourself with supportive energies that pave the ways to generate passive income.

  8. How do you INTERNALIZE these plans? Read them aloud every morning to yourself. Putting in emotion, imagination and emphasis, on each point as you read them to yourself. Memorize and recite them beneath your breath as you work on routine tasks…

    …read and think about them during lunch. Record them into an audio recorder…on your phone, or other devices… and listen to them while you take your bath or workout in the mornings, or on your way back from work.

    Remember to do all of these using any affirmations method you know and love. Build momentum. The point here is no matter what you do, keep it positive and present.

  9. How do you begin ACTING on these plans, in the present? …well that’s the next point. It’s not hard to see that you’ve been working out your ways to generate passive income carrying the planning bag along.
    All the way through the nine points, you’ve been gauging reality…

…and DEVELOPING your plan along

Now it’s off to the down, dirty and practical ways to generate passive income…


…take a good look at the “possibilities list” I’d made in the beginning of this page… I suggest you add to it. Expand it as far as you can… jog your brain for experiences you loved, places you enjoying going to, things that made you/make you happy…

Begin by identifying that thing you love. Here’s how you’ll do it:

Use the web based software you’ll find when you click here to do a work through that answers this question...

“What do I REALLY know and love a heck of a lot?”

...Enter this question into the box you’ll find at the bottom of the page, just like that – in fact copy and paste the question in.

Don’t forget that this (what you love) could be anything – I really do mean ANYTHING… including all the weird stuff you might ordinarily ignore...

…like eating in the toilet – if you’re that weird. Online, there are more than enough ways to generate passive income – so your passions first, please.


Set how much you want to be keeping away in savings, with discipline, in preparation for firing Mr. Joe Blow, your boss…

…Of course, you’ll lose his job too. This savings should cushion any effect that might result, in case your business at this point isn’t yielding enough money just yet, for you to totally live off of…

Make an estimate of how much you spend, on the average, a month. And then save to suit that figure. Also cut down on your current spending. Think up creative ways to keep your spending trim and fit… this is your commitment to realizing freedom.

Playing the Script without Skipping Scenes

Now you have your reality check and your passion cleared, so it’s time to unravel those ways to generate passive income…

The first and most important thing you need to know – it’s NOT going to be a breeze. It’s NO bed of roses, so if giving up will EVER be an option, you had better stop dreaming and start aligning more to the status quo now.

...Really, the only way to truly play the script and NOT skip scenes is to have your bridges burnt...

So you might as well severe every connection that might hold you back now.

Consciously do this – get a pen, legal pad or text software, clarify what might hold you back from your course. What you’re about doing now is creating ways to generate passive income based on your passion, one that leads you to that place you want to be.

It’s OK not tell anyone you feel might be unhelpful in this respect – anybody who might argue or give you a thousand reasons why this plan won’t work. Once you give ears to pessimism, you’ll have your plans foiled, because you’ll be vibrating at a frequency that equals the negative suggestions you’re tolerating…

She’s a Virgin and a Model. You’ll love her…

She’s all yours tonight. You should generally not find it hard banging in on your goals. Here, she’s whet and ready…

  1. Ultimate Goal: I’m so excited that I’m gratefully earning $1,500 monthly by September 20, xxxx (put exact date, year. Preferably make it 12 months from time you start your internet business).

  2. Firing My Joe Blow: I intelligently use my internet business to create ways to generate passive income, that actually work, and emboldens me to fire Mr. Joe Blow (put your bosses name), in the most honorable way possible on March 20, xxxx (put year, that is, six months – max – from date of actualizing your goal)… to enjoy more freedom and to pursue my dreams with ease.

  3. Reality Check: I’ve gauged reality and chosen to take 100% responsibility for my life by doing and not doing the following things…

    Go ahead and highlight/list/describe what you had thought through in the Gauging Reality section you had worked on in the beginning… Put all the details in.

  4. Take the Love Test: Find what you love… and make it pay you online. I love using Don Sumner as my model of this sort of thing, and there are thousands of others as well – more than forty thousand others I know of, the world over. I really do mean people who use the internet to enjoy unbounded freedom… doing what they love. I shared a few stories on this page.

    It’s really not as hard as you might think… yes, it demands work, but I can guarantee you that you’ll love the work. After all it’s your passion you’re sharing with the world – you’ll sure love it!

  5. Get to Work – at once!

IMO, I’ve given you all I know about ways to generating passive income online that I can guarantee really works. Anything else beyond this is fluff for sure…

loves from Nic

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